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Wednesday TV Preview
Wednesday, March 25 by

Tonight's another wizzbang night of Wednesday TV. J.D. finally gets props from Dr. Cox on Scrubs, somebody on the island goes rogue, South Park comments on the financial crisis, and Demetri Martin concludes the first season of his show. Your preview after the break.

Wednesday, March 25 by

Holy Sendak-by-way-of-Spike Jonze.  I just watched the new trailer for Where the Wild Things Are, and I'm simultaneously trying to make the goosebumps go away while finding the right superlatives.  Can't… multitask… too… enamored.  Dammit!  You know, sometimes a trailer is constructed so delicately, and yet hits so hard… like a velvet hammer wrapped in silk.  Or in this case, a furry paw that smacks you… in the heeeeart.  Throw in a little Arcade Fire music and my eyes are fire hydrants.  I think I need to work some things out with my therapist.  Oh, right.  I stopped going to him when I took this job.Enjoy a good joyful sob (and the trailer) after the jump.

South Park’s 13 Most Twisted Kenny Kills
Wednesday, March 25 by

One of the most timeless TV characters has to be the little boy in the orange hooded sweatshirt Kenny McCormick, constantly beset by death in any number of ways, whether it be a bitten off-head, sliced in half, or a dreaded STD. And through it all, Parker and Stone have constantly innovated the way this unfortunate youngster kicks the bucket, never once letting the joke become stale or boring or predictable.  They structured a movie plot around him, actually killed him for an entire season, then let at least one full season pass by without his death.  Nowadays you always look forward to a Kenny death, and it’s in honor of this immortal/mortal little boy that Screen Junkies presents to you the most inventive Kenny deaths of all time. 

Wednesday, March 25 by

This Friday, Lionsgate's The Haunting in Connecticut opens and star Amanda Crew will be battling demons.  As if going up against Monsters vs. Aliens wasn't enough trouble…Where you've seen her:  The British Columbian starlet played Felicia, the reason for an entire plot in Sex Drive, and has enjoyed some smaller roles in "Smallville," John Tucker Must Die, and She's the Man.  See more photos of Ms. Crew after the jump:

Wednesday, March 25 by

Hey there, horror lovers!  Break Media and Lionsgate are having a free advanced screening of The Haunting in Connecticut.  Just click on the image below and you'll be taken to the information page, where you can find out if there's a theater near you screening the film and also where you can print out your passes to bring with you. Entry is on a first come, first served basis, so just because you have a printed ticket doesn't guarantee admission.  Get to your screening early!

Wednesday, March 25 by

Director: Peter Cornwell Cast: Elias Koteas, Virginia Madsen, Amanda Crew, Kyle Gallner, Martin Donovan Synopsis: After a family is forced to relocate for their son's health, they begin experiencing supernatural behavior in their new home, which turns out not be quite what they thought… Genre: Thrillers Release Date: March 27, 2009

Tuesday, March 24 by

The trailer for The Orphan has been hanging out on the 'nets for a little while now, and Screen Junkies have been feeling really guilty about not showing it any love.  It has tinges of The Good Son, as well as Joshua.  (It even features Vera Farmiga in an eerily similar role to the one she played in that latter film.)  But it could end up being a bit more supernatural than its predecessors…  Adopt your own thoughts after the jump…  

Tuesday, March 24 by

Manchester-based photographer Nick Drummond has snuck behind enemy lines to uncover the secret life of the AT-AT Walker from Star Wars – and it seems like we might have been giving them a bad wrap.  I guess years of breeding have brought them down to a more manageable size, but I still wouldn't trust them around your Empire Strikes Back Rebel Alliance action figures.  They're still bound to get trounced like a mouse under a cat's claw. In his interview with the Star Wars blog, Drummond said:"I took a few photos before I handed everything on [to my nephew, as a gift] and noticed that the AT-AT was very photogenic. As it was getting on for Christmas I took a few more shots hoping to make one into a puzzle for a present. I was much happier with the results than I expected and the ideas just haven’t stopped yet. Turns out my nephew already has an AT-AT, so I get to keep ATilla."I'll bet Drummond's nephew never ever saw ATilla.  Check out a handful of Uncle Nick's handiwork after the jump.

Tuesday Night TV Preview
Tuesday, March 24 by

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine mentioning Barack Obama and Limp Bizkit in the same breath, (Try saying Limp Obama Bizkits and tell me it's not fun) but here we are. Pres. Obama is giving another channel hogging Press Conference about toxicity and assets and such. But switch it over to Snoop, he's got the guys from 'Bizkit' talking about their long awaited reunion tour. More nookie after the break.

Tuesday, March 24 by

This Friday, Ashley Scott will play the Damsel in Distress to John Cena's Prince Smackdown in the Renny Harlin-directed 12 Rounds.  She looks like she could take care of herself in a fight, but then Fox wouldn't have a movie, I guess. Where You've Seen Her: One of Scott's first roles was as "Gigolo Jane" in A.I.: Artificial Intelligence, then to TV as "Helena Kyle" in the Bat-Universe spinoff Birds of Prey.  She also played "Amanda" in Into the Blue (pictured above) and as "Emily Sullivan on the now-cancelled Jericho.   Fun Fact: At her first audition, she worked with Al Pacino.  She didn't get the role.  But when ju owdeeshun weet Tony Montana, you owditioneen wit de f**keen best!  So it all worked out.   See her photos after the jump!

