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Bonus Features: John McCain Approves These Links
Monday, September 22 by

SNL seems to be taking full advantage of all the ridiculousness that's going on as part of this presidential race. They better get it in now, though. If John McCain wins, he'll probably order all of their tongues removed. Nah, I'm just kidding. He'll probably just have them killed.

Tonight’s TV That Doesn’t Suck: Worst Week and Heroes
Monday, September 22 by

Days are getting shorter and temperatures are getting colder, which means staying in and watching TV is even more appealing. Plus, everyone is broke, but luckily, you have the series premiere of Worst Week and three hours of Heroes to keep you busy tonight. Read on for our previews of both. Worst Week

Monday Mashup: Martin Scorsese’s Sesame Streets
Monday, September 22 by

Mashups that go to the extent of overlaying dialogue with mouth movement should be celebrated. This one is a great example. Your favorite puppets hurling curse words is just an added bonus.

These Pics Might Be Megatron From Transformers 2
Monday, September 22 by

No one except Michael Bay and his minions even knows if Megatron is going to be in Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen, but if he is, it looks like he may have given up his wings for some tank treads and a huge gun. Even if these photos don't end up being accurate, they're still kind of bad-ass, especially the back side.

30 Rock, Mad Men and John Adams Go On Emmy-Winning Spree
Monday, September 22 by

No one expects you to actually watch the Emmy Awards Show. I have an unnatural relationship with TV and I can barely make it through them without falling asleep. But, that doesn't mean we can't criticize their choices from the comfort of our office chairs the morning after they happen.

Seth Rogen’s Green Hornet Gets a Director
Friday, September 19 by

We have been hearing about Seth Rogen's Green Hornet movie for a while and today it got its director. The movie drops on June 25, 2010 and will have Stephen Chow at the helm and in Bruce Lee's old role as Kato. If you're not super familiar with Chow, he's the guy who has directs weird, but cool movies like Kung Fu Hustle and Shaolin Soccer.

William Shatner’s Video Message to J.J. Abrams Is Crazy, Awesome
Friday, September 19 by

When J.J. Abrams was asked if the Shat was going to have a part in the upcoming Star Trek reboot, he claimed that Bill wasn’t interested in doing a cameo….

New James Bond Song Has License to Suck
Friday, September 19 by

I'm not a big Chris Cornell fan, but I thought the song he did for Casino Royale really fit the movie. It sounded epic and polished like James Bond himself. This new Quantum of Solace track from Jack White and Alicia Keys, however, sounds kind of like they slapped it together in one of their 30-car garages.

Bonus Features: Thursday’s Links
Thursday, September 18 by

As usual, things happen that we don’t have the time to slander. Here’s today’s list. It involves a Disney movie for The Rock, Megan Fox, a stolen childhood memory, Playboy playmates, and even more gratuitous T&A.

UPDATED: Microsoft Doesn’t Cancel Seinfeld’s Commercials About Nothing
Thursday, September 18 by

Update: Reports are now saying that Microsoft hasn't canceled its series of nonsensical commercials, just put them on the back burner for a while. I, for one, am relieved.

Inglorious Bastards Adds Hot Women |pics|
Wednesday, September 17 by

I have a thing for French girls. I’ll take them over a tanned sorority sister in a tube top any day of the week. They have style and know how to look naturally sexy. Seems like Tarantino agrees with me and has added a few new beauties to his cast. Here are some pictures.

Bonus Features: Hump Day Link Dump
Wednesday, September 17 by

In case you have a super hot date tonight and you're not going to be around to catch the season premiere of Knight Rider, Hulu has the whole thing just for you. And you don't have to have a date if you want to watch it, just a boss that won't mind you sitting through a 42-minute TV show during office hours. If you work for the government, you should be fine.

Ben Kingsley Plays Punk Legend Ian MacKaye of Minor Threat
Wednesday, September 17 by

I have no idea why this video even exists other than to promote Mean magazine, but as a fan of Ben Kinsgley and a super-fan of Minor Threat, it definitely made me confused and even a little embarrassed. He's one of the world's most respected actors, couldn't he have at least learned the lyrics to the song?

Exclusive Clip: Alec Baldwin Talks Dirty in “My Best Friend’s Girl”
Wednesday, September 17 by

We still have a few more weeks before 30 Rock makes its triumphant return (apparently Tina Fey was busy working on her Sarah Palin impression).

Every “That’s What She Said” From The Office in One Video
Wednesday, September 17 by

We're really closing in on the return of The Office, but until then I offer you this compilation of ever utterance of the phrase, "That's what she said," ever to be heard on the show. It obviously took someone a lot of time to download, watch and then edit these together. The least we could do is watch.

Dickhead Director of the Week: David O’Russell
Tuesday, September 16 by

He’s known as one of the most unstable asshole directors out there, but today two of his actors from the set of Nailed are standing up for him. Here’s a little history of the conflict and some background on the ‘mercurial’ David O' himself.

