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Warner Bros Will Send Us All To Hell With Dante’s ‘Inferno’ Adaptation

Thursday, August 20 by

It’s quicker than Cliff’s Notes, even.


‘Thor’ Writer Loaning His Expertise On The Subject To ‘Masters Of The Universe’

Thursday, August 20 by

This movie will happen someday.

the rock bambi

Disney To Turn ‘Jungle Cruise’ Ride Into A Movie Starring The Rock

Thursday, August 20 by

Sounds like something they’d do.


‘Hell And Back’ Trailer Reveals That Hell Is Not A Fun Place

Thursday, August 20 by

This couldn’t have been easy to market.


‘The Witch’ Is This Month’s Scariest Movie Of The Year

Thursday, August 20 by

A horror film that isn’t afraid to ask, what if Oregon Trail had a witch?


‘The Martian’ Trailer 2: There Must Be Some Kind Of Way Outta Here

Thursday, August 20 by

Looks like this movie will really… take off.


Screen Junkies Show: The Screen Junkies Geek Games!!

Thursday, August 20 by

Team ScreenJunkies gets up off the movie couch to battle in some IRL Movie Fights. Part Movie Trivia, Part Ninja Warrior, these are the GEEK GAMES!


‘SPECTRE’ Trailer With Some Much Needed Roger Moore

Thursday, August 20 by

He’s still got that right mix of charm, danger, and potential drunkenness.


‘Minority Report’ Is Looking Pretty Good

Tuesday, August 18 by

You don’t need to float in a pool of future milk to see that this is going to be one of the bright spots on the fall schedule.

fury road gokart

‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Gets Insane Go-Kart Remake

Tuesday, August 18 by

This. I want to do this for my birthday.

trevor noah

Trevor Noah Takes ‘Daily Show’ Throne In New Promo

Tuesday, August 18 by

Premieres September 28th.

spectre girls

Get To Know Bond’s Special Lady Friends In This ‘Women Of SPECTRE’ Featurette

Tuesday, August 18 by

Dude gets around.


James McAvoy And Daniel Radcliffe Play My Two Dads In ‘Victor Frankenstein’ Trailer

Tuesday, August 18 by

I don’t remember Mary Shelley’s book being so explodey.


New Supercut Reveals Owen Wilson Only Knows About Twelve Words

Tuesday, August 18 by



Honest Trailers – Kingsman: The Secret Service

Tuesday, August 18 by

From not Guy Ritchie, comes the James Bond-ish spy comedy that caught everyone by surprise – because it was actually pretty good! Kingsman: The Secret Service!


6 Movies Like Avatar That Are Actually Good

scifi classic "Alien," but Cameron made the ingenious decision to trade that movie's horror vibe for all-out action, and the result is one of the most entertaining movies of all...

7 Movies Like The Hangover That You Won’t Remember The Next Day

Todd Phillips' drunken comedy was a revelation for both audience members and its production company, mainly because the former flocked in their droves to their nearest multiplexes and put a...

7 Futuristic Movie Drugs That Are Beyond Horrifying

Of course we all know that drugs are bad. Just one sniff, one pill or one injection will definitely kill you. That's what everyone was taught in school anyway. But...

5 Best Comedy Scenes From Hindi Movies

  Hollywood seems to believe that it has a monopoly over the comedy genre. However laughter is a universal language and Bollywood movies are filled with slapstick humor that people...

Thor And Beyond: Movies About Norse Gods

Sibling rivalry, excessive use of brawn and brains, and the occasional wolf monster makes for one interesting religion. You could wear a helm with wings or sport a giant foam...

5 Hot Movie Tomboys That Could Also Beat You At Fantasy Football

Ah, the tomboy. What man hasn't fallen victim to their curious allure? Not only do they share all your interests (football, brews, headbutting), but they have all the added-value content...

6 Technology Documentaries Every IT Guy Will Love

Ebay, Google and Amazon in this 2008 documentary film hosted by John Heilemann. You won't hear them laughing at all the pathetic little peasants who gave them wedgies in high...

Nigerian Movies: Bringing the Joy of Cinema to Africa

    Nothing compares to the movie industry in Hollywood. However, while the best film makers may aspire to get backing from the major American film companies in Hollywood, the...

5 Movie Break Ups That Turned From Bad To Terrible

There’s nothing like a good breakup to get your attention. Whether it’s in the movies, television or real life, when you learn of a breakup, you want to know the...

8 Ballet Movies That Are Happier Than Black Swan

  There are at least 8 ballet movies that are happier than "Black Swan." Starring Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis, "Black Swan" was a critically acclaimed, yet disturbing film. However,...

5 Korean Sex Scenes That Are Sexy And Creepy

When it comes to  sex scenes that are sexy and creepy, the Koreans do not hold any punches. Their movies involve a lot of nudity and about every sexual position...

The 5 Best Police Procedurals Of The Past Decade

Dodge bullets, not magic arrows, as you get the grime of the street deep under your fingernails while checking out some worthy television. For some closer-to-reality time, let your chain...

The 5 Best British Drama Shows You Haven’t Seen

The Brits know how to tell some great stories that will make you a junkie for the tension before the first episode ends. Seriousness abounds, villains are everywhere, and the...

6 First Time Scenes That Show Sex Can Be Scary

Many people shoot for romance "just like in the movies", but abstinence may not be such a bad idea once you consider your first time with a creeper, ghost, mutant,...

The 6 Most Underrated Actors Working Today

Every year, the entertainment industry churns out hundreds of thousands of movies and television shows. These shows have all different types of actors; some you know, and some you’re seeing...

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