Seriously, Deavid Denby. Look a little more like a film critic for 'The New Yorker'. Jesus.

Why David Denby Is Right To Criticize Studio Release Policies

Monday, December 5 by

An unimportant insider exchange begs some pretty serious questions about the way studios release films.

The DVD isn't that bad.

Give ‘Conan’ On DVD A Chance… Or Don’t

Monday, December 5 by

Why not? You’re just gonna blow the money on drugs, anyway.

I would criticize Rowlf the Dog's actions, but that would just give liberals cause to turn him into a martyr for their cause.

8 Children’s Shows That Will Turn Your Kids Into Communists

Monday, December 5 by

Statler and Waldorf are the only ones that represent the sentiments of the right.

Hell yeah it is!

Police Discover Real-Life ‘Breaking Bad’ Meth Lab In Massachusetts

Monday, December 5 by

If she goes by “Hindenberg,” that would just be freaky.

Lord of the…Bling

Monday, December 5 by

Rudolph and Herbie v2.0

7 Shittiest Television Christmas Specials

Monday, December 5 by

More like DRECK the halls. Heheheh.


‘Hawaii Five-0’ Actress Grace Park

Monday, December 5 by

She’s a detective and stuff.

Don't let that long hair near your kid!

Fox News Exposes The Great Muppet Caper: Brain Washing Your Children

Monday, December 5 by

“The only thing green that should be up on that screen should be Kermit the Frog.”


The 7 Rules Of Making A Steven Seagal Movie

Monday, December 5 by

If it isn’t broken in four places, why fix it?

"Time to introduce my running mate. Charmander, I choose you!!"

Herman Cain Admits To Quoting ‘Pokemon: The Movie 2000′ On The Campaign Trail

Monday, December 5 by

Had I known about him quoting ‘Pokemon’ sooner, he would have had my full support.

Back to terrorize the Enterprise again?

RoboCop Joins The Cast Of ‘Star Trek 2′

Monday, December 5 by

Is there a role for Max Headroom?


Creepy Plastic And Burn Victims In ‘American Horror Story’ Clip

Sunday, December 4 by



Suprise! There’s Another Celebrity Guest Star In New ‘The League’ Clip

Sunday, December 4 by

Watch it and get less fat.

Booby Fett

Saturday, December 3 by


Time For The High School Reunion Episode Of ‘Sunny’

Saturday, December 3 by

Sitcoms often mine the world of high school reunions for laughs, and just because It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia regularly destroys any semblance of good taste in comedy doesn’t mean…