Fringe “The Ghost Network”

Wednesday, September 24 by

This week's episode starts with a terrorist attack on a bus, as if public transportation didn't suck enough already.

New Steven Seagal Movie Roundhouses Way Directly To DVD

Tuesday, September 23 by

Mr. ass kicking ponytail guy (Steven Segal) is back for more ass kicking ponytail having ACTION.

This Week’s DVDs That Don’t Suck: The Godfather Gets Even Better

Tuesday, September 23 by

The Godfather: The Coppola Restorations

Worst Week

Tuesday, September 23 by

The Worst Week of My Life was a hit sitcom in Britain, but CBS is hoping that it will play here in the US, too. The main character, Sam, has to tell his future in-laws that he has impregnated their daughter. If that wasn't going to be hard enough, he keeps getting himself into incredibly wacky situations that are outrageous, even by sitcom standards.

Ballast Trailer

Tuesday, September 23 by

And now to get a little serious. This is a pretty dope trailer. Studios take a big risk on putting out movies that can be put in the Art House category. They take even bigger risks by trying to promote them with trailers that don’t have any words or music. This one works, and raises enough suspicion to get me interested in seeing the film.

Worst Week “Pilot” Is Funny, Awkward

Tuesday, September 23 by

Recap: Season 1, episode 1. If you're really into third party embarrassment, then Worst Week might be the best thing to happen to TV for you since The Office came stateside. Plot:

Hollywood to Sex-Up Moby Dick

Tuesday, September 23 by

I read Herman Melville's classic story of aquatic revenge back when I was in high school. And by "read" I mean I had a comic book version like the one from Major League that I used to get the basic idea and then just faked my way through class.

Kanye Developing Muppet-Like Show

Tuesday, September 23 by

Looks like Kanye has stopped smashing cameras at LAX long enough to develop a show for Comedy Central. They concept? Hip hop meets the Muppets. Sweet.

9 Life Lessons Every Guy Can Learn From Goodfellas

Tuesday, September 23 by

Goodfellas is one of the best movies ever made, but it offers education as well as entertainment. Below are nine of the most important messages you should hold on to after watching Martin Scorcese's classic for the 500th time. So read on and pay attention, you rat, you. Everybody takes a beating sometimes.

Heroes Season 3 Premiere Is Super

Tuesday, September 23 by

Recap: Season 3, episodes 1 and 2 "The Second Coming" and "Butterfly Effect"  No one would blame you if you gave up on Heroes last season, not even the writers. But after watching last night's episodes, I'm ready to believe that they're back to what made the show great in the first place.

7 “Heroes” Powers We Wouldn’t Want

Tuesday, September 23 by

With the return of Heroes on Monday, I have heard a bunch of people talking about which power from the show they would want for themselves. But there are a few abilities that never get any love, mainly because they would be useless in the real world. These are the seven powers I wouldn't bother putting on tights for. 7. Mass Poisoning

Battle In Seattle

Monday, September 22 by

Town puts down grunge and lattes only to get tear gassed by cops.

Review: Battle in Seattle

Monday, September 22 by

Sitting in front of the TV, watching the riots unfold in Seattle during the WTO from the 4th floor lounge of my college dorm was really when I first got the sense that there might be something amiss in the world of global capitalism.  Starbucks being looted, storefronts being smashed—it turned out that there were some people that were kind of angry about the status quo.

Bonus Features: John McCain Approves These Links

Monday, September 22 by

SNL seems to be taking full advantage of all the ridiculousness that's going on as part of this presidential race. They better get it in now, though. If John McCain wins, he'll probably order all of their tongues removed. Nah, I'm just kidding. He'll probably just have them killed.

Tonight’s TV That Doesn’t Suck: Worst Week and Heroes

Monday, September 22 by

Days are getting shorter and temperatures are getting colder, which means staying in and watching TV is even more appealing. Plus, everyone is broke, but luckily, you have the series premiere of Worst Week and three hours of Heroes to keep you busy tonight. Read on for our previews of both. Worst Week