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Monday Night TV Fiesta
Sunday, January 4 by

Still hungover from New Years huh? Monday TV's got your back. Better make some three layer microwave nachos and watch the Fiesta Bowl, and then chill out with six whole hours of Lost reruns (you knew season 5 premiers in 16 days right?!). Only time cures hangovers (those pills at 7/11 don't work, believe me) and everyone knows that's best spent in front of your TV.  The Fiesta Bowl: OSU vs Texas 5:15 on FOX Fiesta Bowl Boise State Vs Oklahoma – Watch more Free Videos

Crank 2: High Voltage Red Band Teaser
Friday, January 2 by

It looks like they let the guys from Jackass direct a film with Jason Statham in it.  It's about that quality and has the same sort of camera work. But it's also totally badass. I liked the first Crank, mainly because of the scene where he bones the girl in the middle of a street. Also, this version has Dwight Yoakum. And Cory Haim. That automatically makes it more awesome.  Crank 2: High Voltage Red Band Trailer – Watch more free videos

Crank 2 Red Band Teaser Trailer
Friday, January 2 by
Zach Snyder Explains The Watchmen
Friday, January 2 by

Amid a massive lawsuit between studios for releasing rights, Buzz for Watchmen is still being pumped out. Here's a recently released featurete with Zach Snyder breaking down the movie. He mentions that this is the first time a superhero movie has social commentary, which is kind of bullshit. All superhero movies are some sort of social commentary, including 300, which shined light on the plight of gay Spartans. Enjoy the vid. It's long enough to feel almost spoiler-ish.

New Years TV Preview
Wednesday, December 31 by

 Out with aught eight and in with the big '09. What hell happened this past year? Instead of reflecting on the global $#!t show, remember the good times, like when that guy threw his boots at George W., or when Michael Phelps won 14,000 gold medals for America. Look toward the future with a bottle of champagne, a bunch of random friends, and of course with your best friend of all, TV. Here's what's on tonight.

‘The Terminator’ To Be Archived
Tuesday, December 30 by

 The Associated Press reported today that James Cameron's The Terminator has been selected for entry into the National Film Registry archive preserving it for other generations to see.  The purpose of the registry which was established by Congress in 1989 is to help showcase America's cinema history and heritage.  Some may wonder to the exact reason why The Terminator was selected along with this year's other entries, but I have my own opinion on the matter.  I have a feeling that after the Great Robot War is over future historians will have something to look back on and pinpoint why we allowed our metal masters to take over in the first place.   

Twilight Fan Girls Continue To Baffle
Tuesday, December 30 by

The main response I have heard from people that (waste their lives) read Twilight is that the movie did a really crappy job of adapting the book. I saw the movie and it was really bad. I it's rare that I say a movie is really bad– this is one of the few times.  I also have a few friends at Summit (the company that released the movie) who have mentioned on numerous occasions that Catherine Hardwicke, the recently fired director was totally incompetent and a total bitch. Which is why she was fired. So now the fact that there is fan-girl uproar about a new, more competent director being put in her place confuses me. Actually, the fact that there are Twilight fan girls confuses me. Ok fine, girls confuse me. Here's a video from Reelz that breaks down some of the "controversy" about the forthcoming New Moon

Amid Recession Overseas Movie Sales Going Strong
Tuesday, December 30 by

While most americans are going to be living in the hollowed, rusted shells of their SUV's and eating ketchup soup out of an old boot, the rest of the world is going to be going to the movies. According to Variety Paramount racked up 2 Billion in foreign sales this year, thanks in most part to Indiana Jones and Kung Fu Panda (we're looking at you, China). That's pretty impressive considering we're in a global recession. As more and more countries sprout middle income brackets, foreign sales will continue to increase. And although you can't eat it if you are currently jobless, here is your morning news. 

Still No English Trailer For Street Fighter?
Tuesday, December 30 by

There are two times when it comes in VERY handy that I speak fluent Japanese: ordering sushi and deciphering martial arts movie trailers.  Let me translate this one for you. "A woman who is able to kick really fast and jump off of walls and shit has to TOTALLY beat the crap out of a bunch of dudes…in Japan."  