Bonus Features: Tuesday Link Dump…From Space
Tuesday, September 16 by

I like Andy Samdberg. I even thought Hot Rod was kind of funny, but I don't get the hype people are giving this "Space Olympics" video. It seems kind of cheesy that SNL would save up all of their Olympics jokes and just use them on the season premiere even though they're a month too late. I can't wait until next February when they bust out their World Series jokes.

This Week’s DVDs That Don’t Suck: Chuck, Duck, Cruise!
Tuesday, September 16 by

I have a hard enough time getting anything done thanks to the enormous amount of entertainment that's constantly available. Now, thanks to every TV show ever coming to DVD, it's getting even harder to squeeze work between episodes. But, there isn't a ton of great stuff out this week, so don't go canceling those plans just yet. Here's the best of the pack.

Ben Affleck Directing Heist Movie “The Town”
Tuesday, September 16 by

I think a lot of dudes don’t like Ben Affleck because he’s so successful. He won an Oscar for co-writing Good Will Hunting, has starred in some blockbusters (and some flops), and did a good job with his directorial debut in Gone Baby Gone.  Now he’s back at making us feel unsuccessful by writing and directing a new Warner Brothers flick.

The Osbournes Squeeze More Money and a Documentary Out of Ozzy
Tuesday, September 16 by

You would think four seasons of a wildly popular reality show and even a Behind the Music would be enough time to get Ozzy's story out there, but Jack and Sharon are reportedly teaming up to release a movie about the Oz Man's life in honor of his 60th birthday. As a fan, I think the movie could be good, but as a guy who hates hearing people's Ozzy impressions, I'm a little tentative.

Release Date Set For Dakota Fanning Rape Film
Monday, September 15 by

It’s really hard to make a movie where a child star is defiled. So hard it took filmmaker Deborah Kampmeier many years to finally get a release for her Southern Gothic tale Hounddog. Amid boos at press screenings and horrible reviews, the movie hits a few theatres Sept. 19. Here’s a little more info about the controversy surrounding the project.

Bonus Features: Monday Afternoon Link Brigade
Monday, September 15 by

Tonight is the season four finale of Weeds and I am extremely excited. This has been the best season in a while and reports are that Mary Louise Parker gets more naked than ever tonight. 10 PM can't come soon enough.

Monday Mashup: Must Love Jaws
Monday, September 15 by

It's Monday afternoon, so that means it's time for our weekly trailer mashup. This one is amazing, and really shows what a little music, voice over, and re-cutting can do to change the entire feel of a movie. I’ll never look at Jaws the same. Feel free to send us your favorite mashups to

Monday Mashup: Glen And Gary And Glen And Ross
Monday, September 15 by

What if Glen and Gary and Glen and Ross were all illiterates with Tourette's syndrome? It would take the love on one man to teach them to read. This one is just genius, gents, genius. 

Eva Longoria Might Be In The Avengers Movie
Monday, September 15 by

There's a lot of speculation going around today about this photo of Eva Longoria leaving the Marvel offices with a business card and a bunch of comics. It all seems a little too convenient for me, but many people are saying that she might end up playing The Wasp in the upcoming Avengers flick.

New XXX Movie in The Works
Monday, September 15 by

A lot of movies have tried to blend extreme sports with traditional Hollywood shoot-em-ups. But few have been successful. To be fair, the original XXX was a totally absurd movie. But it was also pretty awesome to watch for one reason: Vin Diesel is a badass. And it looks like he's back as Xander Cage once again.

The Simpsons Take On Peanuts, Transformers for Treehouse of Horror
Monday, September 15 by

You've all laughed hysterically at the Peanuts vs. Goodfellas mash-up, but according to an interview with executive producer, Al Jean, this year's Simpsons Halloween show will poke fun at The Great Pumpkin as well as the Transformers.

Tina Fey Zings Sarah Palin on SNL
Sunday, September 14 by

The only reason I pay attention to politics at this point is so I'll get all the topical jokes made on late night TV. It's a good thing, too, since the opener to the SNL season premiere took a pretty good shot at Sarah "Check Out My Vice Presidential Boobs" Palin. The rest of the show was fine.

Robert De Niro and Al Pacino Really Love Acting
Saturday, September 13 by

I went to see Righteous Kill last night and ended up running out halfway through with a mouth full of vomit. Not because it was bad, but because apparently I have the stomach plague. So, since I'm here on the internet instead of outside on a beautiful day, I'd like to share with you this clip of Bobby D and Al Pacino showing their funny sides. (Fast forward to 5:45)

Zack and Miri Make a G-Rated Poster
Friday, September 12 by

I'm really glad that all of the red tape and political garbage surrounding Kevin Smith's upcoming flick haven't ruined his sense of humor. As a replacement for the first poster (pictured after the break), which the MPAA deemed too scandalous, Kev has released a masterpiece of stick figure-driven snark. See both posters after the break.