Stay classy, Brett!

In Honor Of Brett Ratner: 9 Ridiculously Offensive Celebrity Quotes

Monday, November 7 by

This is what happens when questions aren’t pre-cleared.

This makes money.

7 Horrible Cross-Dressing Comedies That Might Be Worse Than ‘Jack & Jill’

Monday, November 7 by

Our penises have recoiled up into our bellies.

Ratner’s Words of Wisdom

Monday, November 7 by

Ratner better hope this guy doesn't catch wind of his comments. Also, how short IS he?

Brett Ratner Thinks “Rehearsing Is For Fags”

Monday, November 7 by

Also, competent directing is for retards.

His mom banged the principal to keep him in school; I wonder what she did to get those leg braces.

In Honor Of The NYC Marathon: 7 Memorable Runners From TV And Film

Monday, November 7 by

Running is boring, but somehow, these movies aren’t.


‘Immortals’ Actress Isabel Lucas

Monday, November 7 by

At some point in the last few years, a flood of gorgeous blond Australian women descended on Hollywood and began infiltratin the American film industry. Isabel Lucas was among them….

This is the picture of Brett Ratner we're legally obligated to use.

Brett Ratner Just LOVES Eddie Murphy, In Talks For Another Project

Monday, November 7 by

Because we’re sure that a Ratner film getting a lukewarm reception was some weird anomaly that will never happen again.

C'mon. Help a brother out.

Roger Ebert Can’t Afford More ‘At The Movies’

Monday, November 7 by

Maybe he should sign up for Kickstarter.

I knew where the line of good taste should be drawn. About three feet before Fozzie yelled "Suck it!" to the crowd.

The Muppets On WWE Raw And 8 Other Ill-Advised TV Guest Appearances

Monday, November 7 by

You can mourn the cheapening of the Muppets, I’m going to lament the loss of Robert Loggia’s artistic credibility.

Andy Rooney

’60 Minutes’ Give Big Ups To Andy Rooney

Monday, November 7 by

Morley Safer pours a sip.

Fact: Hats weren't invented until the late 1970's.

5 Recent TV Dramas That Got History Right

Monday, November 7 by

Historians now agree that the wireless connection in the town of Deadwood, SD was spotty at best.


WB Wants Michael Fassbender To Die Of Radiation Poisoning

Sunday, November 6 by

This should really be a crowd-pleaser!


Benicio Del Toro Offered The Chance To Grumble Through ‘Star Trek 2′

Saturday, November 5 by

He’ll flip the crew of the Enterprise, flip ‘em for real.

Elijah Wood wins Halloween.

Elijah Wood Is The Craigslist Killer… In ‘Maniac’

Saturday, November 5 by

Typical child star behavior.


Arthur Christmas

Friday, November 4 by

Director: Sarah Smith Cast: James McAvoy, Jim Broadbent, Bill Nighy Synopsis: On Christmas night at the North Pole, Santa’s youngest son looks to use his father’s high-tech operation for an urgent mission….