Monday, March 23 by

This Friday, John Cena's gonna be kickin' ass, takin' names, breakin' necks and maybe cashin' checks if 12 Rounds doesn't gets squashed by the competish.  Why is Mr. Cena so riled up?  Well, in 12 Rounds, he's gotta go all Wrestlemania twelve times over to get back his girlfriend, Molly Porter (Ashley Scott) from the clutches of vengeful douchebag Miles Jackson (Aidan Gillen).  Ahhh, the old Damsel in Distress blunder.  Don't these bad guys ever learn?  Nothing gets under a hero's skin worse than his leading lady getting bogarted by some goon. 

Battlestar Who? Clips From Caprica Hit the NET
Monday, March 23 by

Well, Battlestar Galactica is over and done with (read Jim Connelly's tear-jerking eulogy here), but Universal and the newly re-branded Syfy Network have already begun bombarding us with shrapnel made in Caprica.  Here's one of the clips.  Check out the other six after the jump!

Colbert Beats Out Porn Star “Serenity” for Space Station Name
Monday, March 23 by

An Associated Press report unveiled but moments ago that TV's Stephen Colbert came in first in NASA's online contest to name a new room at the international space station.  The name "Colbert" beat out NASA's four suggested options in the space agency's effort to have the public help name the addition. The new room will be launched later this year.Of course, this is what happens when you let write-in votes count, especially when week after week, Colbert has proven that his viewers will do anything that he asks them to do, especially if it means getting something named after their idol.  [Colbert's 230,539 votes] clobbered Serenity, one of the NASA choices, by more than 40,000 votes. Nearly 1.2 million votes were cast by the time the contest ended Friday. I think Serenity is a totally serviceable name, and I think the Wicked Pictures star whose name all the NASA computer geeks threw into the hat would agree.In fact, this whole thing makes me long for the days when NASA just named their spacecraft after porn stars.

Monday, March 23 by

According to EW's Michael Ausiello, Jennifer Beals – she of The L Word – has joined the cast of Fox's Lie to Me.  I have to admit I'm going to miss all those L Word billboards and print ads with Beals and the girls in suggestive, nude positions, one of which I've shamelessly posted after the jump.    

Monday, March 23 by

ShockTilYouDrop has posted the full Japanese trailer for the live action version of Blood: The Last Vampire, complete with super slick camera moves, some questionable CG demons, Michael Bay-style explosions, a heartfland Japanese power ballad, and a gravelly-voiced Japanese announcer punctuating the trailer with a super Japanese-y recap of the title that sounds something like, "Last-oh Blut-oh!"Watch it in semi-glossy Flash after the jump-oh!

Monday TV Preview
Monday, March 23 by

While House takes a breather after the glorious 'killer kitty' episode, 24 is right on point with Bauer on the run from the Feds after being framed for two murders and killing the real culprit, but you know he ain't getting deterred by nothing from finding Jon Voight's Bioweapon! Also, catch some biblical bloodshed on Battles BC, a show that reenacts some excellent warrings from our bloodthirsty ancestors. Another Regis 'I'm a Robot' Philbin somehow appears on 2 Late Night shows tonight as well. Your preview after the break.

Top 10 Recyclable TV Characters
Monday, March 23 by

The average successful TV show has four or five seasons, a total of 80-90 episodes.  At 20 minutes an episode, that’s at least 1600 minutes of entertainment.  And that's not including the really popular ones like The Simpsons (20 years) or ER (15 years).  That’s a lot of airtime to fill…  So, once execs discover a certain kind of show is popular, half a dozen clones will pop up… staple characters are born… then die… then get reincarnated.  The circle of life on Television. Some of these recyclable characters have been around for ages, while others have just made their debut in the last ten years or so.  (And many of the shows below fall into several categories, but for the sake of variety once a show has appeared in a category it won’t appear again.)  So without further ado, Screen Junkies presents… TV’s Top Ten Recyclable Characters.   10. The Drama Queen Doctor

Monday, March 23 by

For those of you who watched the Watchmen and said to yourselves, "Self, this movie is missing something, and I think it's a whole other movie that could fit inside this movie," your ship has arrived.  Tales of the Black Freighter, the fictitious comic within Watchmen, has been turned into its own feature-length animated movie, and it's coming to DVD and Blu-Ray April 6th.  Empire posted an exclusive clip that contains some behind-the-scenes goodies and clips from the Freighter flick after the jump. Check it out after the jump.

Monday, March 23 by

Jai Ho, everybody!  Or maybe Jai Home Video is more like it! Slumdog Millionaire is coming to DVD & Blu-Ray on Tuesday, March 31st, and Screen Junkies is giving away a free copy.  The beauty part is that you don't have to crawl through a river of human excrement to get one – unlike brave little Jamal had to do just to get Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan's autograph.

