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Paramount must realize the colossal turkey they have on their hands with G.I. Joe because now they're trying a new marketing approach… targeting dummies. A few weeks ago they directed their efforts on the Jersey Shore , now the LA Times is reporting that the advertising is focusing heavily on mid-America. The film is apparently embedded in the Kid Rock concert tour and advertising on giant screens in the Mall Of America. The message of this campaign being, it is your patriotic duty to see this movie. All right, fine. I love my country so I'll see this movie. Even though the post-traumatic stress will probably leave me a shell of my former self. Do your part and click on these morning links… Sacha Baron Cohen will create a new character. (The Sun)Sam Worthington replaces Tom Cruise in The Tourist. (The Playlist)Patricia Arquette spends a night with The Living Dead. (Dread Central)The Stallone Sequel Spree continues with Cliffhanger. (/Film) In defense of Funny People. (Cinema Blend)

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CLIPS REMOVED BY REQUEST OF LIONSGATE Well, seems like someone managed to sneak a camera into Hall H at Comic-con and snag all the clips from Matthew Vaughn and Mark Millar's KICK-ASS presentation.  But something tells me the filmmakers of this as-yet-unsold flick aren't gonna mind too much.  Not only do they need more hype, but the above clip – and the rest, which you can see after the jump – are about as high quality as the bootleg DVDs my mom used to get me from Shanghai.  So you're not gonna learn too much.  To give you some perspective, the knock-offs looked like the DP replaced the camera lens with an empty Vaseline jar, and the subtitles read as if written by a schizophrenic (case in point: the Green Goblin in SPIDER-MAN was referred to as the "Gublin" and the "Green Lady.") But hey, I still got the gist, and you will too with these promising – I think – first looks. [ via Twitch] Cup your ears to your speakers and squint through the other three clips after the jump (the kind that doesn't end in death through a car roof).  But before you do, enjoy these kick-ass links: Destiny Daniels Has An Interesting Array Of Almost No Clothing (Gorillamask) What Your Employee Badge Really Says About You (Holytaco) Michel Gondry Draws A Tranny For Filmdrunk (Filmdrunk) 10 Embarassing Moments Of White People Dancing (Manofest) Turn Your Shower Into A Rave With LED Shower Lights (Walyou) A Quiz On The Most Obscure Actors Of Recent Times (Pajiba) 7 Terrifying Giant Versions Of Disgusting Creatures (Cracked) A Scandalous Sex Tape From The Video Game World (Sickpigs) Trampolines+Basketball Hoops=Awesome (Coedmagazine) Jon Minus Kate Plus Skank (Celebjihad) 7 Novel Ideas For Theme Parties (Mademan) Fedor Signs With Strikeforce (Cagepotato) 15 Examples Of What People Really Think About TV Shows (Unreality) Should NFL Teams Have Jersey Ads? (Asylum) Matt Stafford's Girlfriend Got Implants? (Bustedcoverage) 15 Really Weird Hotel Rooms (Uncoached) Plus-Sized Fashion Failures (Regretfulmorning) Mad Men Yourself (Bachelorguy) Daily Kos Writer Thinks Forbes Disliked Athlete List Is Racist (Moondogsports) Two-Headed Calf Looks Like Something Out Of Guillermo Del Toro's Nighmare Journal (Nothingtoxic)

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Unlike Michael Bay, who hires models for every non-matronly female part in his films, Stephen Somers only hires models to play models in his upcoming G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra.  The drop-dead gorgeous Karolina Kurkova will be playing the aptly nicknamed "Cover Girl," a former professional model who decided that runways and eating disorders were boring, and that blowing sh*t up in the army would be much more au courant.  A word from Karolina: "Mother Nature made me the way I am, and I should be happy."Most men would high five Mother Nature's palms red for creating Karolina. Check out the photos of Karolina after the jump and turn your palms red! From all the clapping, of course. 

