Recap: Weeds: Episode 4.10

Tuesday, August 19 by

Episode: "The Love Circle Overlap." I was disappointed with last week's episode, but Weeds seems to be back with the good stuff this week to make up for last week's ounce of shake. There's nothing like a drugr trip and an underage threesome to get things back into gear. Nancy:

Is 90210 the CW’s Secret Shame?

Tuesday, August 19 by

NOTE: I’m not writing this post because I think you should watch the new 90210 on the CW.

The 11 Least Realistic College Movies

Tuesday, August 19 by

Movies can teach us many valuable things. Hell, almost everyone I know learned about sex from Skinemax's late-night line-up of soft core or HBO's Real Sex. But there are certain things you can't trust Hollywood to teach you about, one of which is definitely college. These movies have been giving high school students the wrong idea for years, but today we're going to set them straight.

Christina Applegate’s Breasts: A Tribute

Tuesday, August 19 by

It's something of an understatement, but cancer really sucks. It kills millions of people every year and now it has taken two more innocent victims in the form of Christina Applegate's boobs. She was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and went in for a double mastectomy to get rid of it and keep it from spreading.

Russel Crowe Might Play Bill Hicks

Tuesday, August 19 by

His name doesn't have the same kind of mainstream recognition that guys like George Carlin and Richard Pryor had, but most stand-up comedy fans still consider Bill Hicks to be one of the best. Russel Crowe is reportedly in talks to play Hicks in a movie about his life, which ended after a short bout with pancreatic cancer in 1994.

Bonus Features: Monday’s Links

Monday, August 18 by

I always thought Warner Bros. might have stolen their marketing campaign for the Joker from a Japanese kid show, and now I'm sure of it. No one will ever have to ask these little girls "Why so serious?" And hey, it's kind of a slow news day, so be thankful I didn't post a review of that crappy new Star Wars movie.

First Two Webisodes of The Gemini Division Hit the Web

Monday, August 18 by

I have a huge crush on Rosario Dawson. There's something about her smile that's absolutely irresistable. I think it has something to do with its close proximity to her chest. NBC is giving us all a chance to spend some quality time with Rosario in a web-only sci-fi series called The Gemini Division.


Monday, August 18 by

In the future, Vikings will have to fight Aliens to secure the peace of all mankind on another planet that is from the past. Ok, I made that up. Here's the actual premise from IMDB:

Recap: Generation Kill: Episode 1.06

Monday, August 18 by

Episode: "Stay Frosty." Hey, look! We're six episodes in and the war is still all screwed up. Who could've seen that coming? It's incredible how things just keep getting worse for these recon Marines. It wasn't bad enough that they had to deal with inept officers, but now they have a bunch of dumb-ass civilian soldiers out in the field putting everyone at risk.

New Studio Clips Of Outlander

Monday, August 18 by

It’s really hard to come up with new ideas. But it’s not hard to take two old ideas, put them in your creative supercollider, and SMASH them together just shy of the speed of light. They have this machine a mile beneath the earth in Burbank. That’s exactly how they came up with Outlander.

The Voltron Movie is Officially Happenning

Monday, August 18 by

When I used to think about how people came up with ideas for movies, I had an image of a bunch of people sitting in a room, eating Chinese food and drinking coffee until all hours of the night, when a wave of genius washed across the room, bringing to live a brilliant cinematic idea.

Recap: The Comedy Central Roast of Bob Saget

Monday, August 18 by

While Comedy Central's batting average has been pretty solid as far as roasts go, some are definitely better than others. With a line-up that included Norm McDonald, Jim Norton and the rest of the regular roasters, I had high hopes going into Danny Tanner's event. Did it live up to the hype? Almost.

Madmen: Ep.204

Sunday, August 17 by

The episode “Three Sundays” Starts off with Peggy at church hearing the sermon of a Pastor speaking about morals. She gets up to leave, somewhat uncomfortable with the message and runs into one of the priests. He comes over for dinner with Peggy’s fam, and the sexual innuendo beings. 

Bonus Features: Link. Dump. Friday.

Friday, August 15 by

It was a good week for a lot of reasons. Olympic scandals, Russian invasions, no more Issac Hays. But most importantly, Screenjukies has hit the ground running. We are now the third most popular website on the internet, right after ebay and Cat Fanciers Online. So here's a few more items before the weekend.

Iron Man

Friday, August 15 by

An eccentric billionaire builds a robotic suit that lets him kick all kinds of terrorist ass. Iron Man was the biggest surprise of the summer, making enough money for Robert Downey Jr. to build himself a real robot suit and fly arond in it instead of the normal limo. It helped restore people's faith in the Marvel movie machine after the tragedy that was Spiderman 3.