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Kanye West + Spike Jonze = Fairytale
Monday, October 19 by

Where the Wild Things Are arrived this past weekend, and it pretty much turned out to be a therapy session with a bunch of clinically depressed forty-somethings dressed like furries. So when we heard that "We Were Once a Fairytale," the Spike Jonze-directed film starring Kanye West, hit the Web today, it was the news equivalent of a Xanax. We have the 11-minute piece here, minus the first minute or so. Spoiler alert: it's effing weird.

Wes Craven To Direct “Scream 4″
Monday, October 19 by

 The Weinstein Company has rounded up all the major players for its upcoming Scream sequel. Writer Kevin Williamson, stars Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox-Arquette, David Arquette, and now according to Cinema Blend, director Wes Craven are all set to return to Scream 4.  Which I'm happy isn't titled Scre4m and isn't planned to be a gimmicky 3D movie. Though production isn't set to begin for another six months, so give them time. Give them time.

Disney Chief Bob Iger Lambastes Movie Piracy
Sunday, October 18 by

For a company with a treasure trove of box office booty thanks to movie pirates, Disney sure is taking a hard stance against the online Captain Jack Sparrows of the world. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Walt Disney Co. chief executive Bob Iger believes technology companies are coming out smelling like roses in the PR war… at the expense of Hollywood. The result? Policing illegal activity online will get even more difficult than it already is:

25 Awesome Drew Struzan Posters
Saturday, October 17 by

Drew Struzan is one of the most influential movie poster artists to ever adapt motion pictures into a one-sheet piece of paper and still manage to embody everything the flick is about. He's worked on posters for Indiana Jones, Star Wars, and Harry and the Hendersons, just to name a few. A complete list of his work can be seen on his gallery page, but we've chosen our 25 favorite here, most of which are without the movie's title. Can you name all the films?  

PHOTOBOMB FRIDAYS: Saving Private Ryan + Blackout Drunk
Friday, October 16 by

"The casualties of war were nothing compared to the casualties of the Dave Matthews Band's Normandy concert."These weekend links are FUBAR!!!Sex Excuse Bingo (HolyTaco)Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Forgets His Line On Jeopardy (TotalProSports)More Lovely Ladies Of Facebook (TheChive)Sense And Sensibility And Mexicans (FilmDrunk)The Amazing Juggling Karamazov Brothers (SuperTremendous)11 Reasons Why The Twilight Phenomenon Is Scary (Pajiba)Robert Pattinson Teaches How To Beat Up Dogs (CelebJihad)Every Kramer Entrance From Seinfeld Ever (Unreality) The Worse Video Game C*ckblockers (Asylum)Oklahoma Fan Lets Ass Crack Breath (BustedCoverage)4Chan Recruits Balloon Boy (RegretfulMorning)U.S. Military Developing Lightsabers (MadeMan)NASCAR Halloween Costume Photo Contest (AllLeftTurns)Drink British Asshole Headbutts Cute Girl (NothingToxic)Dinner Party Dirty Talk (Atom)

‘New York, I Love You’ Actress Maggie Q
Friday, October 16 by

Basically, Maggie Q is badass.  Not only was she a formidable foe for John McClane in Live Free or Die Hard, but never has a flak jacket looked so good on a female form.  She's the kind of woman who can make you putty in her hands with a single sultry glance, and then take your head clean off with a perfectly executed roundhouse kick.  It's a blend of constant arousal and fear that keeps a relationship fresh, and endless refills of your Xanax very necessary.        A word from Maggie: "Nigga please! I am not anorexic, I am petite because you can't get FAT from eating field mice and rice; hey that rhymes…"I have no idea what the above gibberish means but if came out of Maggie's mouth I'll take it as gospel.  I just hope she's moved beyond field mice as a source of sustenance.  'Cause doz field mice be naaaasty!Look at the antithesis of nasty after the jump!  

