Bad movie police chases are a necessary evil. After all, without bad movie police chases, how would we be able to appreciate the good ones?  Of course the eternal questions is can you actually outrun the fuzz, but funding that answer could cost you a couple of years in the pokey.  With that in mind here are a few of our favorites,  and remember NOBODY makes Sheriff Buford T. Justice look like a possum's pecker.


Code Name Zebra

In the field of grammatical ambiguity in the phrase "bad movie police chases," there's the distinction between police chases in bad movies, and bad movies with police chases in them. By most accounts, Code Name Zebra falls into the latter category. The central police chase is typical low budget nonsense, but take a look at this premise—a band of Vietnam veterans pose as African Americans in order to fight crime. That's it. They're like superheroes, but instead of superpowers they're just really racist. Any police chase in this movie would qualify as a bad movie police chase.


Hero and the Terror

At the risk of breaking the internet, we're including at Chuck Norris movie in this list of bad movie police chases. "I thought Chuck Norris specialized in bad movie karate fights," you're thinking. Well, Hero and the Terror was The Chuck's attempt to break out of his martial arts pigeonhole and into something ... edgier. The plot is about chasing a serial killer known as The Terror, and the car chases in the movie are as inept as you might be imagining.


Street Knight

Any study of bad movie police chases wouldn't be complete without Cannon Films, which has produced more than one of the movies on this list. Street Knight is part of the illustrious career of one Jeff Speakman, who knows a thing or two about bad movie police chases. As an added bonus, he knows karate as well. We don't know if he ever had a showdown with Chuck Norris, but he definitely holds his own in the field of bad movie police chases.



The crown jewel in the crown of Jimmy Fallon/Queen Latifah collaborations, Taxi is probably the least obscure movie on this list of bad movies police chases. You probably remember seeing the trailer, although chances are you never saw the movie. It was a "bomb" in industry jargon, and it has a lot of slick, anonymous car chases in it. Who has time to construct a good chase scene when you need to save precious film for Jimmy Fallon?


Polk County Pot Plane

Sometimes all it takes is a good title to stand out for a list of bad movie police chases. And if Polk County Pot Plane isn't a good title, we don't know what is. The bad movie police chases in this one are sub-Dukes of Hazzard, with a lot of shakey inside-the-car shots and footage of cars being flipped and crashed into one another. But with a title like that, we feel bad including it in a list of bad movie police chases.


Sometimes it seems like the art of bad movie police chases is lost in today's modern times. But then, remember that one of the movies on this list is less than ten years old—Taxi. It seems like there will always be a market for bad movie police chases. And hopefully we'll always be here to chronicle them.


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