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Sarcastic Celebrities Want You to Vote
Thursday, October 2 by

Let me start off by saying that you'd have to be an unfit dullard not to vote if you're able. But, I was pretty sure that last year's Vote of Die campaign proved that not even famous movie stars can get lazy 18-25 year olds to the polls.

Bonus Features: Hump Day Link Dump
Wednesday, October 1 by

The Saw franchise has become sort of a Halloween tradition and apparently there's a haunted house in California that recreates the traps set by Jigsaw and his posse to promote the release of Saw V. Because of the camera, some of the mechanical figures look kind of like they belong in Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, but I definitely wouldn't mind taking a walk through there.

Filth And Wisdom Trailer
Wednesday, October 1 by

Gogol Bordello is a real band filled with Crazy Gypsies from Eastern Europe. They have gotten pretty huge in the US.  This movie is sort of about them, and stars the lead singer. It looks high energy and filled with hot women. Count me in.

Brett Ratner to Sweat All Over God of War
Wednesday, October 1 by

There's something calming about sitting down with one of the God of War games and mashing buttons until your thumb is bleeding and everything on-screen is dead. There is, however, a sparkley little bit of doubt in my heart that Hollywood's favorite—and certainly its shiniest—bad boy director, Brett Ratner, can make that translate to the big screen.

Jack Black to Play Jason Bourne…Kind Of
Wednesday, October 1 by

As of right now, Top Secret is pretty much the height of spy comedy, but Jack Black is hoping to change with what is essentially a wacky version of the Bourne movies. Black will play a chubby guy who washes up on a Cuban beach with no memory and automatically assumes that he's some kind of super spy.

The Spirit Trailer 2
Tuesday, September 30 by

The first couple spots for The Spirit were not all that awesome. There were tons of billboards around LA that were part of a big marketing campaign that never really impressed me. But now that this second trailer has been released, the movie looks pretty dope. I’ll definitely be seeing it.

Transformers 2 Will Be Partially IMAX®SIZED
Tuesday, September 30 by

I never saw The Dark Knight in IMAX®. I haven’t walked into an IMAX® theatre in about three years. The last thing I saw was about fighter pilots and I almost hurled. I have nothing against it, I just don’t really see the point. Call me a Luddite, but seems like the nice big screens that you find at most movie theatres these days are enough.  Dreamworks and Michael Bay would disagree.

Marvel’s Upcoming Movies Dated
Tuesday, September 30 by

Marvel's colorful characters are the hottest commodity in Hollywood right now, and according to a deal extension between Paramount and the comic book giant, we're going to have plenty of superhero movies to keep us busy for the next couple of summers. Here's a quick breakdown:

Bonus Features: Link Dump Bailout
Monday, September 29 by

There's an awful lot of people worrying about the economy right now, and I've found that the best way to deal with that is by burying your head in a big ass pile of movies and TV. Here are some links to help you kill the pain. And above is a very annoying guy who seems to have a lot of displaced anger he wants to take out on Matt Damon.

Blade Runner 2 Is A Horrible Idea
Monday, September 29 by

Sequels that are done 26 years after the fact are not a good idea. If it’s been that long, just go for the remake.  Blade Runner is one of the best Sci-Fi movies of all time, and it would take an amazing feat of moviemaking to even get close to the splendor of the original. But that doesn’t seem to be stopping the two ambitious co-writers of Eagle Eye from aiming to ruin your precious cinematic memories.

Pink Panther 2 Poster Begs For a Mallet
Monday, September 29 by

First the economy commits suicide and now my sense of humor is attacked by this Pink Panther 2 poster. Sure, it's just Steve Martin wearing a hat, poking his head out of a hole. But I just keep imaginging that down there in that hole are the 12 kids from Cheaper By the Dozen waiting to spring out and steal my 10 dollar movie admission.

Curious Case Of Benjamin Button Trailer
Monday, September 29 by

The Curious Case Of Benjamin button is adapted from the 1920s story by F. Scott Fitzgerald about a man who is born in his eighties and ages backwards.

Monday Mashup: Requiem For A Toy
Monday, September 29 by

Someday after the economy totally crashes, we will not have real actors because they will be too expensive. Everything will be animated. This mashup is particularly amazing because of the vocal match up. It’s also particularly funny because it makes a bunch of toys look and sound like heroin addicts.  Nice work.

Eagle Eye
Monday, September 29 by

When an omnipresent secret agency starts playing a deadly game with Jerry Shaw (Shia LaBeouf), he is put in all kinds of horrible situations. They track his movements and use technology not even scientists have thought of yet to make sure he is doing as he is told. It's sure to be exciting and make you as paranoid as 10 bong hits outside of the police station.

Mickey Rourke Is The Wrestler
Monday, September 29 by

The Wrestler is Darren Aronofsky’s latest film. It’s been getting incredible reviews at film fests. Mickey Rourke is said to do an amazing job at playing the part of an aging, emotionally wounded WWF-type, a role that has some similarities to his life. Here’s a little info.

