The Best Netflix Movies To Watch On Valentine’s Day

Thursday, February 13 by

I regret to inform you that Valentine’s Day is this Friday. If you’re not so into scrambling for a restaurant reservation and stressing about whether your significant other would prefer flowers or chocolates (always go chocolates, unless you’re a crazy person), you might find a night in with a movie more agreeable. It doesn’t matter if you’re one half of a homebody couple or if you’re single and in the mood to veg out. Netflix thankfully has a bunch of Valentine’s-appropriate titles to stream, and we’ve got a bunch of suggestions right here.


1. Amelie

What could be more romantic than a French movie? Rien. (That means nothing in French.) There are few choices quite as charming as this one about a shy young woman who spends so much time changing the lives of the people around her that she forgets to allow herself to be loved. Sounds corny, but the execution is amazing.

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