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Spike Jonez To Direct New Weezer Video
Tuesday, October 21 by

The hardest thing about filmmaking is accurately communicating the strange things in your head that seem important. This is the reason that Spike Jonez is basically my hero.  He comes up with abstract, high-concept ideas and manages to turn them into amazing finished products. Here's some videos of a few of his previous works.

Monday’s Links With Nalin Paylin
Monday, October 20 by

Yes, the first minute or so of the Sarah Palin inspired Hustler Porn: Nailin' Paylin are now online. Hordes of GOP supporters and Joe Six-packs will watch just for the story line.

Bernie Mac Has New Friend In Heaven
Monday, October 20 by

The crazy thing is that in Pimp Years, Rudy Ray Moore was actually 473 years old. I won’t break down the math, but just understand that all the beating women with coat hangers, trying to get your money, running the finest stable of hos this side of the Mississippi, and just gangsta-leaning that hard can age a brother. He died today, and we have lost a true hero.

Natalie Portman Solves Economic Crisis
Monday, October 20 by

There are a lot of different ways they could have gone with this premise.  This one works. I would have done it as a fake commercial for an investment bank where you have one of those serious financial advisors types giving you the straight talk.

Monday Mashup: The Dark Knight vs. Toy Story 2
Monday, October 20 by

I know it’s easier with cartoon faces, but when whoever edits these things manages to get the mouth movements to line up with the words, I am BLOWN away. This one has some of the best I’ve ever seen, and Mr. Potato Head at about 1:30 makes me laugh my plastic moustache off. Nice work.

This Is Not Sex
Monday, October 20 by

This semi-NSFW video promo for Zach and Miri from Mean Magazine toes the line between high art and just good comedy. It’s got a great look, and this bit of wisdom from sexy Elizabeth Banks.

David Wain: The Interview
Monday, October 20 by

David Wain is best known for his work on the shows Stella and The State. He directed Wet Hot American Summer and The Ten.  He has just finished his first big studio movie picture, Role Models. I spoke with him over the phone about fatherhood, the logistics of cursing around child actors, and Asberger’s Syndrome.

A Video Game Movie Didn’t Fail
Monday, October 20 by

Max Payne shot his way to the top of the box office numbers this weekend and if I'm not mistaken, it had everything to do with Mark Walburg talking to animals.

Mark Walberg Talks To Animals RESPONSE
Sunday, October 19 by

The original sketch that this is referencing was damn funny. You can peep it here. And seriously, say hi to your mother for me.

Something Completely Different: China is Crowded
Saturday, October 18 by

When I see something so awesome that has nothing to do with Movies or TV, I’m just going to post it anyway.  This is reason number 4,563 to stay the hell away from China. “What do you do for a living?” “Oh, you know those dudes that cram people into trains? I’m one of those guys. My father did it. That's how I got the job.”

Ed Harris Screaming
Friday, October 17 by

 We do these lists of craziest moments of stars.  Last week I really wanted to do one on Ed Harris. But after digging around for the better part of a day I could only find about four good ones. That’s not enough for a list. But yesterday Mr. Appaloosa came strutting into the Coffee Bean in Burbank where I was standing in line so he could get his daily ice blended fix.

Watch a Guy Almost Die on the Today Show
Friday, October 17 by

Since I work from home like a shady pot dealer, I could watch The Today Show if I wanted to, but, like most people who aren't 60-year-old women, I think it's boring. But, this clip shows a guy doing a tight rope act with no net on live TV. Plus, it was in Newark, NJ, which makes it about 30-times more dangerous.

You Have To Smile With Your Eyes
Friday, October 17 by

Tyra has a point. John needs to learn how to project success, otherwise that Barack fellow might win the president contest. You’re a tiger McCain, a ferocious tiger. Grrrrrrrr.

Will Ferrell Brings Bush to Broadway
Friday, October 17 by

First W. gets his own Oliver Stone movie and now we find out that Will Ferrell will be playing him on Broadway. The show, You're Welcome America. A Final Night with George Bush will debut on inauguration day, January 20th and will be helmed by Ferrell's brother from another mother, Adam McKay. I wonder if W.

Bonus Features: Thursday’s Colorful Links
Thursday, October 16 by

Sony has made some awesome commercials for their Bravia TVs, but of course we never get to see them here in the States. This one has to do with some big ass dominoes falling all over the place.

Do We Really Need All Of This Potty Talk?
Thursday, October 16 by

I dunno, of all the ways to go, killer boobies might not be that bad.