The Mother of Invention Trailer
Tuesday, December 30 by

A few parts of this trailer made me laugh, so it seems worth posting. Mockumentaries can either buckle under the weight of lackluster acting or be totally brilliant. Nothing will every beat Spinal Tap.Synopsis: A mockumentary about an aspiring inventor who dreams of winning an annual young inventor award. The only problem is… he's never made an invention that works.

Lesbian Vampire Killers Teaser
Tuesday, December 30 by

With the holiday lag and all, we have a few trailers to get you up to speed on. And what better way to start the day than with a bit of Lesbian Vampire Killers? We posted the poster a few weeks back. Yes, it's a comedy, but its guaranteed to be sexy & bloody as well. And possibly even contribute to the rights of same sex female vampire couples everywhere.Lesbian Vampire Killers Teaser – Watch more free videos

NBC Universal Fills Gaps With Webisodes
Monday, December 29 by

NBC Universal is using the intrawebs more and more to their advantage. In order to keep fans up to date with their favorite shows they have been deploying Webisodes to have audiences stay connected in between the network broadcasted episodes during the holiday repeats.  It seems that this is the next step into viral campaigns.  Heroes, Battlestar Galactica, Chuck, and The Office are just some that have been using side stories to maintain a continuous pulse within their fan base. For other things you can find on the internet here's some links.

9 Trailer
Monday, December 29 by

Synopsis: When rag doll '9' first comes to life, he finds himself in a post-apocalyptic world. All humans are gone, and it is only by chance that he discovers a small community of others like him taking refuge from fearsome machines that roam the earth intent on their extinction.My Prediction: Someday the human race will destroy itself and children's toys WILL rule this planet.  

Judge Rules in Fox’s Favor On Watchmen Adaptation
Monday, December 29 by

Warner Brothers ExecLets turn The Watchmen picture book into a cinema movie.Smarter, Younger Warner Brothers ExecUm…do we have the rights to that?Warner Brothers ExecAre you telling me how to run my business? I was making moving pictures while you were in short pants! Make me A Watchmen!Smarter, Younger Warner Brothers ExecBut I'm pretty sure that Fox owns the rights…Warner Brothers ExecHow can a furry woodland animal own the rights to a story? You're FIRED. [end]Read the full story at VarietyYour morning news after the jump:

New Lost Sneak Peek
Monday, December 29 by

The new season of Lost premiers on Wed, Jan 21st at 8/7c. According to ABC, "The band of friends, family, enemies and strangers must continue to work together to stay alive with danger and mystery looming behind every corner." With a promo like that how can you not watch it?

We Are On Vacation
Wednesday, December 24 by
New Gomorrah Trailer
Tuesday, December 23 by

What do you get when you cross Goodfellas with City of God and shoot it in Italy? A badass looking film, that's what.  I'm pumped about this one. It's already dropped in a few markets, so check the listings to see when it releases in your area.

Happy Holidays, From Chewbacca & The Fam
Tuesday, December 23 by

Just wanted to let you know that Chewbacca and his Family hope that EVERYONE and their families have a wonderful holiday, regardles or race, creed, or planetary origin. More from Boing Boing.

My Bloody Valentine 3D Trailer
Tuesday, December 23 by

I've heard that this is basically the bloodiest thing since The Battle of Antietam. The Civil war was in the 1800's, so it was in 2-D. This one is in 3D. And listen, I need to come clean about something: The last 3-D movie I saw was Captain EO at Disneyland when I was 8. I have not experienced any of the recent films that utilize this rediscovered technology.

Between Two Ferns with Hamm and Galifianakis
Monday, December 22 by

Zach Galifianiakis is one of the funniest people alive. This is how an interview should be done and bears some striking similarities to our recent sit down with Brea Grant.