8 R-Rated Movies as Kids Books
Friday, October 16 by

Where the Wild Things Are opens this weekend, and a lot of early reviews are saying that the film is too mature for young audiences… that they've somehow made a children's story into an adult film, thereby alienating the intended audience.Of course, none of this would be a problem if we just exposed our children to R-Rated topics at an early age. We suggest Hollywood partner with children's book publishers to help introduce kids to R-Rated fare as early as the kids can read. Here's our list of required reading:     

Bill Murray Not Into “Ghostbusters 3″
Friday, October 16 by

 Bill Murray has once again made it clear that he's not interested in doing a third Ghostbusters film just yet. Is he the sequel's greatest adversary or greatest champion? On paper he may come off as grumpy and vile as a Digg commenter but he truly has the film's best interest at heart. "There's still no script," he tells Digital Spy. "It's just a bunch of talk. It's just a wish list for someone." And there certainly has been a bunch of talk lately. Talk from Harold Ramis, talk from Dan Akroyd, and talk from Ivan Reitman. All of whom, are chomping at the bit to get this picture made. "I'm not going to make one [movie] just to make another one. We made a second one, and it was okay, but it wasn't as good as the first one." In all fairness, Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties did far surpass its predecessor.

12 Worst Movie Bosses for National Boss Day
Thursday, October 15 by

This Friday is National Boss Day… like most of us, you haven't gotten the guy who approves your expense reports a gift yet. (Ahem. You can thank me by Digging this article.) Of course, chances are the big man or woman you work for every day is a puppy dog compared to the 12 Movie Bosses we've compiled for you, all of whom you can check out after the jump.If anything, the provided clips might make you grateful for the job you have.

And the Oscar for Worst Contextual Ad Fail goes to Pixar… for ‘Colorado Balloon Boy Still Missing’
Thursday, October 15 by

Too soon, Disney/Pixar. Too soon… Here are today's top links!7 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Help A Girl Move (HolyTaco)Coach Kyle Dennis Pleasures Himself At Costco…Again (TotalProSports)Real Russian Mail Order Brides (TheChive)Wes Anderson Calls Out Haters (FilmDrunk)25 Most Ironic Photos On The Internet (SuperTremendous)Another Bromantic Comedy Is In The Works (Pajiba)Shocking Lindsay Lohan Interview That Shocks (CelebJihad)A Very Realistic Stallone Vampire Picture (Unreality)What Goes On Behind Reporters' Backs (Asylum)Fan Trades Toothpaste For Ticket To Boise Game (BustedCoverage)21 NSFW Topless Chicks Making Out (RegretfulMorning)5 Things Girls Don't Want You To Know (MadeMan)Burton To Make 850Th Career Start (AllLeftTurns)

Kevin Spacey Smokes Weed Every Day in ‘Shrink’ Now Available on DVD
Thursday, October 15 by

I remember a certain movie in which Kevin Spacey decided to become a stoner.  I seem to recall it winning the Oscar for Best Picture. Well, if you want to see him partake of the ganja once more, you can… right now… in the new movie Shrink. The flick, in which Spacey stars as a celebrity therapist who dips his own toes into the deep end, played the festival circuit earlier this year, was met with solid reviews and finally found a home at Lions Gate.  It's available on DVD at this very moment, so before you decide to light up that bong all by your lonesome tonight… remember that your good friend Kevin Spacey is willing to hang out, too. And he can handle his sh*t. Check out the trailer after the jump.

‘New York, I Love You’ Actress Jacinda Barrett
Thursday, October 15 by

Jacinda Barrett is another Real World member/model gone Hollywood.  Fortunately, Jacinda has had formal training, unlike most reality "stars" turned actors, and even though she hasn't been in much, she lights up the screen when given the opportunity.  But continued choices like Urban Legends: The Final Cut and School For Scoundrels have the opportunity to smash that light into a thousand tiny shards.    A word from Jacinda: "Know that the person you wake up with everyday isn’t the same person that you married. That person keeps changing."Yes, he keeps changing into The Spirit, because you're married to Gabriel Macht, Jacinda.  Don't marry a graphic novel character if you want dependability.  Or were you referring to the steady decline of his IMDB Star-Meter after starring in The Spirit? Here are some photos after the jump that wil never lose their appeal!

