Sons of Anarchy

Thursday, September 18 by

FX is losing The Shield, but in an effort to keep their sky high level of grit intact, they came up with this brutal drama about an outlaw biker club. They run guns, get laid and beat the crap out of people, all in the name of a sacred pact of brotherhood…and booze.

Sons of Anarchy “Fun Town” Gets Tough

Thursday, September 18 by

Recap: Season 1, episode 3. The guys have to abandon their good time at the carnival to meet with the sketchy IRA guys who supply their automatic weapons. While they're trying to work out their business, the 13-year old daughter of a local business tycoon named Oswald gets raped in the woods.

Inglorious Bastards Adds Hot Women |pics|

Wednesday, September 17 by

I have a thing for French girls. I’ll take them over a tanned sorority sister in a tube top any day of the week. They have style and know how to look naturally sexy. Seems like Tarantino agrees with me and has added a few new beauties to his cast. Here are some pictures.

Bonus Features: Hump Day Link Dump

Wednesday, September 17 by

In case you have a super hot date tonight and you're not going to be around to catch the season premiere of Knight Rider, Hulu has the whole thing just for you. And you don't have to have a date if you want to watch it, just a boss that won't mind you sitting through a 42-minute TV show during office hours. If you work for the government, you should be fine.


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Sexually confused virgin jailbait Lebanese girl fingerbang raped by redneck in Houston suburbia.

Review: Towelhead Has Enough Awkwardness For Everyone

Wednesday, September 17 by

There’s a whole genre of movies that treat the later days of childhood as nothing but an abrupt movement into a real world where adults are violent perverts or self-serving assholes. They magnify the awkwardness of growing up into something that makes you unable to breathe. 

Ben Kingsley Plays Punk Legend Ian MacKaye of Minor Threat

Wednesday, September 17 by

I have no idea why this video even exists other than to promote Mean magazine, but as a fan of Ben Kinsgley and a super-fan of Minor Threat, it definitely made me confused and even a little embarrassed. He's one of the world's most respected actors, couldn't he have at least learned the lyrics to the song?

12 Sexy New Pics From Zack and Miri Make a Porno

Wednesday, September 17 by

I'm getting really excited about Zack and Miri Make a Porno. These photos don't really reveal much new information, but all the smiling suggest that it's going to be one of the feel good Kevin Smith movies that we love him for. Maybe this movie will inspire him to go back and rework some of his crappier movies.


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I hate hospitals. You either go there when you're terribly sick or you come home with a baby. It's a no-win situation. But watching Hugh Laurie perfectly portray the grumpy genius doctor is worth feeling a little uncomfortable every week. He and his staff of less-brilliant doctors take on cases that would make normal docs hang up their stethescopes. It'll make you laugh. It will make you cry.

House: “Dying Changes Everything” Burns its Bra

Wednesday, September 17 by

Recap: Season 5, Episode 1. Wilson is back, but he has a resignation letter in hand. That's bad news for House and the patient that he's too sad to treat because of it. The plot:

Exclusive Clip: Alec Baldwin Talks Dirty in “My Best Friend’s Girl”

Wednesday, September 17 by

We still have a few more weeks before 30 Rock makes its triumphant return (apparently Tina Fey was busy working on her Sarah Palin impression).


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The X-Files have been off the air for years, but if your life just hasn't had enough TV drama laced with weird crap, then you're in luck. J.J. Abrams is taking a break from cashing his Lost checks to put together a science fiction series that deals with the dark and evil side of scientific research.

Fringe Gets Even Weirder In Episode 2

Wednesday, September 17 by

Recap: Season 1 episode 2. "The Same Old Story." After last week's pilot, comparisons to The X-Files were being thrown from every direction and this episode certainly isn't going to do anything to fix that. Story:

Every “That’s What She Said” From The Office in One Video

Wednesday, September 17 by

We're really closing in on the return of The Office, but until then I offer you this compilation of ever utterance of the phrase, "That's what she said," ever to be heard on the show. It obviously took someone a lot of time to download, watch and then edit these together. The least we could do is watch.

Dickhead Director of the Week: David O’Russell

Tuesday, September 16 by

He’s known as one of the most unstable asshole directors out there, but today two of his actors from the set of Nailed are standing up for him. Here’s a little history of the conflict and some background on the ‘mercurial’ David O' himself.