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It’s been several days now, and I can’t quite get this movie out of my head.  (500) DAYS OF SUMMER is one of those rare films that actually speaks to…

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Although his name has been attached to a slew of projects recently, Steven Spielberg has set his sights on Harvey as his next to direct. James Stewart starred in the original as a man who's best friend is a six-foot tall invisible rabbit. No word yet on casting or the unnecessary special effects that will bastardize this remake but let's see, who in Hollywood could pull off a protagonist who sees things that may or may not be there? Joaquin Pheonix, put down your microphone and dookie gold ropes. Steven Spielberg needs you. (The Playlist) Check out these other morning links… Dispute settled. Futurama cast returns. (/Film) Tom Arnold is full of sh*t. (MTV) What Michael Moore really wants to do is direct. (First Showing) Mary-Ann from True Blood. What up with her? (TV Squad) Rob Marshall is going to make Pirates 4 faaabbbbuuullllooouuussss! (Empire)

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  A Serious Man (2009) – Official Trailer #1 [HD] – Watch more Funny VideosJoel and Ethan Coen are back with A Serious Man. The film centers on a Jewish professor who seeks stability in his unraveling life. Known for their creative casting choices, the Coen Brothers have populated this cast with mostly unknowns. Apart from Adam Arkin and Richard Kind, I'm not really familiar with the cast (though the secretary did sound like Tony Todd.) If history serves I'm sure that this will be a great launching pad for the lead actor Michael Stuhlbarg. Why, that's practically a household name already. Just rolls off the tongue. Stretch it out, Stuuuhhhhhllllllbbbbbbbbaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggggggggg….Find your place in life via these links…Alyssa Frangedakis Is Very Attractive (Gorillamask) 8 Things That Will Definitely Happen At Summercamp (Holytaco) Ridley Scott To Direct Alien Prequel (Filmdrunk) Drunks And Live Newscasts Mixed Together=Hilarious (Manofest) Pop Tart iPhone Sleeve Makes Your Phone Delicious (Walyou) A Review Of Televised Golf (Pajiba) The 6 Most Badass Murder Weapons In The Animal Kingdom (Cracked) Stephen Colbert Circa 1995 (Coedmagazine) Booty-Off: J-Lo Vs. Kim Kardashian (Celebjihad) 8 Things You Didn't Know You Could Fry (Mademan) Jerry Millen Spouts Off Terrible Analogies (Cagepotato) 7 Notable Celebrity Comebacks (Unreality) Who Should Replace Megan Fox On A Day Without Megan Fox? (Asylum) Ex-HS Teacher Did Not Have Sex With Football Star (Bustedcoverage) The 10 Best Seinfeld Characters Who You Never Saw (Uncoached) Obama Hosts A Beer Summit (Regretfulmorning) Furniture Made From Old Barrels Of Whisky: Manliest Thing Ever? (Bachelorguy) Kanye Declares Himself New King Of Pop, Acts Like Douche (Moondogsports) Jerk Roommate Launches Tomato Into Man's Testicles (Nothingtoxic) A Reminder To Never Mix Pop Rocks And Soda (Atomfilms) Banderas And Neeson Square Off In The Other Man (Filmofilia)

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 I'm as sick of the vampire craze as you (meaning to say I'm sick of Twilight and True Blood), but the new film from the badass Chan-wook Park, Thirst, intrigues the crap out of me.  The film centers around a failed experiment that turns a devoted priest into a vampire, who has to battle to retain his humanity.  Further confusing his situation is the beautiful Ok-vin Kim, who plays a woman in dire need of the priest's help.  So now the priest has vampire problems and a beautiful woman challenging his whole celibacy deal.  Outside of the flick, Kim is a young actress and model with a small list of credits so far.  She also happens to know kung fu, which is always pretty awesome.A word from Ok-vin Kim: "I am not attracted to easy and simple roles… I only feel alive when I am challenged with difficult roles that push me to improve my acting skills"Well, we're attracted to the fact that you aren't attracted to easy and simple roles.  Check out more hot photos of Ok-vin Kim after the jump!

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By Roger Ebert*There is an ugly scene in Squirt In My Gape 3 that I want to tell you about. A young woman played by Bobbi Star has just had her gaping anus filled with both male and female ejaculate. We see the girl, pretty yet exhausted, contorting her body in such away as to avoid spilling the fluids. The cameraman moves in to give the audience the requisite close-up of the genetic ooze she is holding ever so precariously.?? We expect the scene to end, but it does not. The audience is left waiting for what seems like an eternity. Then, without warning, a bubble begins to form.

