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This is the ship we’re looking for.

1936 - 2012

In Memory Of Don Cornelius: 15 Groovy ‘Soul Train’ Moments

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We fire up the Screen Junkies’ Funk-O-Tron 5000 to pay tribute to the legend.

Star Roars!

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Get Your Nuts Rocked Off By This Gorgeous ‘Eastbound & Down’ Trailer

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Kenny Powers back on top-ish.

This is how he summons evil.

7 Movie Villains Who Are Less Sinister Than Bill Belichick

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Man, this guy is the worst.

If you want to see the real pic for some reason, click here.

This Week In PR Bullsh*t: The First Official ‘Skyfall’ Still

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I wrote this while on the toilet, so it wasn’t a total waste of time.

Harold and Kumar Christmas

The 7 Greatest Drug Abusing Duos Of All Time

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Drugs are bad, but these movies are good.


Martin Scorsese Livid Over Golden Collar Snub Of ‘Hugo’s’ Doberman

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Blackie is the John Cazale to Uggie’s Pacino.

Links Away: Not the Bees!

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Worst Super Bowl Anthem Ever (BuzzerBeat)

Glees Most Hated New Character Speaks (HuffTV)

7 Things People Lie About On Facebook (Smosh)

Why Men Can Hear Womens Periods (SocialHype)

Kate Beckinsale Nude Pics (nsfw) (CelebJihad)

Epic Lawn Chair Knockouts (CagePotato)

Epic GIF Attack (Holytaco)

Winnipeg Lightning Hotties (DonChavez)

Epic Superbowl Food Parties (JustAGuyThing)

How To Make Ribs For The Superbowl Party (MadeMan)

The Hottest Babes Ever (DoubleViking)

Mel Gibsons Straight To Video Masterpiece (MovieLine)

6 Ways To Supercharge Your Workouts (ModernMan)

Olivia Wildes Cleavage Drop (Ehowa)

Ashley Tisdale Hotness (Gunaxin)

The Best Films From Sundance 2012 (NextMovie)

Superbowl Regulars (GuySpeed)

Tila Nguyen In Malibu (TotallyCrap)

Locker Room Lunacy Infographic (TotalProSports)

Help Taco Bell Sell Their Breakfast Food (TuVez)


I wouldn't put this guy in charge of watering my plants for the weekend.

Adam Sandler To Star In And Write ‘Candy Land’ Movie, Because F*ck You, That’s Why

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Adam Sandler sucks. That’s it. That’s my excerpt.


The Girls Who Drank Donkey Semen On ‘Fear Factor’ Are Kind Of Hot

Tuesday, January 31 by

Also, they drink donkey semen.

Simon Cowell held her nose like this for forty-five minutes. It looks like she's starting to pass out.

Smell Ya Later, ‘X Factor’!: 6 New Careers For Paula Abdul

Tuesday, January 31 by

Please get back on TV, Paula. This news makes us feel dead inside.


Get To Know Director Bobcat Goldthwait

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Familiarize yourself with the ‘God Bless America’ director’s previous works.

Golden Tattoo

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Press your 'Luck'! There, a pun. Happy now?

HBO Renews ‘Luck’ For Second Season… I’m Tired, So Make Your Own ‘Luck’ Pun

Tuesday, January 31 by

The slow show about fast animals will be around for a while.


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