James Franco Is Now An Author

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The Ape.After the jump, we have an exclusive sneak peek at the book's cover art.


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Over the past couple seasons, Monday night on CBS has officially become the most ridiculous night on television, thanks to Ms. Kaley Cuoco, who plays Penny on The Big Bang Theory. My guess is that Penny came about late in the show's development stages, in a meeting between the writers and network execs.  My guess is, it went down a little something like this:

Commanding Monday TV Preview

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Tonight, there's a wide range of entertainment for your viewing pleasure. A man diagnosed with the Liar Liar syndrome is brutally honest with the staff on House; General Juma totally commandeers the White House on 24; Sylar finally meets his father on Heroes; Summer Glau from Terminator:TSCC gives the nerds on The Big Bang Theory a collective boner; and John Matrix blows up everything in sight and swears at bad guys in Commando. Your preview after the break.

The Big Bang Theory

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Leonard and Sheldon are brilliant physicists, the kind of "beautiful minds" that understand how the universe works. But none of that genius helps them interact with people, especially women. All this begins to change when a free-spirited beauty named Penny moves in next door. Sheldon, Leonard's roommate, is quite content spending his nights playing Klingon Boggle with their socially dysfunctional friends, fellow CalTech scientists Wolowitz and Koothrappali. However, Leonard sees in Penny a whole new universe of possibilities… including love.Network: CBSAirs: 8/7c

Bystanders Laugh As Cable Guy Killed

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“Sandwiches are usually a natural source of deliciousness BUT some lunchmeats are darker than others. And when combined with condiments of fear you get… SANDWICH OF TERROR.” If you are a fan of Tales from the Darkside or The Outer Limits or enjoy a cool, refreshing meatball hoagie on a hot summer’s day then this is the web series for you. Best known for Scissor Cop,

FNL Recap: New York, New York

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Welcome back to Dillon, Panther fans. The roller coaster that is Friday Night Lights ebbed and flowed last week as well, and we may have said some teary goodbyes to some characters while getting better introductions to others. Mac McGill collapsed on the field during practice, and has been laid up in a hospital bed ever since. Coach Taylor reluctantly hired Wade Aikman, JD’s personal quarterback coach, to be his interim Offensive Coordinator. If that weren’t enough for him to chew, Tami found her dream home and put that on his plate. Cash left for the Rodeo circuit, and he and Tyra had a falling out over his reluctance to remain faithful over the stretch. Matt became frustrated with his lack of playing time and the receivers’ inability to run the correct routes, and he decided to lobby Coach to let him tryout as a receiver. Jason and Riggins went to New York to pay Wendell’s agent a visit and perhaps get Jason’s foot in the door for that job as well. Things didn’t always go to plan, just like life, and each character was judged not by the original plan, but how they responded to adversity.

Terminator:TSCC Recap: Ourselves Alone

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Riley is back, bringing more drama to John and Sarah’s table, while a small glitch in Cameron’s wiring makes her actions volatile.To Kill A BirdThe episode begins with Cameron speaking to a bird who is flying around the living room. Cameron explains to the bird that the chimney is an unsuitable nesting spot for multiple reasons. She tells the bird that she is a migratory bird and should find a mate.  The little creature flaps its wings, and soars right into the glass screen door, falling to the ground.  Cameron picks it up and escorts it outside.  Holding it in her hand she attempts to free the bird, who cannot fly because Cameron’s is unable to release her grip.  After a moment, Cameron’s robotic fingers unwillingly clench violently, crushing the bird between them.  It’s lifeless body then falls to the ground.Riley Returns

MashUp Monday: Lost Hitler Film

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  Adolf Hitler was the cause of numerous attrocities that lead to the deaths of millions and he ruined that mustache for the rest of us. However I have to give credit where credit is due, bitch can sing.

Breaking Bad Recap: Seven Thirty-Seven

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We join Walter and Jesse where we left them at the end of last season. Our two favorite meth manufacturers are able to produce enough pure, albeit blue, crystal meth to satisfy their new sociopath dealer named Tuco. After Tuco leaves, Walter, who is suffering from terminal lung cancer, decides he will need to make about $750,000 to leave to his wife and kids. Jesse buys a gun for protection at a fast food restaurant after he and Walter witness Tuco accidentally murder one of his lackeys. Jesse figures that Tuco will probably be coming for them to tie up all the lose ends. So Jesse and Walter contemplate murdering Tuco during an upcoming drug deal. Hank views the video from a robbery that Walter and Jesse committed at the end of last season. Hank theorizes that they’re some new big players in town and that they should be careful not to be caught by rival dealers first. Little does Hank know that Walter is the burglar from the video.

Morning News Roundup

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To no one’s surprise Watchmen threw the competition through a plate glass window this weekend, earning an estimated 3-day total of $55.7 million (roughly 4,500,000 nerd-boners). Despite it being the biggest opening of the year, Zack Snyder’s opus came in lower than expected. Some attribute this to lack of star power, the graphic use of sex and violence, running time, and My Chemical Romance’s inclusion. Personally I blame Daylight Savings. Here’s your morning news. Watchmen mainly watched by men (X-Men Origins)  

BSG Recap: Islanded in a Stream of Stars

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The producers of the original Battlestar Galactica had a plan.  In the late 1970s, it wasn’t uncommon for a male lead in a TV series to have a major pop career.  So when they found out early on that the Bee Gees – the biggest recording act in the known universe – were fans of their show, they reached out.  The plan was this:  the Bee Gees would write a thumping disco tune; Dirk Benedict would sing it; coke and hookers and cash to every AM station imaginable and voila! a world-wide smash that would guarantee a second season of Galactica.That song was called “Islanded in a Stream of Stars.”   I’ll be giving you a taste of the words throughout this recap.  For example:Islanded in a stream of starsDeath and betrayal is what we areTrust and love have gone so farIslanded in a stream of stars


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Actually, the whole thing feels like a Westernized version of a Miyazaki film, which makes me want to see it even more.  I always felt there was some sort of cultural gap with Studio Ghibli films that made it hard for a Westerner like myself to fully embrace.  They looked cool, but I always felt like I was missing something.  Like the plot in Princess Mononoke.Up flies into theaters May 29th.   


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I own well over 1,000 comic books collected over the years, and to this day they sit “bagged n’ boarded” for their protection, tucked away safely in my grandparents’ basement.   But I would only consider myself a comic book geek on the superficial level.  I was in it for the pictures.  If it looked cool, I bought it.  If I wanted to read words, I’d buy a novel.  And, with no disrespect to artist Dave Gibbons, I never got into Watchmen because it just didn’t look as cool as, say, Jim Lee’s X-Men, or Rob Liefield’s New Mutants.  In my adulthood, though, I’ve read the book.  It’s dense.  It’s dark.  It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen.  But I don’t love it like I’m supposed to.


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Director: Pete Docter Cast: John Ratzenberger, Christopher Plummer, Edward Asner, Paul Eiding, Jordan Nagai Synopsis: By tying thousands of balloon to his home, 78-year-old Carl Fredricksen sets out to fulfill his lifelong dream to see the wilds of South America. Right after lifting off, however, he learns he isn’t alone on his journey, since Russell, a wilderness explorer 70 years his junior, has inadvertently become a stowaway on the trip. Genre: Children & Family Release Date: May 29, 2009