RECAP: Burn Notice: Episode 2.01

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When I got the screener for the Burn Notice pilot last year, I was a little skeptical about whether or not Jeffrey Donovan was going to be able to carry a show as a spy, especially since the only thing I really remembered him from was The Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows. I still regret the hour and a half of my life I sacrificed up to that thing. But Burn Notice turned out surprisingly good and I found myself pretty excited for the premiere of season two.

It starts where last season left off, with Michael thinking he’s finally going to meet the woman that brought his spy career to a screeching halt. Of course, she no-shows and instead burdens him with the task of helping an extremely nerdy computer hacker complete a job with a private military that makes most of its money doing stuff to African villagers that makes Blood Diamond look like The Air Up There.

After a solid car chase in a Cadillac and some witty banter with Bruce Campbell, who is still friggin’ awesome, Michael puts on a British accent and convinces the private security company to give him the all-access tour to their security system, old-school James Bond-style.

Using some inexplicable knowledge of building architecture and the, ahem, charms of Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar) to sneak into the security company from the floor above. Of course the computer nerd screws the pooch on the sneaky stuff and they have to resort to smash and grab to avoid getting shot.

With the data in-hand, they set up an elaborate scheme with an exploding boat and a traced cell phone that ends up with bad guy in handcuffs and the nerd back with his family. The big reveal at the end is that we finally get to see the mysterious woman from the phone. She’s a smokin’ redhead who is pictured below. I wouldn’t mind her calling me all the time, even if she was threatening to kill me all the time. It would still be the best relationship I’ve ever had.

Burn Notice Mystery Woman

Good stuff:
All of the cool Tom Clancy-like factoids and surprisingly high-quality action sequences that made the first season a thousand times better than the boring procedural shows out there are better than ever. Apparently success means more money…unless you’re an internet writer, in which case success means more death threats in the comments. Plus, Bruce Campbell is still totally awesome. Call me a fanboy. You’ll be right.

Bad stuff:
Now that Michael’s mom is in on the whole spy deal, she’s gotten extremely annoying, like most old people (it’s OK to agree, I’m not here to judge you).

Cool spy moment:
Since he’s driving a snazzy Caddy during the chase scene, he can’t go through the woods forwards because the airbag would’ve gone off in his face, so he takes it in reverse. Not a huge deal, but certainly not something I would’ve thought of if I was being chased by special agents.

Judging by the season premiere (full disclosure: I’ve already seen the second episode, too thanks to the screener) it really looks like Burn Notice is going to stay firmly planted on the See It list until they run out of ideas for missions and start adding novelties like a monkey partner or Cheech Marin to the mix.

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