Rude French Reporter on ‘Iron Man 2′ Set
Thursday, October 15 by

In this brief clip from a French network Canal Plus's visit to the set of Iron Man 2, a reporter sneaks around and gives his real thoughts on what Jon Favreau, Robert Downey Jr. and company are making.Basically a piece of merde.P.S. To all our French-speaking readers, we're sorry if there are mistakes in our translation.  Today's Marquee LinksChildren's Nightmares: A Photo GalleryMindy Karuk PhotosIf Weekly World News Went Hollywood

Edge of Darkness
Thursday, October 15 by

Mel Gibson plays a Boston detective avenging the murder of his daughter.

Mel Gibson Is Vengeful in “Edge of Darkness” Trailer
Thursday, October 15 by

The success of Taken has prompted Hollywood to churn out more father-turned-Terminator flicks. In the funny accent tour-de-force Edge of Darkness, Mel Gibson stars as a Boston detective searching for answers in the murder of his daughter. Was she killed in an attempt on his life or does the reason behind her assassination go much deeper? Mel intends to find out by smashing every window, door, and face in Suffolk County. We haven't seen Mel this riled up since he wanted his son back in Ransom. Written by William Monahan (The Departed) and directed by Martin Campbell (Casino Royale), it seems to have a hint of Mel's fingerprints on it as well. "Well you had better decide if you're hanging on the cross or banging in the nails." I knew he couldn't go 2:30 seconds without holy rolling! (Yahoo)

Captain Lou Albano, Wrestler, Actor, Dies at 76
Wednesday, October 14 by

If you watched old school WWF, "The Super Mario Bros. Super Show" or a Cyndi Lauper music video from the 1980s, then you've experienced the force of nature that was Captain Lou Albano. WWE issued a statement announcing that Captain Lou passed away today at the age of 76. No cause of death has been cited at the time of this post. You will be missed, Captain Lou. We at Screenjunkies will don Hawaiian shirts and attempt to adorn our facial hair with your trademark rubber bands as soon as we can grow beards. Here are today's top links: Flowchart To Determine Your Halloween Costume (HolyTaco) Girl Fight! Soccer Style (TotalProSports) The Diving Horses Of Atlantic City (TheChive) Behind The Scenes Iron Man 2 Video (FilmDrunk) 15 Most Beautiful American City Skylines (SuperTremendous) 5 Hottest Children's Television Personalities (Pajiba) Leona Lewis Got Punched In The Face (CelebJihad) January Jones Isn't Buttoned-Up (Unreality) How I Got Caught Stalking Val Kilmer (Asylum) Why We Love College Football: A Gallery (BustedCoverage) Chrysler After Government Buyout (RegretfulMorning) Design Your Own Tequila Bottle (MadeMan) Charlotte Crashes (AllLeftTurns) Ass Whoopin In A Winter Wonderland (NothingToxic) Megabot In Teen Superhero Rehab (Atom)

‘New York, I Love You’ Actress Eva Amurri
Wednesday, October 14 by

Hellooooooo hot daughter.  You may have seen Eva Amurri hanging out with Susan Sarandon since Susan is this fine young woman's mother.  Can't you notice the resemblance, you know, in the face…?  The surname 'Amurri' comes from Eva's father, an Italian film director.  I don't know if she got any of his assets, but the overall mixture of genes worked out splendidly.A word from Eva: "Stripping is not easy, I will tell you."Ehhhh, I don't believe you.  Instead of telling me, why don't you go ahead and show me how difficult it is.  Oh wait, you'll never read this post?  I guess additional pics of you in low-cut attire will have to suffice.And here those are after the jump!