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Though he's always been opposed, Larry David is finally caving and doing a Seinfeld reunion — on the new season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. The fictional reunion will be the through-line of season seven with the original cast all appearing as themselves. Recently at the TCA press tour, David told critics what they can expect to see of the reunion. "You won't see the entire show. You'll see parts of the show. You'll get an idea of what happened (to the 'Seinfeld' characters) 11 years later."  The series returns on September 20th and I personally am very excited to see what happens if Kramer is locked in a room with Leon or Crazy Eyez Killah. (NJ)Get in the ass of these morning links and leave a Snickers wrapper behind…Fantastic Mr. Fox trailer is a stop-motion Bottle Rocket. (Yahoo)Roll out the Fisher 10! Ridley Scott will direct Alien prequel. (Dread Central)Jerry Bruckheimer goes to World War Robot. (Cinema Blend)Jeremy Renner's blowing up. (The Playlist)The sci-fi t-shirts you've always wanted. (io9)

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Our friend Vince @ FilmDrunk has the best interview with a film's extra that I've ever read. You should read it if you want to get a look into the side of the biz that Ricky Gervais never quite captured in his little HBO show about those unsung folk known in proper Hollywood vernacular as "background" (because "extras" would imply they are extraneous, and Lord knows that when your protagonist is walking out of a building, or eating in a restaurant, there are always faceless bodies that need to be passing by). Otherwise sh*t just ain't real. Anyway, kudos on tracking down Mr. Tennant, Vince.  Read the full coverage about MVP: MOST VALUABLE PRIMATE's real value HERE.

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It seems like every Judd Apatow movie features a quick sex-oriented scene with Carla Gallo (see 40 Year Old Virgin, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Superbad, etc).  The only problem with this is that she's only in one scene; she should be in more.  She sticks around for only one scene in his newest flick Funny People, but we're such suckers for her we'll take what we can get.  Hopefully, Apatow will learn that she should be more featured.  Until then, she has a pretty good supporting role (meaning she's in more than one scene) as an up and coming porn actress in Californication.  A word from Carla: "I love Urban Outfitters skinny jeans. And they're the right price!"She should do commercials for Urban Outfitters; her ability to exist in only one scene is perfect for commercial format (damn you Apatow!).  Check out more hot photos of Carla after the jump!

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Today, Hulu put up this new clip from the Robin Williams-starring WORLD'S GREATEST DAD, in which his character Lance Clayton makes nice with the old neighbor lady over some weed, bonds over zombies and informs her that his son (SPY KIDS' Darryl Sabara) is spying on her when she drops her top every night.  What she does with the information might shock and appall you, which is perhaps why there's an age-check gate on this clip.  We have not had a chance to see WORLD'S GREATEST DAD yet.  The above clip is intriguing but the trailer showed even greater promise.  Even Devin from, who seems to hate a lot of stuff out there, heaped praise on it.  The film's already available via Video On Demand.  If you're not sold, you can check out IGN's interview with director Bobcat Goldthwait after the jump.  Laura Celeste Is Very Hot (Gorillamask) Justin And Johnny: Whore Island (Holytaco) Interview With The Guy Punching The Air From Most Valuable Primate (Filmdrunk) Megan Fox Is A Genius (Manofest) Einstein Action Figures For Mega-Nerds Only (Walyou) The Worst Macguffins Ever (Pajiba) 6 Things That Shouldn't Explode, But Did Anyways (Cracked) Snuggies For Dogs, Now? (Sickpigs) 5 Fast Food Restauraunts That Make You Scared To Fart (Coedmagazine) 5 Job Suggestions For Sarah Palin (Celebjihad) Professions Women Think Are Hot (Mademan) MMA Steroid Busts Timeline (Cagepotato) Adding Celebrity Faces To Houshold Appliances And Mechanical Items (Unreality) Japanese Super Toilets Coming To America (Asylum) Manly Rugby Mascot Attacked By Fan (Bustedcoverage) A Collection Of "To All U Haterz" Videos (Uncoached) 5 High School Crushes: Where Are They Now? (Regretfulmorning) Bill O'reilly Thinks Naked Girls Are Pinheads (Bachelorguy) Happy Birthday, Jaime Pressley (Moondogsports)

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Chan Wook Park’s THIRST opens this Friday, and if you haven’t seen the trailer or read up in the genre flick, it’s about a priest who gets turned into a…

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Empire has released a picture from the set of Avatar featuring James Cameron and his boom-stick. We're not quite sure what context the photo was taken in. Perhaps he's setting up a shot for his crew or perhaps he's protecting his final cut clause and keeping studio execs at bay. Or… perhaps… THIS IS CGI. OMG it looks so life-like you guys!Empty a clip into these morning links…Coen Brothers serious new movie trailer. (FilmDrunk)The Frenchal Destination poster looks like a Dean Koontz book cover. (Dread Central)Spielberg eyeballs Matt Helm. (Cinematical)Judd Apatow's chick-flick. (Cinema Blend)Heroes Season 4 preview. Meh. (Pajiba)