Little Bill O’Reilly Obliterates Spin
Thursday, October 16 by

Sometimes I do this job from public. Right now is one of those times. I’m sitting in a coffee shop and I’m laughing really hard and people around me are scooting away from me because they think I’m an insane homeless guy with a laptop.

Watch First 11 Minutes of Sex Drive
Thursday, October 16 by

As part of my never-ending efforts to steal resources from your places of work, I'm presenting you with the first ten minutes of the movie Sex Drive. Be warned, it definitely earns its R-rating with bad words, an implied BJ and some full-on man ass footage. It's very funny.

Favreau Vs. Hawk At Stan Winston Studios
Thursday, October 16 by

This is some footage shot with a low budge camera during the making of an Iconoclasts episode with Tony Hawk and Jon Favreau. If you haven’t seen iconoclasts, it’s sort of hit or miss show from the Sundance Chanel that pairs movers and shakers in various industries.

The 7 Most Underrated Hot Chicks on TV
Thursday, October 16 by

It's easy to appreciate the Tricia Helfers and Hayden Panettieres currently strolling across our TV screens, making us disappointed with the caliber of girls that are actually willing to spend time with us.

The Bus Stop Turned Me Into A Porn Star
Wednesday, October 15 by

Looks like the intended controversy about Zack and Miri is starting to wind up. Ads have been pulled from Fox Sports during broadcasts of the Dodgers. Apparently there have been complaints from concerned parents about how to explain what a Porno is to their children.

CBS Sports Covers Aspergers Syndrome
Wednesday, October 15 by

Your parents paid good money so that you could go to college to learn and have sex, not to hump a cleaning utensil and play a watered down version of smear the queer. If you are a Harry Potter fan, then we don’t mean to offend you by poking fun. But seriously, come on. You just can’t defend this. It’s one thing if the brooms were actually magic. But they are not.

Bonus Features: Putting the “C” in CNN
Wednesday, October 15 by

Boy, this political race sure is getting dirty. First Fox News got all fired up about that Sarah Palin shirt and now CNN is going all potty mouth. Oh well, here are some nice, clean links to rescue your brain out of the gutter. Thanks to Holy Taco for pointing out the video.

D.L. Hughley And CNN Attempt The Already Attempted
Wednesday, October 15 by

The Onion, Jon Stewart, and Stephen Colbert are funny because they have come from comedy. The writers and producers have a comedic background, and have made careers out of intelligent humor. When you try to do funny news in the other direction—by starting with news and letting news people run the show—it’s always a disaster.  Now we have a new one, from D.L. Hughley and CNN.

Hear Hayden Panettiere Drop an F-Bomb
Wednesday, October 15 by

I know that her swearing isn't the point of this video, but to be honest, I'm kind of over the whole "celebrities weigh in on the election" thing. But, this one is short and has a hot chick so I like it much more than most of the others. I'll admit, that it even made me chuckle a little.

Bonus Features: Tuesday’s Links for Dummies
Tuesday, October 14 by

Above you'll find the new poster for the sure to be incredibly shitty rom-com, The Ugly Truth. See, it's clever because it suggests that women love with their minds, while men just want to get their junk wet. I didn't know it was possible for Hollywood to "reboot" a bumpersticker, but they've done it.

Luc Besson Film Torched By French Youths
Tuesday, October 14 by

From Paris With Love is the title of legendary director Luc Besson’s film staring John Travolta about troubled youth living in French slums.  The film has reached some catastrophic problems having to do with shooting near troubled youth living in French Slums. 

Fox News Sad About a Sarah Palin T-Shirt
Tuesday, October 14 by

I used to have a Blood for Blood T-shirt that said "Fuck Fred Durst" on the back and people used to get offended by it from time to time. I never quite made it to Fox News, though. Apparently there are some nasty T-shirts floating around with a mean message about the potential VP and it has this anchor and a feminist via satellite pretty upset. Uncensored pic after the break.

Nick Cage PSA
Tuesday, October 14 by

I don’t know where people stand on this issue. But in the coming months we all have to come together as a nation and make a serious decision about Nicholas Cage.

Howard Out, Don Cheadle In For Iron Man 2
Tuesday, October 14 by

We don't usually do these little casting notes, but this is a pretty big one. Tony Stark's pal, Jim Rodes (who also happens to be War Machine) will be played by Don Cheadle instead of Terrence Howard in Iron Man 2. It's a trade-up in my opinion, as long as Don doesn't bring his awful accent from Ocean's 11.