If Weekly World News Went Hollywood
Wednesday, October 14 by

Just yesterday, The Hollywood Reporter announced that super-agency CAA had signed Weekly World News to its impressive roster of clients. The theory was that the now-defunct fake tabloid publication has a bevy of untapped properties, of which poster boy "Bat Boy" is just one… and that its characters could "give Marvel a run for its money." That remains to be seen.  But will Hollywood greet Weekly World News's freak show with a hearty handshake (artist's rendering above)? Or will WWN be booted out of Tinseltown's glitzy gates faster than you can say "We're stripping Bat Boy of his co-EP credit…"? So, WWN, we're going to do you a favor. Here are our suggestions for spinning the raw materials you already have into box office GOLD! 

“The Expendables” Trailer Got Jokes
Wednesday, October 14 by

Sylvester Stallone's throwback to gritty, non-CGI action, The Expendables, just premiered its trailer. In it you see ample amounts of gunfire, explosions, waterboarding, and dissing of the Chinese guy.

‘The Golden Age of Video': Great Movie Mash-Up… or Greatest?
Tuesday, October 13 by

After about a minute of watching the above clip, entitled "The Golden Age of Video" by Ricardo Autobahn, I had already lost count of all the movie and TV shows clips that went into its making. It's impressive stuff. And for the most part, these are some pretty classic lines that Autobahn picked.  To place them together in a rhyme scheme and all that… well… hell that's called poetry, class. If the music and lyrics haven't taken you yet, bob your head to these links: Rejected Playboy Cartonn Cover Girls (HolyTaco) Lisa Guerrero's Breasts Are Still Not Safe In Hotels (TotalProSports) Street Art By Blu (TheChive) Megan Fox Killed In Transformers 3? (FilmDrunk) The World's Largest Human Castle (SuperTremendous) The "Other" 100 Best Movie Quotes Of All Time (Pajiba) Oh So Close, Miley Cyrus! (CelebJihad) Elaborate Gallery Of Video Game Cupcakes (Unreality) NY Burlesque Festival Lives Up To Its Name (Asylum) Cheerleader Vs. Football Player Equals Ouchie (BustedCoverage) If Star Wars Were Remade Today (RegretfulMorning) How To Brew Your Own Beer (MadeMan) Michael Waltrip Demotes Himself (AllLeftTurns)

‘New York, I Love You’ Actress Olivia Thirlby
Tuesday, October 13 by

Honest to blog, it's Olivia Thirlby!  I hope I just made your skin crawl with that tid bit of too-clever-for-its-own-good dialogue from Juno.  Olivia delivered it as best as she could, though, and turned the character of Juno's semi-slutty best friend Leah into a memorable one.  Now you can look for her as "Actress" in New York, I Love You, where hopefully the screenwriter put words in her mouth that people actually say in real life.      A word from Olivia: "Last year's Sundance was a big deal, This year, I don't care what I wear. For me, it's just another crazy day."Sounds like a day in the life of me, Olivia.  I'm wearing a trash bag secured to my body with a poorly knotted rope-belt, and I'm pretty sure they're serving dove tacos at lunch.  Just another crazy day at the office!And here are some more crazy, sexy, cool pics after the jump!

Batman vs. Blade Video Is Awesome
Tuesday, October 13 by

/Film found this Blade vs. The Dark Knight mash-up that cuts together surprisingly well. Finally some good has come from the Blade: Trinity footage.   More screen junk…   Pixar casts Blake Clark as Slinky Dog (Cinema Blend) Maurice Sendak is kind of a dick (io9) Aubrey Plaza discusses Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (MakingOf) Fox not interested in ID4 sequel (First Showing) Raimi tiptoes around Spidey 4 villian (MTV)

7 Celebrity Netflix Queues
Monday, October 12 by

 You're a big fan of some Hollywood celebrity. You want to learn more about their private lives. And Us Weekly's "Stars: They're just like us!" section stopped being riveting after you found out Christian Slater drinks Starbucks.    You want to learn the dirt… the real dirt… but you don't want to have to root through the celeb's trash bins for goodies. All that usually gets you is a bunch of hot garbage and a night in jail where hot garbage smell is an aphrodisiac for your cell mates.    Well, thanks to the internet, you can now just hack into her Netflix account. After all, sometimes a DVD rental queue is much more telling than a heap of old groceries, anyway.