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A brand new red-band trailer for the Will Ferrell & Adam McKay-produced, Jeremy Piven-starring THE GOODS: LIVE HARD. SELL HARD has arrived on the nets and, boy of boy does she have a f**king mouth on her.  I use the feminine to describe the trailer like one might describe a sailing vessel.  But it also makes it a lot easier to segue into the fact that this trailer has problems keeping her shirt on.  Yes, this one's got boobs aplenty on top of Piven and company's potty mouths.  There's so much big, fake mammarage that I'm forced to put the trailer AFTER the jump, so as not to scar our younger audiences, who shouldn't be watching it in the first place.  (Read: if you're under 17, lie to the computer; it doesn't know, like you're parents don't know you read this site.) Ashley Lowe, Christmas In July (Gorillamask) If State Fair Rides Were Honest (Holytaco) Mormons Fear Hollywood The Most (Filmdrunk) 50 Awesome Meat Products (Manofest) Steampunk Style Pacman Game Is Awesome (Walyou) A Couple Of Little-Known But Well-Loved TV Shows (Pajiba) 5 Things Movie Trailers Need To Stop Doing (Cracked) 12 Girls In Their Underwear Telling Knock-Knock Jokes (Sickpigs) Punchlines To The 100 Most Offensive Jokes Of All Time (Coedmagazine) The Best Celebrity Plastic Surgeries (Celebjihad) The Made Man 2009 Trailblazers (Mademan) Gina Carano Looks And Feels Good (Cagepotato) 13 Child Prodigies To Watch (Unreality) The Best Pinup Posters Of The 1970s (Asylum) If You Waste Beer At A Baseball Game, You Deserve TO Be Hit (Bustedcoverage) Items People Must Have Bought While Drunk Searching Ebay (Uncoached) The 5 Most Expensive US Military Vehicles To Date (Regretfulmorning) The 5 Most Annoying Guys To Play NCAA 10 With (Bachelorguy) Prostitutes Feeling Economic Crunch (Moondogsports) A Unicycle Destroys An Escalator (Nothingtoxic) Seeing Old School Friends, Almost As Awkward As High School (Atomfilms)

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Director: Neal BrennanCast: Jeremy Piven, Ed Helms, Ving Rhames, James Brolin, Kathryn HahnSynopsis: Used-car liquidator Don Ready is hired by a flailing auto dealership to turn their Fourth of July sale into a majorly profitable event.

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To Whoever Shut Down The Halo Film:I had my sneaking suspicions before, but now I can safely say that you are all complete idiots.  Let me make one thing clear: I have yet to actually read why you shut down the Peter Jackson-produced and Neill Blomkamp-directed adaptation of the popular video game franchise Halo.  I believe I read at one point that it was something related to money.  I find this funny, because it seems like if you had just made the movie, it would have made tons of money.  More money than you could ever imagine…

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Channing Tatum in RTÉ.ies Exclusive G.I. Joe- Rise of Cobra C – Watch more Funny Videos A new scene from G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra has appeared over at Coming Soon and it's generous to say that the movie looks like a steaming pile. First up, General Hawk approaches his shirtless soldiers to remind them (and us) that they are the best except for the "comic" relief guy (hint: the one that used to be on "In Living Color"). "You scored in the top half-percent of all people we ever tested." In all fairness, we only tested you two. From there it plays out like a flirtation scene from every Saved By The Bell episode. In this version, Duke is Zack, Rip is Slater, Scarlett is Jessie, and Dustin Diamond is still a poor man's Corey Feldman.These links will not urinate all over your childhood memories… Aida Iveliz Hangs Out At The Hot Tub (Gorillamask)Mike Vick's Prison Haikus (Holytaco)Ryan Gosling Fills Gas Can, Poses For Philanthropic Photo (Filmdrunk)25 Rare (And Awesome) Star Wars Photos (Manofest)Awesome 3D Robot Greeting Cards (Walyou)Ben Affleck Squares Off Against Jon Hamm (Pajiba)7 High Tech Products And Their Cheap Ingredients (Cracked)Madonna Might Have The Scariest Arms In The History Of Arms (Celebjihad)5 Gadgets To Make You Faster (Mademan)Josh Barnett Caught With Roids For Third Time (Cagepotato)Why Olivia Munn Is An Evil Genius (Unrealitymag)How To Buy Your Lady A Vibrator (Asylum)Spilled Beer = Death For Phillies Fans (Bustedcoverage)10 Mike Vick Signs That Should Be On Television This Season (Uncoached)Scoring Chicks At  A Bar: Skill Or Simple Math? (Regretfulmorning)An Open Letter To Megan Fox About A Day Without Megan Fox (Bachelorguy)Steroids Or Gambling, Cheating Is Cheating (Moondogsports)

