Recap: Heroes Goes Back to the Future

Tuesday, October 7 by

Season 3, Episode 4: "I Am Become Death." This week we're taking another trip four years into the future, when—wait for it—the world is going to end! Who would've thought? Peter:

Vatican Talks For Week Straight On TV

Monday, October 6 by

The Vatican has planned a 139-hour bible reading marathon on Italian TV in hopes of making the church more cool. They are calling it “a sort of ‘Big Brother’ of the Holy Scriptures, but with really high cultural value.” Wow.

Paul Blart: Mall Cop Trailer

Monday, October 6 by

As a rule, mall cops are never not funny. You could take the coolest cool person from planet cool and the second that you employ them as private security for a Hot Topic and Pretzel Time, they are basically begging for wedgies.  And now we have a movie about it.  Awesome.

11 Life Lessons in The Big Lebowski

Monday, October 6 by

This Coen Brothers classic has more than just fantastic dialog and the best bowling sequences ever filmed. It also has some valuable information that can help us live like the men we aught to be. 11. A nice rug can really tie a room together.

Spy Videos From the Set of Kick-Ass

Monday, October 6 by

In the past, I have made fun of Kick Ass for its stupid name and high Nick Cage content, but now that I know a lot more about the supposedly ultra-violent movie, I'm excited for it. These fan (or crewmember?)-shot videos from the set show off some of the cars and characters that will be featured in the movie.

Recap: Mad Men Has Father Daughter Touching

Monday, October 6 by

Episode 2.10, “The Inheritance” starts on Pete Campbell listing potential clients in a meeting with Don and the bunch. Looks like the team is headed to Pasadena to schmooze with the aerospace industry about finding ways to sell their image. Back in the bedroom with his wife, there’s still tension about the no-baby, and Pete is not hearing any of it.

We Let Beverly Hills Chihuahua Win

Monday, October 6 by

There were a lot of new movies to choose from this weekend, none of which were particularly spectacular, but the fact that Beverly Hills Chihuahua could take the top spot, raking in almost $30 million hurts my heart like a thousand double cheeseburgers. Please, look at that picture up there and join me in my indignation.

Recap: Entourage Is Trippin’

Monday, October 6 by

Recap: Season 5, Episode 5 "The Truth Seekers" Hey, look at that. Vince still can't get a job. But rather than addressing the cliffhanger set up at the end of last week's episode, the gang takes off into the dessert to trip balls. Vince:

Monday Mashup: The Incredibles

Monday, October 6 by

Every Monday we post a mashup. And every Monday we ask the same question: Who has time to do these?  Whoever they are, I hope they don’t get real jobs any time soon. And for the record this one is more of a recut than a mashup. But it’s really well done. Welcome to Monday.

Bonus Features: Ralph Wiggum Is Rich

Friday, October 3 by

I guess all of that Simpsons money should be more than enough to buy Ralph Wiggum a nice Bimmer, but he doesn't have to flaunt it like that. Cartoon characters are real, right? I hope so. Otherwise all of that stock I bought in the Planet Express delivery company isn't going to be worth much. But then again, I guess no stock is worth much right now. Take that economy!

Preview: VH1′s NWA Rockumentary Airs Tonight

Friday, October 3 by

In the mid 1980’s crack turned LA into a dangerous place.  That happens when you have gangs and crackheads running the show.  The cops were not much better, and NWA saw themselves as reporters on the street. This rockumentary (really a rapumentary) tells the story of their rise to fame.

Count the Cliches in “The Uninvited” Trailer

Friday, October 3 by

I know we usually post a good trailer in the afternoon, but after watching this spot for The Uninvited, I couldn't help but point out that it has just about every cheesy horror element you could ever want all in one place. It's not every day you get that kind of one-stop shopping. Here's a list of the tired stuff you'll see.

New Romero Movie has Underwater Zombies

Friday, October 3 by

Let me first say that I have a ton of respect for George Romero and getting to interview him was one of most awesome and dorky things I have ever done. But, Diary of the Dead was kind of horrible. Hopefully his new movie, which he has reportedly started shooting on an island in Canada, will be much better. And no one better mention an "Youtube messageboards" this time.

“Blindness” Angers The Blind

Thursday, October 2 by

The National Federation of the Blind is angry about Blindness. Not the condition. Well, actually they're angry about that. Like in general But in this case its a movie with Mark Ruffallo and Jullianne Moore that is pissing them off.

Take a Tour of the $35 Movie Theater

Thursday, October 2 by

When I was in high school, I had my first sexual experience in a $2 movie theater during Shakespeare in Love. Something tells me that finger banging probably isn't going to fly at this Village Road Show Gold Class Cinema in Illinois where a ticket will cost you $35 bucks and Dinner will cost you another $50 on top of that.