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I hate hospitals. You either go there when you're terribly sick or you come home with a baby. It's a no-win situation. But watching Hugh Laurie perfectly portray the grumpy genius doctor is worth feeling a little uncomfortable every week. He and his staff of less-brilliant doctors take on cases that would make normal docs hang up their stethescopes. It'll make you laugh. It will make you cry.

House: “Dying Changes Everything” Burns its Bra

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Recap: Season 5, Episode 1. Wilson is back, but he has a resignation letter in hand. That's bad news for House and the patient that he's too sad to treat because of it. The plot:

Exclusive Clip: Alec Baldwin Talks Dirty in “My Best Friend’s Girl”

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We still have a few more weeks before 30 Rock makes its triumphant return (apparently Tina Fey was busy working on her Sarah Palin impression).


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The X-Files have been off the air for years, but if your life just hasn't had enough TV drama laced with weird crap, then you're in luck. J.J. Abrams is taking a break from cashing his Lost checks to put together a science fiction series that deals with the dark and evil side of scientific research.

Fringe Gets Even Weirder In Episode 2

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Recap: Season 1 episode 2. "The Same Old Story." After last week's pilot, comparisons to The X-Files were being thrown from every direction and this episode certainly isn't going to do anything to fix that. Story:

Every “That’s What She Said” From The Office in One Video

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We're really closing in on the return of The Office, but until then I offer you this compilation of ever utterance of the phrase, "That's what she said," ever to be heard on the show. It obviously took someone a lot of time to download, watch and then edit these together. The least we could do is watch.

Dickhead Director of the Week: David O’Russell

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He’s known as one of the most unstable asshole directors out there, but today two of his actors from the set of Nailed are standing up for him. Here’s a little history of the conflict and some background on the ‘mercurial’ David O' himself.

Bonus Features: Tuesday Link Dump…From Space

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I like Andy Samdberg. I even thought Hot Rod was kind of funny, but I don't get the hype people are giving this "Space Olympics" video. It seems kind of cheesy that SNL would save up all of their Olympics jokes and just use them on the season premiere even though they're a month too late. I can't wait until next February when they bust out their World Series jokes.

10 Craziest Kelsey Grammer Moments

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Screenjunkies’ ongoing series of Craziest Moments brings a man so brilliantly suited for the spotlight that the list practically compiles itself. You have to ask: Is Kelsey a thespian? Is he a motivational speaker? Is he a choral god with Pan's Pipes just freaking genetically sewn into his throat muscles? The answer, dear friends, is a resounding YES. We hope you enjoy.

Role Models Red Band Trailer

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It takes a lot to make me feel uneasy. But one surefire way is to curse around children. An even better way is to curse directly at them. This trailer has plenty of that. It also looks like it has some real potential. 

This Week’s DVDs That Don’t Suck: Chuck, Duck, Cruise!

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I have a hard enough time getting anything done thanks to the enormous amount of entertainment that's constantly available. Now, thanks to every TV show ever coming to DVD, it's getting even harder to squeeze work between episodes. But, there isn't a ton of great stuff out this week, so don't go canceling those plans just yet. Here's the best of the pack.

Ben Affleck Directing Heist Movie “The Town”

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I think a lot of dudes don’t like Ben Affleck because he’s so successful. He won an Oscar for co-writing Good Will Hunting, has starred in some blockbusters (and some flops), and did a good job with his directorial debut in Gone Baby Gone.  Now he’s back at making us feel unsuccessful by writing and directing a new Warner Brothers flick.

The Osbournes Squeeze More Money and a Documentary Out of Ozzy

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You would think four seasons of a wildly popular reality show and even a Behind the Music would be enough time to get Ozzy's story out there, but Jack and Sharon are reportedly teaming up to release a movie about the Oz Man's life in honor of his 60th birthday. As a fan, I think the movie could be good, but as a guy who hates hearing people's Ozzy impressions, I'm a little tentative.

Weeds Season 4 Finale Smokes

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Recap: Season 4 Episode 13, "If You Work for a Living, Why Do You Kill Yourself Working?" Nancy screwed up big time and leaves us all a little worried for her safety. She ratted out the Mexican crime boss she loves and got the gay partner of a DEA agent killed. Plus, she forgot to get Silas a birthday gift. But hey, at least she showed her boobs some more.

Cleavage Makes Movie Posters Better

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We think we may have found a revolutionary new way to make any movie poster just that much more eye-catching. Come see for yourself.