Sunday, March 22 by

So, after originally reporting that thespian-rapper Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson would be playing the role of Hale Caesar in Stallone's upcoming star-studded The Expendables, Ain't It Cool News now reports that former San Diego Chargers linebacker and funnyman Terry Crews will be taking on the role. I like this choice, and not just because I know that Terry's unafraid to commit himself to a project, as he's proved by posing nude on a fur rug with only an NBA-endorsed basketball covering his unmentionables.  I also like it because Terry's performance as the President of the United States of America ("President Camacho") in Mike Judge's Idiocracy was the stuff of beauty.  Imagine President Obama channeling Camacho's words:

Saturday, March 21 by

Columbia Pictures just released a new set of promotional photos for Terminator: Salvation.  This is looking more and more like Mad Max meets Cyberdyne, and I like it.  More photos for you to click and make all nice n' big (like the handsome one of the blow'd up T-800 exoskeleton one above) after the jump…

Friday, March 20 by

  The first trailer for Sorority Row, the remake of 1981’s The House on Sorority Row, is up and running…for… its… life.  Check it out, and then check out our photo gallery of all the sorority sisters after the jump.  No pressure or anything. 

Friday, March 20 by

Cinematical's Elisabeth Rappe just announced that David Fincher's The Curious Case of Benjamin Button will forego the regular DVD release period that normal films get before being deemed a classic, in order to go straight to the gilded library of high society that is the Criterion Collection.  Don't worry, peasants.  The regular release will be available on your primitive studio-released DVD and Blu-Ray, too.  But you'll be missing out on the Two-Disc Criterion's following features:

We’ll Miss You BSG Weekend TV Preview
Friday, March 20 by

While the series finale of Battlestar Galacica may not come with such a hullabaloo as did with the Seinfeld finale, ScreenJunkies can whole heartedly gurantee you it will be a 100x more satisfying send-off. Is BSG one of the best shows in TV history? So get all your nerdlinger buddies over and throw a big viewing party with Battlestar Bento and Battlestar Cocktails and get Battlestar Drunk. BE WARNED–If you have to record it on your DVR, remember that the finale is 2 HRS and 11 MINUTES LONG. All your other favorites on schedule too (FNL, T:TSCC, BB), but dammit, if you have to watch anything this weekend, make sure it's Battlestar. Your preview after the break.

Friday, March 20 by

By Mark L. Lester, D.G.A.

Thursday, March 19 by

Today, Columbia Pictures released the full theatrical trailer for Year One.  We get to see Jack Black and Michael Cera leave their village, head out on a way old school road trip and run into some familiar figures along the way (like a pissy Cain and Abel played by Paul Rudd and David Cross). I'm glad that Michael Cera's getting to spread his wings at least a little bit.  He's still playing the awkward, quirky geek that we've become accustomed to, but at least he's doing it in the ancient world.  It kinda works.  Check out the trailer after the jump and tell us what you think about this Michael Cera and Jack Black epic team-up in the comments section. 

Thursday, March 19 by

Sleep Dealer, from relative newbie director Alex Rivera, takes its visual cues like a westernized, live action version of some funky used-future Japanese anime flick.  Set against the backdrop of the US-Mexico border in some kind of alternate, not-so-distant future, it already seems disturbingly credible.  Don't take your border patrol friends opening night.  Check out the trailer and a more detailed plot synopsis after the jump.

Thursday TV Preview
Thursday, March 19 by

The Office and 30 Rock continue to churn some laughs out of you for yet another edition of 'Must See Thursday.' Michael gets some stiff competition from the new Vice President of Dunder Miff, and Drew makes another appearance on 30 Rock while Jack fights for Tracy to stay on with TGS. Not to be outdone is Pres. Obama, who makes an appearance on Jay Leno tonight with Garth Brooks on as the musical guest. Your preview after the break.

Thursday, March 19 by

Yesterday evening, AICN received a letter straight from Sly Stallone himself informing them that Forest Whitaker has had to drop out of Stallone's fully loaded actioner Expendables, and will be replaced by 50 Cent.  Now, before anyone gets their camouflage panties in a bunch, keep in mind that of all the movie badasses in The Expendables, 50 is probably the only cast member ever to actually be shot.  With real bullets. Here's what the cast is shaping up to look like:

Wednesday, March 18 by

Woo Hoo!  This just in from Ain't It Cool News: comedy upstart Danny McBride (The Foot Fist Way, Pineapple Express, Eastbound & Down, etc.) is signed on to star in a sprawling fantasy epic comedy, to be directed by none other than Pineapple Express's David Gordon Green.  And James Franco is apparently attached as a co-star.  I don't know about you, but I look at Danny McBride and CANNOT WAIT to see his mug on a Sword & Sorcerer-style poster. This sounds f*cking awesome.  Harry Knowles mused that it'll be Monty Python-esque.  I hope it's entirely it's own thing, and with waaaaaaay better effects than Python (because we can, now).  Spectral Motion (the guys who did the opposite of shitting the bed with the VFX in Hellboy 2 and Pan's Labyrinth) are also attached to bring this fantasy world and the creatures within to meticulously detailed life.