The Gong Show Has Found Food Network’s Next Iron Chef

Friday, August 22 by

TV chefs are pretty low on the celebrity food chain. They're just above Olympic athletes and just below those talking mannequins on The Hills. I've never quite found a way to properly articulate my feelings about the Food Network, but this guy on last night's episode of The Gong Show, nailed it.

Quantum of Solace Delayed a Week Thanks to Harry Potter

Friday, August 22 by

As if Harry Potter hadn't pissed me off enough already with his crappy movies and chubby, cape-wearing fans, now he's making us all wait an extra week for the new James Bond flick.

Review: Death Race

Friday, August 22 by

Rather than reviewing Jason Statham's latest explosion fest in my own voice, I'm going to use the voice of the frat dude that was sitting behind me at the midnight showing I attended last night. Please note that caps lock is used to emphasize both the frat guy's excitement and the movie's resemblance to a fun, 89-minute Mountain Dew commercial.

The Life & Times of Tim Videos Are Damn Funny

Thursday, August 21 by

These clips are making me giggle like a little bitch. I guess it's just right up my alleyway of awkward juvenile humor done through low rent animation. Some of the best shows have done just that. More videos after the mouse clicking.

The Life & Times of Tim

Thursday, August 21 by

Not a lot of info yet…Airs Sept 28th, 2008 @11pm on HBO

It’s Alive Trailer Is Long, Ridiculous (and a Little NSFW)

Thursday, August 21 by

If you're a young guy, babies are scary enough in the first place, but when they're evil and bloodthirsty, it almost makes you want to superglue your vas deferens shut. This is the trailer for a remake of a 1974 movie about an evil baby that eats people. The trailer itself is almost 4-minutes long and has a solid amount of gore. In fact, after the trailer you will not need to see the movie.

It’s Alive

Thursday, August 21 by

We've all heard this tired story before. From IMDB:A baby born to a human couple turns out to be a mutant monster with an appetite to kill when scared.This is a remake of the 1974 classic. Hot Chicks To Watch For: Bijou PhillipsRating: R

The Simpsons

Thursday, August 21 by

The Simpsons has been churning out funny episodes since before some of you were born. Sure, it has had its ups and downs, but, ultimately, no show has turned out more laughs. Some of us have spent more time with this four-fingered, yellow family than we have with our own families and that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Best. Simpsons. Toys. Ever. From Kidrobot

Thursday, August 21 by

Don't worry, this isn't going to turn into some nerdy blog where we pine over plastic X-men or anything, but these limited edition Simpsons figures from hipster savior, Kidrobot would definitely look good all over my desk. Of course, $8 seems a little steep for a 3-inch vinyl figure, when it comes to art, I would definitely rather spend my dough on these than some painting.

Review: Vicky Christina Barcelona

Thursday, August 21 by

Last night I saw Vicky Christina Barcelona with my girlfriend. It is a movie about how confused women go to Europe and are lured into unhygienic relationships with sensitive artist-types, and then end up either 1) cheating on their fiance, or 2) having a three-way.

Ben Affleck to Star in Mike Judge’s New Movie; Sadly Not as Butthead

Thursday, August 21 by

I feel bad for Mike Judge after what happened to Idiocracy. The studios screwed the movie up and then didn't bother releasing in theaters to anyone who wanted to see it. Maybe he'll get some better treatment for Extract, which starts shooting next Monday.

More News On The Road and Blood Meridian

Thursday, August 21 by

The last time I checked, Ridley Scott was going to direct the big screen adaptation of Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian. But when I looked at the IMDB page this morning, it had Todd Field’s name in the director spot.  This is good, because he’s probably way more capable of retaining the gritty feel that the movie needs to be true to the book. 

Kristen Bell Might Star in Veronica Mars Movie

Thursday, August 21 by

I'm not a devoted Veronica Mars fan like a lot of people gushing over this news seem to be. But it wasn't a bad show, and if the rumors are true that the series is going to get a full-length movie then I'll certainly see it.

10 of Fall TV’s Hottest New Chicks

Thursday, August 21 by

Fall TV is an exciting time. There are lots of new shows to be watched and complain about. But, one of the best things about the fall premieres is getting to see the new crop of beautiful ladies being paraded across our TV screens. Here's a cheat sheet of girls you might not be familiar with….yet.

Heidi Montag Makes Baby Jesus Cry

Wednesday, August 20 by

The star of The Hills recently told a reporter for E! that she believes her success is due to God liking her: