Smooth-talkin Sawyer

Thursday, March 5 by

So whatever happened to Sawyer and the gang since Locke pushed the old whirly-wheel? Well, according to this episode, their time jumps have been fixed, but unfortunately they're about thirty years before the time they crashed on the island.  We jumps back and forth between present time and three years from now, watching the present Sawyer & Co. encounter both Others and Dharma, while future Sawyer & Co. are members of the Dharma Initiative, trying to help a a pregnant woman in labor, with romance blossoming on the side between two most unlikely lovers…and it's all in this week's Lost, after the jump.

Women of Watchmen: Carla Gugino

Wednesday, March 4 by

Tuesday, we gave you a glimpse of Watchmen's Malin Akerman, a.k.a. The Silk Spectre II.  Now meet her mom… the original Silk Spectre, played by the shapely Carla Gugino.Carla's the rare sort of actress that shows her assets in adult fare like Watchmen and Sin City, then covers herself and relies only on acting talent in kid flicks like the upcoming Race to Witch Mountain, or the Spy Kids franchise.  Though I did hear that for Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over, they had to frame Gugino from the neck up so she didn't accidentally gouge anyone's eyes out in the theater.  Ga Ga Guginooooo!More pics after the jump…

Morning News

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 NASA has turned to the public for help in naming the International Space Station's brand new Node 3 module. The top two nominees in the write-in category are Colbert and Xenu. As in the Church of Scientology's Xenu. Who would you rather see ruling the cosmos, Tek Jansen or Tom Cruise? Here's your morning news.Help Stephen Colbert cock-block The Church Of Scientology (Colbert Nation)New X-Men Origins: Wolverine trailer premieres today (MTV)Watchmen will not feature any hover-boards (iO9)

Wednesday TV Preview

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Tonight, Lost hits it's midseason stride with a bunch of filthy, dishonest Islanders, while Demetri Martin digs deep into the complex world of the 'chair.' Also, Discovery Channel is airing an special on why Flight 1549 had to crash land in the Hudson River. Too bad the internet already told us. Find out what I'm talking about, along with your TV preview, right after the jump.


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With Joaquin Phoenix pursuing a mushroom-induced musical career, we thought that we would take a moment to point out the missteps taken by those before him. These vanity projects should serve as a warning to any actor who has rock and roll dreams to stick with their dayjob. And a reminder to all of us that fame makes people crazy.

Guns n’ Gams! Public Enemies Trailer!

Wednesday, March 4 by

See!  Johnny Depp as scoundrel Charles Dillinger!Hear!  Christian Bale speaking at normal room volume!Covertly Adjust Yourself! As French siren Marion Cotillard enters frame!Laugh! As comickster Billy Crudup does his best impression of an old timey baseball announcer!It's a hot off the web trailer for auteur Michael Mann's crowd-pleasing talkie, Public Enemies!  Coming to a silver screen near you! 

Sandra Bennet: Bonafide Badass

Wednesday, March 4 by

Claire sees a new side of her mom as she tires to figure out a way to help Alex escape, and Parkman and Peter receive intel from Rebel on where to find Daphne, so they head to Building 26 to take her back. Sylar's also back in this episode, with his trusty sidekick Microwave Boy, shedding further light on his dark past when he stumbles upon an old diner where his father took him long ago. It's a surprisingly decent Heroes after a string of steadily declining ones, and it's after the jump.

Megan Fox Gets Wet for Fox Atomic

Tuesday, March 3 by

This just in from Variety: Transformers 2 babe Megan Fox is attached to star in "Fathom," an adaptation of the Michael Turner-created comicbook, for Fox Atomic.   According to Variety, "Fox would play Aspen Matthews, who was found abandoned on a ship and is adopted by a military man. She becomes a champion swimmer and marine biologist who comes of age realizing she has water-based powers and is part of an underwater race"  I heard through the grapevine that Michael Phelps was up for a cameo but his role in the remake of Up In Smoke conflicted.  He will be replaced by the dolphin from Seaquest DSV.

Haunting in Connecticut Poster

Tuesday, March 3 by

Here's a glimpse at the creep-tastic Haunting of Connecticut motion poster, courtesy of Yahoo! Movies.  I know I wouldn't want a ghost shoving its way out of my mouth, but then again, I just passed a kidney stone last week.  Nah, I'm gonna give it to ghost-out-the-mouth… that's way worse.  

Tuesday Night Preview

Tuesday, March 3 by

Why no new shows? The screwiness of the Digital Conversion has forced the "TV Sweeps", usually scheduled for February, to be pushed back to March 5th. In the meantime, TNT pretty much plays entertaining movies every night, and an epic monkey battle rages on tonight in Dark Days in Monkey City. Your preview after the break.

Women of Watchmen: Malin Akerman

Tuesday, March 3 by

Who watches the Watchmen?  I'm guessing about everybody, this weekend -  Including homeless people.  Admit it.  If the city sends "interior decorators" to redo your bus shelter once a month with shiny new Watchmen "wallpaper," you'd panhandle just a little extra hard to see what all the buzz is about. And then there's the film's luscious leading lady – Malin Akerman, who'll be kicking ass and breaking hearts as Laurie Jupiter a.k.a. The Silk Spectre II. See more pics of Ms. Malin after the jump…

New Terminator: Salvation Trailer

Monday, March 2 by

The new Terminator: Salvation trailer just launched today.  I watched.  I peed a little.  I suggest you sit on some Scotch Brite™ and watch, too.  Explosions.  Nine Inch Nails music, plus Christian Bale angrily yelling, which we can never get enough of.  Late in the trailer, he implores someone off-screen that “if we don’t stay the course, we’re dead.  We’re all DEAD!”  I think it’s behind-the-scenes footage from the day catering changed the lunch menu from steak to salmon. 

Monday TV Preview

Monday, March 2 by

Are the Sangalese Terrorists from 24 going to blow up Washington D.C?! Too bad they'll have to blow up Jack Bauer first. Tonight he gets the main stage with 2HRs of no-nonsense screaming at corrupt gov't officials, explosions, and the emergence of Jon Voight as Bauer's new arch nemesis. You don't need to really know anything before watching this episode–just sit back and get your face blown off. Likewise, Heroes also offers some telepathic mind blowings tonight as well. Your preview after the jump.

24 Recap: 6PM-8PM

Monday, March 2 by

Dubaku is still out cold in the hostipal. A laundry man gets past security, pulls out a syringe and injects Dubaku with a drug that makes start to convulse severely. Cut to a shot of General Juma who has a statement playing on a CNN-like channel, preaching his country's victory over the American invaders. "Find him, wherever he is," the President orders. And wait! There's more…

April’s Vanity Fair: Light on Waifs, Heavy on Laughs

Monday, March 2 by

Either Vanity Fair's standards have gone way down, or it's almost time for April's issue dedicated to "Comedy's New Legends" to hit the shelves.  This above image of Paul Rudd getting intimate with Jonah Hill, Jason Segal and Seth Rogan apes the now legendary VF photo of Tom Ford, Keira Knightley and Scarlett Johansson cover shot (marvel at it, plus bonus shots from April's issue after the jump).