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Emma Stone No Longer a Ginger Thanks to ‘Spider-Man’
Monday, December 6 by

Stone has ditched her ginger locks for a blond dye job because of her role as Gwen Stacy, Spidey’s first girlfriend.

10 Best British Gangster Movies
Monday, December 6 by Audrey Johnson

The 10 best British gangster movies truthfully portray the brutality of the crime world and the lifestyle of its members. Moreover, many of the best British gangster movies include the…

10 Greatest Gangster Movies
Monday, December 6 by Audrey Johnson

The 10 greatest gangster movies are not necessarily the most violent, but they are the most intriguing. A good gangster movie portrays the dedication of its members and the fear…

George Clooney Warms His Pipes For ‘Enron: The Musical’
Monday, December 6 by

Matt Damon had better work on his jazz hands. George Clooney is getting into the musical game. He is attached to direct a film adaptation of the UK stage production, Enron: The Musical, sometime after he wraps Farragut North.

5 Best Shark Documentaries
Monday, December 6 by Sidney Johns

The five best shark documentaries range from good old fashion creepy footage to scientific analysis of these killers of the deep. Many shark documentaries are made from a shock perspective….

10 Best Space Documentaries
Monday, December 6 by Audrey Johnson

The 10 best space documentaries show the vastness of the universe and mankind’s struggle to understand it. A good space documentary should include not only the things we know, but…

10 Great Anime Movies
Monday, December 6 by Sheldon Reid

The next time you're craving a movie night, hunt down some great anime movies. One common misconception is that anime is only for children. However, these films feature stylized animation,…

10 Best Thai Drama Movies
Monday, December 6 by Ergopotamo

The 10 best Thai drama movies listed below will both wrench your heart and touch your soul. These dramatic movies deal with issues that anyone can identify with including the…

10 Sexy Anime Movies
Monday, December 6 by Ergopotamo

These 10 sexy anime movies embody the Japanese dream-cuteness, fantasy, and kinkiness all rolled into one. Sexiness is no more intense and creative than expressed in animation, imagined by horny…

10 Best Gang-Related Movies
Monday, December 6 by Andrew Jett

If you’re a film buff who’s looking for gritty action, you should check out the 10 best gang-related movies. Packed with suspense and no-holds-barred imagery, these gang-related movies will keep…

5 Best Movies About Australia
Monday, December 6 by Matt McGew

If you love Australia, then you certainly won't want to miss the 5 best movies about Australia. Australia is a country located in the South Pacific and these films are…

10 Best XXX Rated Movie
Sunday, December 5 by Matt McGew

Porn lovers get ready. You won’t want to miss any of these classics, featuring many of the great porn starlets from today and yesteryear.

10 Best 80’s Movie Characters
Sunday, December 5 by Lisa Gove

Movies in the 80's were about comedy and teen angst, and these 10 best 80's movie characters are no exception. From an alien to a serial killer, to the girl…

10 Best PG-Rated Movies
Sunday, December 5 by Raina Lorring

Check out the 10 best PG-rated movies. PG stands for parental guidance, which means a film may not be suitable for children and should be checked out by parents. Films…

10 Most Popular Movies Of 2007
Sunday, December 5 by Herbert Kanter

Seeing as it was one of the best years for films in recent memory, naming the 10 most popular movies of 2007 is something of a difficult task. From adaptations…

10 Most Famous Female Movie Characters
Sunday, December 5 by Tom Gordon

With more than a century's worth of films to choose from, picking out the 10 most famous female movie characters isn't easy. But this list should have at least a…

5 Best Gangster Movies 2008
Sunday, December 5 by Ambriel Maji

Are you looking for the top 5 gangster movies of 2008? 2008 may not have been the greatest year for gangster movies but these gangster movies are ones you may…

10 Best Movies About Dogs
Sunday, December 5 by Glennice Fryson

Screen junkies, movie lovers, animal lovers you name it, everyone love dogs, so what are the 10 best movies about dogs? It's a well known fact, people love animals.  It's been well…

10 Good Halloween Movies
Sunday, December 5 by Travis Petersen

Not every scary movie is perfect for Halloween, but thus list of ten good Halloween movies focuses on slasher films best watched with a group of people, a big bowl…

10 Good Date Movies
Sunday, December 5 by Travis Petersen

A good date movie is likely a romantic comedy aimed at the lady in the equation, but this list of ten good date movies contains romantic comedies he can enjoy…

Aliens Trash Our Best Beaches In Second ‘Battle: Los Angeles’ Trailer
Sunday, December 5 by

Aaron Eckhart may not get to run around and terrorize Batman again, but at least he gets the chance to defend Coffee Bean from outer space invaders.

10 Best Asian Gangster Movies
Sunday, December 5 by Travis Petersen

The 10 best Asian gangster movies are classics of the genre, much like "The Godfather" and "Goodfellas" are to American audiences. Hong Kong films about the Triads and Japanese Yakuza…

10 Good Animated Movies
Sunday, December 5 by Travis Petersen

There are many great animated films and this list of 10 good animated movies is only the tip of the iceberg, but should be a good start for those looking…

10 Classic Movie Soundtracks
Sunday, December 5 by Travis Petersen

Music is important to many a film and the movies behind these 10 classic movie soundtracks would be nothing without music. These classic movie soundtracks use popular music to help…

5 Best Killers Movies 2010
Sunday, December 5 by William Gish

Though it wasn’t a stellar year for horror films, the 5 best killers movies of 2010 are genuinely good films. From the smokey noir of Australia’s “Daybreakers” to the sweltering…

Steven John Carell, ’84
Sunday, December 5 by

Perfect casting for the 40-Year-Old Virgin.

10 Best Action Movies Ever
Sunday, December 5 by Travis Petersen

This list of the 10 best action movies ever features explosions, wisecracks, square-jawed heroes and diabolical villains galore. Ranging from sci-fi epics to buddy cop movies and an all-star World War…

10 Best Comedy Movies Of 2007
Sunday, December 5 by T. Cousin

Here are 10 the best comedy movies of 2007. The year is gone, but it left behind some of the funniest movies of the decade. Check this list for the…

10 Best Animated Movie Characters
Sunday, December 5 by Mason Kaho

The list of the 10 best animated movie characters include classics from decades past and current favorites, both hand-drawn characters and animated personalities. Adults and kids alike enjoy animated movies…

5 Best Old Horror Movie Posters
Sunday, December 5 by Julie Goodwill

From campy to creepy, the 5 best old horror movie posters highlight poster art that was an integral part of film promotion in the days before mass marketing.  From outrageous…

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