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I bent my Wookiee!

Jordan Hembrough’s ‘Toy Hunters’ Is On Again This Sunday. Watch It.

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Don’t worry, there’s no football this week.

'Cash Cab'

Caption This Pic And Win The ‘Cash Cab’ Giveaway

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Do it, damn it! It’s free.

Just one of the myriad 'Chuck' moments I won't regret having missed.

43 Things I Care About More Than The Series Finale Of ‘Chuck’

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‘Chuck’ fans probably won’t like this very much.

Stupid-Ass Wolves!

Shock: Biologist Calls Bullsh*t On Wolves In ‘The Grey’

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He wants to trick us into thinking that wolves won’t eat us and our love ones at the first opportunity.

Pour a 40 for Robert Hegyes...

In Honor Of Robert Hegyes: 6 Beloved Sitcom Stars We Should Appreciate More

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When was the last time you hugged Willie Aames?

This picture requires no caption.

Hulk Hogan Says Hulk Hogan Was Offered A Starring Role In ‘The Wrestler’

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The studio decided to go in a different direction, citing the rising costs of bandanas and mustache bleach.


The Woman in Black

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Director: James Watkins Cast: Daniel Radcliffe Synopsis: A young lawyer travels to a remote village where he discovers the vengeful ghost of a scorned woman is terrorizing the locals. Release Date: Danielle Radcliffe, Janet…

Other than just by doing this, of course.

19 Ways Madonna Can ‘Bring Gay’ To The Super Bowl

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This article contains phrases like “bear,” “pig bottom,” “riding crop,” and “Tim Tebow.”

NBC: Nothing But Cum.

NBC To Air Donkey Sperm Drinking

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Not starring Chelsea Handler surprisingly.

The Sopranos

9 Classic HBO Intros: How Does The ‘Luck’ Intro Stack Up?

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They’ve come a long way since Def Comedy Jam.


Guy Pearce Is Captain Sarcastic In ‘Lockout’ Trailer

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Admit it. This movie was written while drunk.

Links Away: $@&^ Sam Jackson Says

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@#!$ Samuel L. Jackson Says – Watch More Funny Videos

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Tim and Eric face a hostile crowd.

Great Job! Audience Walks Out Of ‘Tim and Eric’ Sundance Screening

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The marketing people at Cinco are going to have a heart attack.

This is trashier than whip-its, but not by much.

7 Scandals More Ghetto Than Demi Moore Using Nitrous

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What America wants to know is: Does she have any left?