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Fellow Junkies, Comic-Con has come and gone, as has Screen Junkies from San Diego.  It was our first ever trip down to Comic-Con and it will not be our last, but we learned a lot.  Mostly, we learned that you have to surrender to the fact that you can't cover EVERYTHING at Comic-Con.  Here's everything we DID cover:   AVATAR Video clips of James Cameron speaking about AVATAR just moments after having unveiled 25-minutes of the film to Hall H @ Comic-Con.    

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EXTRACT Panel @ Comic-Con Pt. 1 – Watch Movie Trailers After the promising SOLOMON KANE presentation in Hall H, the crowd at Comic-Con was buzzing for geek legend Mike Judge to make a return to his OFFICE SPACE form with his latest flick, EXTRACT.  He was joined on stage by cast members Jason Bateman and Mila Kunis, as well.  Comedienne du jour Kristen Wiig could not make it because of filming commitments in New Mexico.  To Bateman's credit, he was running on an hour's worth of sleep, having just wrapped on the same shoot at 5am, which, it's safe to say, is Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Greg Mottola's alien comedy PAUL…

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Alright, I'll admit, when I think of what alien-themed Summer flick our reader's will appreciate hearing about, I don't jump to Aliens in the Attic, I think of District 9.  However, having been lucky enough to have seen District 9 (review coming soon), I can note that the movie has a distinct lack of hot young Disney stars.  Aliens in the Attic, on the other hand, has the beautiful Ashley Tisdale.  The High School Musical actress seems to be keeping close to the kids movie/Disney path, so we can't expect to see her in any badass action films like District 9 just yet, but isn't her squeaky clean demeanor part of her appeal?A word from Ashley: "My agent didn`t want me on Disney because I`m older. But honestly, I`m not ready for older roles yet, or even the things older girls do. I am still young."Don't worry, we checked, and she's chronologically old enough for us to recommend that you check out more hot photos of Ashley after the jump!

Aliens in the Attic
Tuesday, July 28 by

 Director: John Schultz Cast: Ashley Tisdale, Andy Richter, Kevin Nealon Synopsis: A group of kids must defend their vacation home from an alien invasion Genre: Comedy Release Date: July 31, 2009

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Everyone's been talking – including us – about Matthew Vaughn and Mark Millar's KICK-ASS as being the sleeper hit of Comic-Con 2009, but there's another film deserving of some geek love, and that's SOLOMON KANE, whose panel had the fortune of being sandwiched in between Saturday's LOST: THE FINAL SEASON and EXTRACT presentations in the San Diego Convention Center's imposing 6000+ seat Hall H…

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Director: Michael J. BassettCast: James Purefoy, Pete Postlethwaite, Mackenzie Crook, Max von SydowSynopsis: The movie tells the origins of Solomon Kane and is hoped to be the first of a trilogy of movies. When the story opens Kane is a mercenary of Queen Elizabeth I fighting in Africa, but after an encounter with a demon, The Reaper, he realizes he must seek redemption or have his soul damned to Hell. He returns to England and lives a life of peace, converting to puritanism, but soon the doings of an evil sorcerer upset his plans and he must take up arms again.

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A militant Palestinian group is angry about their portrayal in Brüno and are now threatening to kill Sacha Baron Cohen according to a report from the Times Online. Cohen is taking the threat seriously and has upped his security. In the film, his alter ego tells Mr. Abu Aita, a member of the al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, that "Al-Qaeda is so 2001" and that "Osama looks like a kind of dirty wizard or homeless Santa.” I can understand Baron Cohen's fear but if I were him I would counter with the hard to refute statement, 'How about you don't?'Nothing threatening about these links… Family Guy episode aborted. (THR) Ben Silverman leaves NBC. (Variety) Judd Apatow can get anything he wants green-lit. (Worst Previews) Richard Kelly is not a cheap date. (The Playlist) Excalibur to be drawn again. (Cinema Blend) Harrison Ford Facial Expression Generator. (Cracked)