Review: “Eagle Eye” Will Make You Paranoid
Monday, September 29 by

Love him or hate him, Shia is going to be around for a while. While I'm not one of the haters, I'm still not entirely convinced he can carry a movie totally on his non-hunky shoulders. Plot:

Recap: Watch Fox’s Sunday Night Premieres
Monday, September 29 by

Episode: "Sex, Pies and Idiot Scrapes" After being arrested for rioting on St. Patrick's day, Homer decides to become a bounty hunter. He convinces Flanders to join him, while Marge unknowingly takes a job at an erotic bakery. If you're a fan of the show, all of that should sound great to you.

Paul Newman Is Dead
Sunday, September 28 by

To be completely honest, I thought Paul Newman was already dead, but apparently I was wrong since he died of cancer on Friday at his home in Connecticut. He was 83. I'm not going to make any lame salad dressing jokes, because I'm sure you want to save those for the guy in your office who thinks he's really funny but everyone else just thinks he's mentally challenged.

Bonus Features: Friday! Friday!
Friday, September 26 by

It's always fun to see what goes on behind closed doors in the movie world. This 11 year-old tape is a discussion between Quentin Tarantino and Harvey Weinstein back when Robert De Niro apparently thought he was getting shafted for his role in Jackie Brown. The whole thing should leave you feeling slimy, and if not, you might be perfect for the movie biz.

Bruno Brilliantly Disrupts Fashion Show
Friday, September 26 by

It’s not easy doing what Sacha Baron Cohen does. The man has some massive cojones to pull off the pranks that he delicately engineers with his group of writers and producers. One of the biggest obstacles to continuing to perpetuate the Ali G character line is recognition. So it’s always satisfying to see him sneaking past security to make a mockery of things.

Valkyrie Trailer
Friday, September 26 by

Tom Cruise put some change back in the Famous Bank with his performance in Tropic Thunder. And now Valkyrie looks pretty dope. I particularly like the line “any problem on earth can be solved with the careful application of explosives.” That reminds me of the Simpsons episode where Bart and Homer try to fix everything with fireworks. It works.

Sex Drive Red Band Clip: Donut Gets Knocked Out
Friday, September 26 by

I gotta say, there has not been a single clip released from this movie that has not had me laughing my ass off. This one involves a donut suit, some cock n balls, and a disturbed parent. So awesome.  

Bonus Features: Links to Kill Time Before “The Office”
Thursday, September 25 by

Normally I hesitate to embed commercials on the site, but I'm so amped for The Office coming back tonight, that I just can't help it. So many questions were left unanswered at the end of last season and now we have a full hour to get some answers. But, that's still a couple of hours away, so here are a few wonderful links to help you kill time until TV once again takes over your life.

Full Details and Artwork For the Hellboy II and Indiana Jones DVDs
Thursday, September 25 by

As we get closer to Christmas, crappier movies start hitting the theaters and the good stuff from the past summer starts hitting DVD. Today, we got the full info on two fo the season's biggest DVD releases. Hit the jump for what you can expect from Indy when it drops on October 14th and Hellboy II on November 11th.

New “W.” Trailer
Thursday, September 25 by

I re-watched Natural Born Killers a few days ago. I haven’t seen it in about 10 years. I forgot what a crazy movie it is. It reminded me that Oliver Stone can actually make a good film, as long as it doesn’t have Colin Farrell. Here’s to hoping this is a good one. And may God Bless America.   

The Joker Doesn’t Think Much of Bush’s Economic Bailout
Thursday, September 25 by

The Dark Knight really has stuck with some people. It was still so prevalent in the mind of one guy, that he couldn't help but make a mash-up of one of his favorite scenes from the movie and last night's George Bush speech about how it's fun to spend $700 billion.

Thursday, September 25 by

Bill Maher and Larry Charles explore the wild world of religious fundamentalism.Release Date: 3 Oct, 3008Studio: Lionsgate

Review: Religulous Is Preachy But Good
Thursday, September 25 by

If you don’t like Bill Maher then you are not going to like this film. If you are sympathetic to the cause of religion then you are also not going to like this film. If you think that the comedic methods of Sasha Baran Cohen are unfair, then that’s just another reason you will think that this is a shitty movie.  However, if you are like me— an comedy-loving atheist who thinks that Maher makes a good point, even though he’s using the camera as a weapon—then see this film.

Johnny Depp Signs On for Pirates 4, The Lone Ranger
Thursday, September 25 by

Don't worry, economy. Once Johnny Depp and Jerry Bruckheimer get done making Pirates of the Caribbean 4 and The Lone Ranger for Disney, they should have more than enough money to bail us out of this pesky recession. Johnny's not even playing the Lone Ranger, he's only going to be Tonto, but something tells me Disney isn't going to be paying him in giant turkey legs.

Other “Make a Porno” Pairs
Wednesday, September 24 by

I'm excited about Zack and Miri Make A Porno. So exited that I made a series of posters that ask the question: what it other movie pairs (and Gandhi) got into the smut game? If I left any off, feel free to email me at