Madmen: Ep.204

Sunday, August 17 by

The episode “Three Sundays” Starts off with Peggy at church hearing the sermon of a Pastor speaking about morals. She gets up to leave, somewhat uncomfortable with the message and runs into one of the priests. He comes over for dinner with Peggy’s fam, and the sexual innuendo beings. 

Bonus Features: Link. Dump. Friday.

Friday, August 15 by

It was a good week for a lot of reasons. Olympic scandals, Russian invasions, no more Issac Hays. But most importantly, Screenjukies has hit the ground running. We are now the third most popular website on the internet, right after ebay and Cat Fanciers Online. So here's a few more items before the weekend.

Iron Man

Friday, August 15 by

An eccentric billionaire builds a robotic suit that lets him kick all kinds of terrorist ass. Iron Man was the biggest surprise of the summer, making enough money for Robert Downey Jr. to build himself a real robot suit and fly arond in it instead of the normal limo. It helped restore people's faith in the Marvel movie machine after the tragedy that was Spiderman 3.

Iron Man Deleted Scene Has Hot Girls, Almost No Iron Man

Friday, August 15 by

The sneaky little devils at Access Hollywood got their hands on a deleted scene from the upcoming Iron Man DVD. It shows Tony Stark throwing a party at one of his mansions in India Dubai to cover up the fact that he had to stop and refuel his suit on his flight from America to the USA.

It’s Funny Because It’s True: The Dark Knight Voice

Friday, August 15 by

Do you remember in Seinfeld how George and Jerry would always find one little reason to not like whatever girl they were dating? Either man hands, or close talker, or naked all the time–  whatever the character trait was, it would totally distract them from the fact that there was a beautiful woman right in front of them.

Latest Body Of Lies Trailer

Friday, August 15 by

My aunt sat me down when I was a kid and showed me From Russia With Love. Ever since then, I have been a sucker for a spy flick. Even ones that would not make the list of Most Radical Films (Sneakers, Spy Games, The Saint) entertain the shit out of me.  

Body Of Lies

Friday, August 15 by

Here’s the synopsis from IMDB: A CIA operative is sent to Jordan to track a high-ranking terrorist. The spy is aided by the head of Jordan's covert operations in an uneasy alliance that leads to cultural and moral clashed between the men.

Harry Potter Delay Makes Mall Goths Sad

Friday, August 15 by

I will express my distaste for the Harry Potter franchise to anyone willing to listen (and often to those who don't want to listen at all), so I take a little joy in knowing that all those cape-clad fanboys and girls are going to have to wait until July 17th 2009 for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. It was supposed to drop this November.

Today in Sportsmanship: Olympic Doping Scandal

Friday, August 15 by

Our ongoing, in depth, around the clock, seven-day-a-week coverage of the 2008 Beijing Olympics continues with some breaking news from the weightlifting competition. Lets go right to our HD 1080i stream.

That “New Batman Poster” Is Fake

Friday, August 15 by

I can already tell it's going to be kind of a slow news day because several people have sent me this obviously fan-made Batman poster. I understand that people are sad that the excitement of The Dark Knight is finally over, but let's not get crazy.

Bonus Features: Thursday’s Links

Thursday, August 14 by

I hesitate to post a friggin' commercial to the site, but when it has new material from The Office, I feel kind of obligated. Check out Jim's new Olympic sport. Even the commercials for that show are pretty funny. I honestly can't wait for it to come back in September (end fanboy gushing). But, since that's not for more than a month, use some of these links to kill time.

Mashed: Quandumb of Dumbnace

Thursday, August 14 by

Ahh, trailer mashups. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. But they are always a worthwhile pursuit, if not the essence of having way too much time on your hands.  Could someone please do Driving Miss Daisy and Death Race? I think that would be amazing.

Julia Child Was A Spy

Thursday, August 14 by

This has to be one of my favorite SNL skits of all time. Don’t give up on it. The pay off is not until a few minutes in. But it’s WELL worth the wait, and topical with todays news.

The New York Times Explains Why Cheech and Chong Are Funny

Thursday, August 14 by

Everyone knows that if you have to explain a joke it's not funny. Everyone also knows that if something other than hard news comes out of the New York Times, it's going to be as pretentious as 20 art students jammed into a Prius.

“The Thing” Done With G.I. Joe Figures

Thursday, August 14 by

You've already seen how much fun you can have with the old G.I. Joe cartoons, but today we have a video featuring the kick-ass toys I would've killed my parents to get when I was a kid.