A Sexy Goodbye to Entourage

Monday, November 24 by

Maxim has a piece on the hottest chicks from Entourage. It’s a comprehensive list. But there’s really no way to name all of them.  There are just so many. And that’s one of the many reasons that I’m a little saddened the season is over. It was a damn good one and ended on a definite high note. 

Monday Mashup: Spirit vs. Punisher vs. Transporter

Monday, November 24 by

When its one movie it’s a trailer. When it’s two movies it’s a mashup. But when it’s THREE MOVIES…what is it? It’s badass, that’s what it is.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Monday, November 24 by

I was born under unusual circumstances. And so begins The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, adapted from the 1920s story by F. Scott Fitzgerald about a man who is born in his eighties and ages backwards: a man, like any of us, who is unable to stop time.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button International Trailer

Monday, November 24 by

I think that the ear horn is one of the most under-utilized props in modern day cinema. I’m glad to see that Benjamin Button is bringing it back.

True Blood ‘You’ll Be the Death of Me’

Monday, November 24 by

I have no clue how the writers over at HBO pulled off a season finale, but somehow they did and boy did they wrap up a lot of story lines.

Steven Seagal Is A Real Cop?

Monday, November 24 by

 I don’t know everything. But I know a lot of stuff. The fact that I did not know that Steven Seagal was a real police officer amazes me. Apparently he has been “…working on and off as a fully commissioned deputy with the Jefferson Parish County Sheriff's Office for nearly two decades.” And now A&E is making a reality show out of it.

Where Will Sarah’s Obsession Lead Her?

Monday, November 24 by

Sarah's obsession with the three dots leads her to a company that she believes may have Andy Goode's Turk. Meanwhile, Jesse's plans complicate things even further, and Weaver introduces Ellison to someone very important.

Entourage Returns To Queens Blvd

Sunday, November 23 by

Five seasons of success and living the dream have turned into bitterness, uncertainty, and one really bad pun: Vince returns to Queens to see if home is where the part is. When the chips are down, Vince has a tendency to fall apart, and part of me expected that to happen in the worst way. It happens in almost every season, and it certainly happened again in this one. Those meltdowns are what give the show its namesake; as much as Vinnie rolls with ease into fame and hot women, he'd be nothing but another whiny ass star witout his Entourage to get him through the toughest times.

Colbert and 24 Special Lead the Weekend

Friday, November 21 by

With Jack Bauer singlehandedly saving basically all of Africa's children in his first TV movie, followed by Stephen Colbert taking Christmas way over the top, TV is more than worth watching this weekend.

Link Dump

Friday, November 21 by

 Adventureland Trailer (thebadandugly) 

The Wrester Trailer

Friday, November 21 by

Finally, a proper trailer for The Wrestler. And a good one at that. I saw this movie this week and was totally blown away.  Check out my review. The release date is Jan 16th.

30 Rock “Gavin Volure”

Friday, November 21 by

  On tonight's episode of 30 Rock we find Liz and Jack attending an exclusive dinner party hosted by Gavin Volure, the ex-CEO of a company called Sunsteam.  Jack describes Gavin as god like, but now a reclusive.  After introducing himself to Jack and Liz they are surprised to see that the host of the party Jack has been in awe about is actually the person playing piano behind them. Gavin Volure (played by Steve Martin) informs his newly arrived guests that, "because of his extreme case of agoraphobia and debilitating wealth he is forced to bring the world to him." 

Can Mila Kunis Be Taken Seriously?

Friday, November 21 by

Mila Kunis is at least in my top 40. She got way less annoying post That-70’s show. She’s done a good job of becoming more of a real actress, and is now doing a Hughes Brothers movie with Denzel.

The Office ‘Frame Toby’

Friday, November 21 by

Once Michael discovers that Toby has returned, he is none too pleased, as evidenced by the multiple times he screams “oh God please no!” in his face.  So while he and Dwight try and come up with ways to frame him, Pam must deal with a dirty microwave and Jim has to figure out how to tell Pam about a real estate purchase he just made.

Tonight’s Lineup: The Office Gets Messy

Thursday, November 20 by

Thursdays are basically stay at home and watch TV nights. Without even having to move a muscle you have an hour and a half of solid comedy gold. Here’s a quick breakdown.