The 5 Flashiest Movie Cellphones

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If you ever watch Sci-Fi or action films, you’ve likely spotted superheroes and spies whipping out some seriously high-tech communication devices. The rectangular devices we use to call, text, and take photos with are ten times cooler in the movies thanks to their fantastical functions and over-the-top sleek appearances. From way back to the 1980s to present day, here are some of the most notorious showy phones from the movies.

1. The Star Trek Communicator

Long before the invention of real-life cell phones, there were Star Trek communicators. Obnoxiously boxy and large, these gadgets could make calls all the way from space to earth without the help from satellites. Relying on subspace transmissions, these devices make connections instantly despite the great difference in time.

Though no phones have ever been designed to look like the communicator, there are rumors that the very first mobile phone was inspired by Captain Kirk‘s communicator.

2. The Slider Phone in the “The Matrix

This phone looks dreadful now, but in 1999 it was revolutionary. Neo flipped down the keypad cover and within seconds was communicating to the real world.  The legendary phone was a Nokia 8110 and nearly impossible to buy after its release.

In 2003, the film’s sequel upgraded the phones to the Samsung brand, allowing Samsung to reap some hefty profits when they released the look-alike SPH-N270.

3. The Multi-Functioning Phone in “Tomorrow Never Dies”

Quite possibly the most far-fetched phone we’ve seen was held in the hand of James Bond in “Tomorrow Never Dies.” Regardless of the phone’s simple look, this baby was loaded with features such as a stun gun, finger print scanner and analyzer for breaking locks, and an all-in-one car operating remote.

Can you imagine turning on your car’s ignition and powering the steering wheel all from your cell phone? Perhaps one day we will only be so lucky.

4. The Transparent Phone In “Iron Man 2

Stark had one snazzy looking phone to go with his flashy home and armored suit in the second installment of the popular marvel film. Completely transparent, the phone was as thin as a fingernail and could control every appliance and electronic in his house. Even cooler, the device could take over monitors wherever his location.

This phone was only a piece of glass with the LG and Stark logos inscribed on it.  However, it encouraged LG to create their first ever Android powered smart phone.

5. The Self-Destructing Phone in “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol”

A cell phone that is not only serves as a portable hacking device but also is also self-destructing when necessary? Only in the most recent “Mission Impossible” film will you find something so out there, yet so awesome.

“Ghost Protocol” clearly partnered up with Apple on this installment. You can spot Apple products throughout the film’s duration. With crazy intelligent gadgets popping up every second, Hunt’s cell phones are a mere highlight.

It’s funny how we’ve progressed in the name of technology. To think that the Star Trek communicator was once futuristic is now kind of mind boggling. You have to wonder what kind of phones we’ll be seeing on the silver screen in the years to come.

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