10 Best English Comedy Movies
Monday, January 24 by Lee Grayson

The ten best English comedy movies require a viewer who understands the difference between the American and British sense of humor. British humor may be more subtle, but it can…

Tuesday, April 7 by

On April 30th, Steven Soderbergh's The Girlfriend Experience becomes available On Demand, and then in limited theatrical release on May 22nd.  WATCH THE TRAILER HERE.  The film stars adult film actress Sasha Grey, and is her first experience working in the mainstream.  We at Screen Junkies thought to ourselves that if Sasha can act in a mainstream feature film, then there are some other porn starlets out there who'd have a place in the broader market as well.  Without further ado, here they are. 

10 Actors Who are TV Cancer
Friday, March 19 by

Whatever deal Tyler Perry made with the devil apparently doesn’t extend to every actor in the biz. I'm talking about the kind of people in this group of cursed thesps/models pretending to act. I have even heard about a law being proposed that if you have had more than two TV shows cancelled, you are banned for life from participation in a TV show again. I heard about it because I personally submitted it to Congress under the name Mayor McFartcheese. I haven't been contacted yet.Without futher ado, here are ten actors who are television cancer:Blair Underwood

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