Links Away: A Very Redband Harold & Kumar Trailer

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More A Very Harold %26 Kumar 3D Christmas Videos


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Somehow, she appears rounder than a meatball.

Sex With Snooki Is Like “Making Love To A Meatball”

Wednesday, October 19 by

Somehow, Snooki seems rounder than a meatball.

Granted, he looks like a Nazi, but still...

7 Frivolous Hollywood Lawsuits

Wednesday, October 19 by

What’s more American than a desperate grab at unearned income?

Lindsay Lohan in happier times. Much happier times.

A Visual Timeline Of Lindsay Lohan

Wednesday, October 19 by

Her downward spiral legally coincides with her upward spiral in sexiness.

I would be more intrigued to know what The Rock couldn't use as a weapon.

The 9 Greatest Makeshift Movie Weapons

Wednesday, October 19 by

Did you know that a baseball bat can be used as a weapon? You did? Shit. Well, so can these other weird things.

This just rocks. No jokes. This is awesome.

Michael Winslow From ‘Police Academy’ Is Still Making Really Amazing Noises With His Mouth

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You’ll probably spend the next 15 minutes watching Michael Winslow videos on YouTube.

Community B-I-N-G-O

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Created by: Online Associates Degree

Tonight there's gonna be a jailbreak!!

9 Greatest Movie Animal Escapes

Wednesday, October 19 by

The Army of the Twelve Monkeys has attacked Ohio!


‘Martha Marcy May Marlene’ Actress Elizabeth Olsen

Wednesday, October 19 by

A.K.A “The Secret Olsen Twin.”


Puss in Boots

Wednesday, October 19 by

The sword-fighting gato goes off on an adventure of his own.

We all have a past.

Melissa McCarthy Is Getting Her Own Movie And Naming It ‘Tammy’

Wednesday, October 19 by

She’s a bonafide star.


5 Documentary Filmmakers Who Could Be Movie Villains

Wednesday, October 19 by

Ken Burns is terrifying.


9 Ultimate Movie Wingmen

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Don’t go into combat without your wingman.


‘Piranha 3DD’ Teaser Delivers All Of Its Promises

Wednesday, October 19 by

They’re evolving!!

Links Away: Fake English Win

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