‘New York, I Love You’ Actress Rachel Bilson
Monday, October 12 by

This entire week we're focusing on the girls of New York, I Love You, an anthology of filmic love letters to NYC, which opens this Friday.  Our first girl is Rachel Bilson, who holds a special, warm, pillow-topped place in my otherwise jaded heart.  If only she wasn't engaged to Anakin Skywalker we could run away together and live happily ever after on a tropical island, relying simply on coconut milk and intense passion as sustenance.  I'd even forgive her for starring in Jumper, and that takes a ton of will power on my part.  I mean, did you even see that movie, Rachel?  Not even Sam Jackson's platinum blond hair could save it.             A word from Rachel: "It's great playing someone who is not like me at all. I'm really a nice girl, so it's fun to be a bitch, then come home and be myself again." I feel the same way about my role at work.  Boy, do I act like a big, catty bitch around the office.  It's all about "Talk to the hand" this, and "Have some scalding hot coffee in your face" that.  It's exhausting to keep up the persona.   Here are some pics of a nice girl being naughty after the jump!

Rachel Bilson
Monday, October 12 by

Simply adorable.

Yes, It’s A Dexter Porn Parody
Monday, October 12 by

We're surprised it took the Adult Entertainment wizards this long to come up with this, but after having headed into its fourth season, Showtime's "Dexter" has been honored with its own porn spoof. Sort of ironic that a show whose marketing campaign has been so reliant on clever puns has had to wait that long for an industry founded on puns (and intercourse) to do a sexy sendup. For those of us not counting back end points, this is way cooler than syndication…   The official press release, courtesy of the very NSFW news publication Porn Valley News (which we can't even link to because it's so dirty), reads:

New York, I Love You
Monday, October 12 by

Director: Allen Hughes, Natalie Portman, Brett RatnerCast: Shia LaBeouf, Natalie Portman, Bradley Cooper, Orlando Bloom, Rachel BilsonSynopsis: An anthology film joining several love stories set in one of the most loved cities of the world, New York.

The Cabin in the Woods
Monday, October 12 by

A twisted and unusual take on the familiar "cabin in the woods" formula.

“The Cabin In The Woods” Delayed Until 2011
Monday, October 12 by

(The hands that won the Superbowl.) Would you like to see a trailer for Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard's subversive horror flick The Cabin In The Woods? Well, friend, look no further than right here… about a year from now. MGM has announced that they are pushing the film's release date to early 2011(!) so that they may convert the film to 3D and capitalize on the hot, new trend. Sounds like a risky plan to me. Anything could happen between now and 2011. The financially-shakey MGM could go under; 3D could be yesterday's news; Whedon's fans may get girlfriends who won't let them watch horror films; or we could all fall victim to the dreaded Y2K10 Bug which will wipe out all technology as we know it. (Shock Til You Drop) Here's some more junk that pertains to the screen… Rampage rocks the 'Hawk (Latino Review)Neil Marshall to Burst the 3D Horror bubble (Empire)Anvil are blowing up too (Superhero Hype)Tara Reid succumbs to the inevitable (WENN)The Georgous Ladies of Dr. Who (Gunaxin)

‘Toy Story 3′ Trailer Sees Toys Abandoned for College, Hopes of Ever Having Sex.
Sunday, October 11 by

It's been playing in theaters for a couple weeks, but now it's finally hit the 'nets. Yes, the new trailer for the long-awaited Toy Story 3, which tells the tale of Andy's toys' survival after they're unceremoniously dumped in a day-care center after Andy departs for college.The only toy that gets to come with Andy on his matriculation? A sassy, wisecracking Fleshlight named Virginia, voiced by Queen Latifah. Check out the trailer after the jump.