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Saw VI Sneak Peak – Watch more Movie TrailersThis popped up whilst we were at Comic-Con, so in case you missed it, here's the newest featurette for SAW VI.  It's yet another one of Jigsaw's ingenious, Rube Goldberg-esque deathtraps, this time involving a bunch of medical insurance employees. Heed Jigsaw's warning, President Barack Obama!  If you don't do something fast, a lot of American insurance workers are going to get ritualistically murdered. On the upside, the playground equipment industry is looking great.These links are looking a lot like the playground equipment industry:Erin Lea Wears Pink Skimpy Outfit (Gorillamask)A Flowchart For How To Break Up With Your Girlfriend (Holytaco)D.J. Caruso Making Dead Space Game Into Movie (Filmdrunk)New Tron Legacy Trailer Features Prominent Lightcycling (Manofest)AT-AT Loft Bed: On My List Of Things I Wish I Had As A Child (Walyou)Hot Tub Time Machine Should Be Funny, But Will It Be? (Pajiba)6 Modern Technologies Animals Invented Millions Of Years Ago (Cracked)15 Suggested Titles For The Octo-Mom Reality Show (Celebjihad)Practical Jokes For Your Closest Enemies (Mademan)BJ Penn's Pool Jump Now Rendered Unimpressive (Cagepotato)10 Awesome Movie Car Crashed (Allleftturns)A Great Gallery Dreams Vs. Reality Photos (Unreality)Turning Your Layoff Into The Good Life (Asylum)Syracuse Mascot Latest Novelty Wedding Reception Act (Bustedcoverage)7 MLB Players That Are/Were Probably On Steroids (Uncoached)9 People Who Are E-Famous For Trolling (Regretfulmorning)10 Ways To Predict The Winner Of A Boxing Match Or Barfight (Bachelorguy)Baseball Playing Robots Don't Need Steroids (Moondogsports)Wanna See Some Homemade Cyst Surgery? (Nothingtoxic)Star Wars Fan Film Winners Win Meet With Olivia Munn (Atomfilms)Mila Kunis Now Joins Portman And Arronofsky In Black Swan (Filmofilia)

Saw VI
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Director: Kevin GreutertCast: Tobin Bell, Costas Mandylor, Betsy Russell, Tanedra Howard, Karen ClicheSynopsis: Special Agent Strahm is dead, and Detective Hoffman has emerged as the unchallenged successor to Jigsaw's legacy. However, when the FBI draws closer to Hoffman, he is forced to set a game into motion, and Jigsaw's grand scheme is finally understood.

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Turns out Madeline Zima was only the tip of the ice berg that is hot women in the new horror-heist thriller The Collector.  Today, we direct your attention to the lovely Andrea Roth.  She's been a TV and film star for quite some time, most recently in a recurring role on the edgy (meaning it's on basic cable and they actually say "sh*t!") drama "Rescue Me." A word from Andrea: "When they were casting, Denis [Leary] was very specific  that he didn't want any actors from L.A., and I was living in L.A. at the time."Yet she still got the part.  Can you blame Denis Leary though?  He would have been stupid not to cast her.  Check out more hot photos of Andrea after the jump!

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True Blood season 2 trailer Comic Con – Watch more Funny VideosThe producers of True Blood stopped by Comic-Con this past weekend with the trailer above in tow. It gives us a glimpse at the impending battle between the Dallas Vampires (not an XFL team) and the Light Of Day cult, Marianne's pursuit of Sam, strange bedfellows for Bill and Sookie, and a look at Evan Rachel Wood as the Vampire Queen. It looks like the show is finally ratcheting up the action this season. About time guys.Get your morning links here…Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis team up. (Cinema Blend) Michael Keaton joins Toy Story 3. (Empire)The Hottest Babes of Comic-Con 2009. (Cinematical)Commissioner Gordon says Batman 3 will film next year. (The Playlist) David Tennant will not join The Hobbit. (MTV)

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Most of the presentations at this year's Comic-Con were staged within the friendly confines of the San Diego Convention Center, and all the parties were held at various hotels downtown.  But Twentieth Century Fox picked San Diego's Manchester Grand Hyatt as the venue for an evening with JENNIFER'S BODY, which included a screening, Q&A with cast and crew, and afterparty at the hotel's Kin Lounge.  Screen Junkies was lucky enough to get the invite for all of the above, and we have the scoop – including more foxy pics of Fox – after the jump…

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