You’re Entering a World of McCain

Tuesday, October 14 by

I never noticed how much John McCain and Walter from The Big Lebowski really have in common. They both mention their military service at times when it's completely inappropriate and they both love firearms.

Bonus Features: Links to Cure the Mondays

Monday, October 13 by

Not everything Spike Jonze has done in his career has been spectacular, but the opening sequence for Lakai's "Fully Flared" skate video is amazing. Even if you're not a skater, you can still appreciate all the stuff that blows up. Plus, it'll help hold you over as you wait for Where the Wild Things Are.

New Sex Drive Clips

Monday, October 13 by

The genius thing about making a movie with a donut costume is that you can shoot some promo videos for relatively cheap. You don’t have to sit the smartest dudes from the internet down in a windowless room to come up viral gold. Skateboarding and being unable to bend at the waist are entertaining enough. Click through for the second one.

Empire’s Predictable List of 500 Greatest Movies

Monday, October 13 by

I was going to include this in the link dump, but I just spent a half hour counting all of the movies I have seen from this list and I thought you might want to do the same. My tally came in at 251. There are quite a few older movies in there I just haven't gotten around to seeing as well as a whole shitload of Disney animated movies I don't care about.

Review: Body Of Lies

Monday, October 13 by

Different movies are different things. There’s not some goal that every film has to have. You don’t compare Superbad to There Will Be Blood. Although some films are great, and some films are just terrible, the majority are just movies. They are something you watch because you want to be entertained. Body of Lies falls into this category.

JCVD Trailer

Monday, October 13 by

When I was a kid I would watch Bloodsport and always end up getting in some sort of kick-fight with my sister.  I would always lose because I was younger.  Now I’m bigger, so when this movie comes out, I’m going to invite her to it, and when its over I’m going to beat the everloving sister crap out of her right in the lobby of the theatre.  ROUNDHOUSE.

Mad Men Gets Jet Set

Monday, October 13 by

You know when you’re really into a girl when even the little post coital ditties she pens don’t turn you off. So Roger must have it pretty bad for Jane, because her musings on the sticky sheets of the Waldorf Astoria enchant him like a snake charmer stiffening a Cobra, and dear Jane gets struck with a marriage proposal.

Monday Mashup: How Scarface Got His Groove Back

Monday, October 13 by

Vice magazine made a point once that if you really think about it Scarface is really a story about a coked-up Cuban dude who was on top for about 2 years before screwing it all up and getting absolutely riddled with bullets.  With that in mind, he has given countless fat kids who sport an oversized shirt bearing his semblance something to aspire to.

Recap: Entourage Stops Trippin’

Monday, October 13 by

Recap: Season 5, episode 6 "ReDOMption" After last week's trip (get it?) to the desert, the guys are back in civilization. Vince's career rests on Ari's golf game and Dom is back and, shockingly, in trouble with the law. Ari:

We Let the Chihuahua Win…Again

Monday, October 13 by

I know, this isn't a great time for new movies, but is it so bad that we had to make an awful talking-dog movie take the number one spot two weeks in a row? Have you even considered the repurcussions? Think of how many headlines this morning have a stupid "top dog" pun in them. And with that kind of showing, there's no question that there's going to be a sequel.

Defiance Trailer B

Friday, October 10 by

I think this will be a good movie. But I’m kind of noticing a similarity between this trailer and the first one for Quantum of Solace. Not just the Daniel Craig thing. But the whole black and white beginning part. With the banging noise. And the people talking. You know what I mean.  Just roll the clip.

Bonus Features: Friday! Friday!

Friday, October 10 by

Personally, I thought last night's primetime SNL show was boring and unfunny, but posting political clips gets the Huffington Post a zillion clicks a week so I figure I should get in on that action, too.

Faking Orgasms Movie In Production

Friday, October 10 by

If it’s one thing that I continually get busted on it’s faking orgasms.

Unborn Trailer Is Scarier Than a Missed Period

Friday, October 10 by

The string of pre-Halloween horror trailers continues to pour out, this one pitting a lovely young lady against the ghost of her twin who apparently died before it could be born. I'll admit it actually does look pretty creepy, but I still believe that I can kick the crap out of any little kid, monster or not. Also, I saw at least two Dexter actors in there. That doesn't have anything to do with the movie, I just really like Dexter.

Review: Sukiyaki Western Django

Friday, October 10 by

Given the nature of Takashi Miike’s work, it’s only natural that someday he and Quintin Tarantino would cross paths, which is exactly what happened with Sukiyaki Western Django. Please note that this is not a Tarantino film, which anyone who hears about this movie seems to think.