Hey, gorgeous.

The 7 Skankiest Hookers In Film and Television

Thursday, April 26 by

Not too skanky for the Secret Service, though.

Those are huge!

10 Most Disgusting Restaurants In Film

Wednesday, April 25 by

They don’t hold a candle to Heart Attack Grill.

Hip Hop Squares

What We’d Like To See From ‘Hip Hop Squares’

Tuesday, April 24 by

Everyone’s sort of a loser in this game show adaptation. Except for Ghostface Killa. He’s the best.


9 Movies Inexplicably Turned Into TV Shows

Monday, April 23 by

The world just wasn’t ready for two shows about super-helicopters.

Dope is for dopes.

The 6 Best-Looking Stoners In Film, For Those Observing 4/20

Friday, April 20 by

On this holiday of remembrance, everyone seems to keep forgetting stuff.


8 Minor Arrested Development Characters We Want In Season 4

Friday, April 20 by

Welcome back, friends.

He looked pretty good for an 82 year-old teenager.

Who Will Take Dick Clark’s Title Of World’s Oldest Teenager

Thursday, April 19 by

I’m not afraid to tackle the one question on no one’s mind.


Fix Edukation Now: The Mashup

Wednesday, April 18 by

The dumbest answers from the dumbest students in film….


A Look At The Coolest Film-Related Viral Videos

Wednesday, April 18 by

In honor of the campaign for ‘Prometheus’…

Warner Bros Exec: "Let's burn this green paper!"

Hollywood’s Biggest Tax Write-Offs Of 2011

Tuesday, April 17 by

The accountants at Warner Bros are going to get hand cramps.


9 Awesome Places To Find More Superheroes

Tuesday, April 17 by

Including G4′s awesome ‘Marvel Anime’ line-up.

You can't unsee Janet Reno dancing.

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly: Political Appearances On ‘SNL’

Monday, April 16 by

Who says politicians can’t be funny? Almost everyone.

No one ever went broke belittling, patronizing, and insulting the American public.

5 Suggested Additions To A&E’s “Reality” Lineup

Monday, April 16 by

You know you’d watch Hillbilly Hand Abortions

The Raven

Top 10 Movies About Serial Killers You Thank God Aren’t Real

Monday, April 16 by

No copycats please.

Smile, fellas.

Our 7 Favorite Unintentionally Funny Deaths In Film

Friday, April 13 by

These are matters of life and hilarious death.