Morning News Roundup

Friday, November 7 by

Spielberg, Smith in talks for Oldboy (Variety)

Courteney Cox Does ‘Cougar Town’

Thursday, November 6 by

 Ever since I saw her in Masters of the Universe when I was a kid I always imaged Courteney Cox as being the girl next door.  One thing is for damn sure I never imaged how much of a cougar she would turn out to be. MEOW / ROAR! Hopefully this new neighbor needs a lawn boy!

Awesome Movie Poster Mashups

Thursday, November 6 by

FROM HOLY TACO: These are amazing. They continue a long line of fun with movie posters, really a limitless realm of parody. Enjoy.

New Yes Man Trailer

Thursday, November 6 by

Call me names if you want. But this trailer made me giggle.  Out loud.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Thursday, November 6 by

CSI is a drama series that follows a team of forensic investigators in the city of Las Vegas.  They are on call 24/7 and are constantly trying to put together the pieces of evidence to solve the crime. The team made up of an eclectic group of people from different backgrounds provides another layer to the already fast paced profession of crime solving.

Who Will Become First Puppy?

Thursday, November 6 by

It’s been a tough road to the White House. And now an even tougher race has begun. John Oliver looks at some of the leading contenders.

Sexiest TV Babes Of The 80′s

Thursday, November 6 by

Whether you know it or not, your sexual preferences today are a byproduct of your childhood conditioning.  And if its one thing that conditioned all of us, it’s the TV. The 80s brought us blue-colored drink mix, unrealistic expectations for time-travel capability, and one of the tastiest range of sexy TV starlets in history.

Winslet Stars As Sexy Nazi

Thursday, November 6 by

Kate Winslet is way hotter to guys who are in their 40’s.  She tends to play characters that aren’t supposed to be exactly sexy, but do have sexy qualities. This time she’s pushing the envelope by wandering into Nazi territory. It’s an interesting strategy.

South Park About Last Night

Thursday, November 6 by

Obama wins the election and is revealed to have been co-conspiring with McCain to win it for ten years to make the ultimate heist: the Hope Diamond.  Also, a South Park resident has secrets nobody would suspect.

Steven Seagal Runs Like A Wuss

Wednesday, November 5 by

The first time I drank Steven's Seagal's energy drink I was afraid of 2 things. Spontaneously growing a ponytail and never being able to get the taste of salty balls out of my mouth.

Sean William Scott Talks Squirting

Wednesday, November 5 by

This is a pretty dope interview from the Role Models Junket done by the sexy-funny Carrie Keagan of No Good TV. I’m putting the video after the jump because it is way not safe for work. It is also totally hilarious. She has a new fan.

Recession Proof Gift Guide

Wednesday, November 5 by

Here's the preliminary list of prodcuts for the Recessionized man…images are 500×500, full quality, web optimized jpgs.Cameras(Under $50)  Argus DC3185 — $39.99(Under $100) Samsung S860 — $99.99

Review: Zach and Miri Make a Porno

Wednesday, November 5 by

   Silent Bob's at it again with a delightfully foul-mouthed romantic comedy about a pair of best friends faced with the age old question: should we bone for money? The movie continues with the same dirty and curse laden frolics as Superbad, Knocked-Up, and all the other gems in the Apatow canon. But don't let the presence of Seth Rogen's milky white gut confuse you. This is very much a Kevin Smith film, though not nearly his best.

Cadilac Records Trailer

Wednesday, November 5 by

I like Adrien Brody. I like Jeffery Wright. I liked Ray. So I’m willing to see this one with my girlfriend.

10 Greatest George W. Bush Moments

Wednesday, November 5 by

Someday we’re going to look back at this and laugh. It’s a phrase uttered in times following tragedy and pain. But there’s a certain truthiness in it. If you were anything like me, you’re taking the whole Obama elected thing with the same type of guarded optimism that has come along with living in a world that’s seemed hell bent on destruction.