I thought the whole point of the passage of time was that we didn't have to be subjected to films that look like this anymore.

What You’ve All Been Waiting For: The 2012 Independent Spirit Awards

Sunday, February 26 by

The big night is finally here!


Check Out Nearly 2 Minutes From Season 2 Of ‘Game Of Thrones’

Saturday, February 25 by

If you think you can handle it, that is.

In this film, wang abounds.

‘Wanderlust’ Isn’t Perfect, But Neither Are You

Friday, February 24 by

If you’re in the mood for a comedy, you can do a lot worse than this film.

Will Ferrell returns, and there are cannons involved.

If You Only Watch One Episode Of ‘Eastbound & Down’ This Season, Make It Sunday’s

Friday, February 24 by

This episode might be the strangest thing I’ve seen on TV…in a good way.

And the Oscar goes to...

7 Oscar Categories That Should Exist (And Who Would Win Them)

Friday, February 24 by

The fact that Hobo with a Shotgun isn’t going to win a single award is a god damn travesty.

This schtick could get old fast.

Sacha Baron Cohen’s Dictator Responds To Being Banned From Oscars

Friday, February 24 by

Ugh, it’s so hard to care.


10 Celebs Who Will Be Snubbed By The Oscar Death Montage

Friday, February 24 by

Gone and forgotten…


Catsterpiece Classics Presents ‘Downton Tabby’

Friday, February 24 by

From the makers of ‘Upstairs Downstairs… With a Sh*tload of Cats’.

Why would you watch the Oscars when you could be watching a mediocre cartoon dubbed in Spanish?

9 Things You Should Watch Instead Of The Oscars

Friday, February 24 by

Zombies vs Meaningless Award Show


New ‘Wrath Of The Titan’ Trailer Releases The Lava Kraken

Friday, February 24 by

Oh man. Poor Perseus. Not only does he have a whole bunch of new monsters to slay, but now he also has to get ready to face oblivion. Oblivion is…


17 Magazine Covers More Scandalous Than Kate Walsh’s Naked ‘Shape’

Friday, February 24 by

Kate Walsh posed naked on the cover of Shape magazine…just like everyone else.

Links Away: The Best TV Spot Ever

Friday, February 24 by


Jeremy Lin Autotuned (BuzzerBeat)

All About Downton (HuffTV)

Japanese Girls: Throwing Things! (Smosh)

The iPhone…With Pepper Spray! (SocialHype)

Kate Upton Gets Nude (CelebJihad)

Melvin Wants a Rematch (CagePotato)

The Future of Bathroom Technology (Holytaco)

Lauren Rideaulgh Hotness (DonChavez)

Acceptable Ways To Dress Your Kids Up (JustAGuyThing)

A Casual Fans Guide To Jeremy Lin (MadeMan)

Hot Girls In The Wild (DoubleViking)

Everyone’s Invited To Act of Valor (MovieLine)

9 Nasty Microbrews (ModernMan)

Sara Yasmina Hotness (Ehowa)

Cameron Richardson Hotness (Gunaxin)

If Every Academy Award Nominee Was Like The Artist (NextMovie)

Kate Walsh And Her Anatomy (GuySpeed)

Epic Trick Shots (TotallyCrap)

Female Curler And Shitballs (TotalProSports)

Latinos And Ash Wednesday (TuVez)

Yes, yes. But where do you take it?

The Rock To Break Type And Play Hercules… Hold On, It Gets Better… For Brett Ratner

Thursday, February 23 by

I’m not even looking forward to avoiding this. Cut me so I feel…something.

"I'd like to pour some out for my homey Pete Postlethwaite. Mourn ya till I join ya, PeePee."

‘Best Original Song’: The Other Way To Win An Oscar

Thursday, February 23 by

What do Berlin, Three 6 Mafia, Madonna, Isaac Hayes, Eminem, and Phil Collins have in common? Not much at all.

The 2012 'Hunger Games' Food Court Tour

‘The Hunger Games’ Is Logically Doing A Mall Publicity Tour

Thursday, February 23 by

Don’t miss it! Unless you don’t care.


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