Morning News
Monday, December 22 by

Megan Fox's Body gets a release date (Comingsoon)HBO seals deal with Mario Bello (Variey)Werewolf dramedy unleashed at Fox (Hollywoodreporter)New clip from Whedon's Dollhouse

UPDATED: Sexy Kristen Stewart As Joan Jett
Saturday, December 20 by

[Editor's Note:  I am at my parents house for the holidays in South Texas. The only thing in the theatre that I had not see was Twilight, so I went. I was the only person in the theatre that had not just had her first period. Watching the movie made me change my stance on Kristen Stewart. Best, MAX POWERS.]Kristen Stewart is my kind of pretty. She's got the natural beauty thing on lockdown. I've basically been in love with her since Into the Wild, which I thought was great film. She was 9 types of sexy jailbait. It's a shame that Twilight was a movie I was not willing to touch with my worst enemy's eyeballs, even though Stewart was in it. I'm definitely willing to watch her play Joan Jett. That story and more in our news roundup.  the worst fucking actress in the entire world. Here's a few for the weekend.

William H Macy Is Not Ari Gold
Friday, December 19 by

Its was a big news story yesterday that Jeremy Piven was leaving the Broadway show Speed The Plow due to high mercury content in his blood. This made me think "Of course he has a high blood-mercurey content. Mercury was the God of WAR. He's ARI GOLD. His veins run not with normal vitreous fluid, but rather course with the mightiest quicksilver known to man."  And now the news today is that Piven will be replaced by…William H. Macy? Woah.

Against The Dark Trailer
Friday, December 19 by

The Brass at Corporate are telling me that I need to make the site more accessible to our deaf audience. So I went ahead and transcribed the important voice over for the trailer of this forthcoming Steven Seagal film. I put it in all caps so the hard of hearing can understand how intense it is. Here it is:VAMPIRE HUNTERS LED BY A MASTER SWORDSMAN WILL STOP AT NOTHING TO SAVE THE HUMAN RACE. STEVEN SEGAL. AGAINST THE DARKAwesome. I've already bought my ticket at

Bay and Bruckheimer Do ‘Cocaine’
Friday, December 19 by

Hollywood Reporter wrote today that Bay and Bruckheimer will be the execs on a new HBO series based on the documentary Cocaine Cowboys. I REALLY hope they go for one part Entourage, one part Scarface, and FOUR THOUSAND PARTS MICHAEL BAY (BOOM).  I posted on Cocaine Cowboy's II about five months back, the follow-up to the inspiration for the show. It also led me to compile a list of some of the best documentaries about the black market, a subject I am fascinated about. And now, some daily news.

Link Dump
Thursday, December 18 by

Two sites for The Unborn, and new photos (Comingsoon)40 Inspirational Speeches in 2 minutes (Filmonic)Sci Fi Channel's Ghost Hunters continues to expand (BD)Alan Horn clears up

Adventureland Trailer
Thursday, December 18 by

I definitely liked Jesse Eisenberg in The Squid And the Whale. But that's a pretty intense movie. Adventureland will be the test of if his nervous, smart dude appeal will play well in a comedy. It's either going to be a great contrast, or I'm going to want to crawl through the screen and slap him.

You Cant Make This Up: Buc’s DE Changes Name in Honor of ‘Teen Wolf’
Thursday, December 18 by

People, you can't make this stuff up:Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive end Greg White has officially changed his name from Gregory Alphonso White Jr. to Stylez G. White, the Tampa Bay Tribune reported on its Web site. The name, according to White, was inspired by the 1985 Michael J. Fox flick featuring some rather hairy on-court hoops action."That was his best friend's name," White said, according to the paper. "I always liked that name. It's not that I don't like Greg White." (from Fox Sports)American Dream: Attained. And now, the rest of your morning news roundup.

Give Me Your Badge And Gun
Thursday, December 18 by

From HOLY TACO. This is a great collection of the classic "Give Me Your Badge And Gun" scene which occurs in basically every cop movie or TV show. It's amazing that nobody ever mixes it up. Turn in your uniform, give me the keys to the shotgun locker, leave your special police radio and computer with Dolores in HR– none of that stuff. Just the badge and gun.

Denis Leary Discusses Denis Leary Films
Thursday, December 18 by

This is a pretty great video. It's exactly what the title says, except that they talk about the crappy movies. I remember watching Operation Dumbo Drop in theaters and thinking it was basically the best film ever made. An elephant? On a plane? And you're going to drop it? Out of the plane? That's movie gold.