‘Divergent’ Clip Fills A ‘Twilight’-Shaped Hole In Our Hearts

Monday, December 23 by
It's a back tattoo, possibly tribal.  

Tweens rejoice! Divergent is just around the corner, which will undoubtedly cause millions of Twilight fans to squeal, then look up what “divergent” means. Happy times all around.

The clip is most notable for its use of Ellie Goulding music, with the film itself being a distant 65th in “things that are notable in this clip.”

For those just learning about this exercise in Young Adult pandering, Divergent presents a future in which citizens are divided into different factions based on personality. (Just like in real life, but, whatever. We’ll pretend that this is a radical idea.) If someone doesn’t fit nicely into one group or another, they’re labeled DISTINCT! No. That’s not right. DIVERGENT! And apparently, that’s a bad thing.

And so on. Divergency for everyone!

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