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Catfight: Lindsay Lohan Loses Porn Star Gig to Malin Akerman
Monday, November 22 by

Due to her ongoing legal troubles and drug problems, Lohan has been dropped from the cast in favor of Malin Akerman. You know your career is in trouble when you’re too unreliable to play a 70’s porn star.

10 Best Lesbian Scenes In Movies
Monday, November 22 by Ed Mulero

The 10 best lesbian scenes in movies showcases girl-on-girl love to the next level of everyone's pleasure. These hot lesbian scenes redefine "cute" because they get together and into hot…

10 Best Ghost Story Movies
Monday, November 22 by Kitty Cruiser

Finding the 10 best ghost story movies can be difficult since (as any horror movie buff knows) you have to view many craptasic horror movies to find a gem. Fortunately,…

10 Best Love Making Scenes In Movies
Monday, November 22 by Andrew Ng

Some actress are only remembered for their role in a love making scene, and today we present you our list of the 10 best love making scenes in a movie….

10 Best Horror DVD Rentals
Sunday, November 21 by Annette Smith

Looking for the 10 best horror DVD rentals? Consider the following list, a mix of classic horror films and more recent favorites. According to the Internet Movie Database (IMDb), these…

10 Best 2009 DVD Movie Releases
Sunday, November 21 by T. Cousin

The 10 best 2009 DVD movie releases like every year were packed with blockbusters. On the average, DVD rental chains release at least three new movies per week. Each week can be a tough choice,…

5 Best Comedy Movies Of 2008
Sunday, November 21 by Daniel Khalil

The year was great for humor, as evidenced by the 5 best comedy movies of 2008. Then again, the comedy movies of 2008 are known to be some of the…

10 Best Interracial Movies
Sunday, November 21 by Jason Cuthbert

With such a divisive, and historically ugly concept such as "race", viewing the 10 best interracial movies can be a way to either cope with race, question it, or just…

10 Hottest Actresses Topless
Sunday, November 21 by William Gish

You want 10 hot topless actresses. You're looking for women with class and talent. Women with the glamour and mystery and old Hollywood charm. Women who are proud of their…

Christian Bale Doesn’t Believe ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Is Real Batman 3 Title
Sunday, November 21 by

We didn’t expect big Batman news from Christian Bale while he’s promoting his new drama, The Fighter. He doesn’t shoot until next year, but I thought at least I could get his reaction to the title Christopher Nolan announced. Bale doesn’t even believe it’s going to be called The Dark Knight Rises.

10 Best Love Story Movies
Sunday, November 21 by Anarch

The next time you're planning a big movie marathon, why not check out these 10 best love story movies? Everyone loves a good romantic movie, whether they enjoy drama, fantasy,…

Know Your Gingers
Sunday, November 21 by
5 Best Movies With Good Sex Scenes
Sunday, November 21 by Victorino Sianghio Jr.

The 5 best movies with good sex scenes may just give you an erection while you are watching them, so it is best to maybe wear an extra pair or…

McConaughey Practices Road Law In Trailer For ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’
Sunday, November 21 by

Matthew McConaughey stars as The Lincoln Lawyer. If he cared about the environment, he’d be a Prius Lawyer.

10 Best Movie Sites
Sunday, November 21 by Mallorie Greene

Thanks to the Internet, you can find 10 best movies sites online. Long gone are the days where moviegoers rely on newspapers, Siskel and Ebert shows to find out if…

10 Most Haunted Movies
Sunday, November 21 by Annie Lavery

There have been great horror movies filmed over the years, however none as fascinating as the 10 most haunted movies of all time. People view haunted movies for thrills and…

5 Best Threesome Sex Scenes
Sunday, November 21 by Stephen Pomposello

If you're looking to find the 5 best threesome sex scenes, then look no further as these steaming threesome masterpieces are extremely hot and sizzling. Threesomes are a pretty popular…

5 Best Movies With Will Smith
Saturday, November 20 by Mallorie Greene

With over 20 years in the entertainment industry and dozens of films to his name, here are the 5 best movies with Will Smith. One of the best actors in…

10 Best High School Movies
Saturday, November 20 by Jacob Quinn

The 10 bes high school movies do a great job of examining the issues a kid faces during maturation. High school is a tough time for everybody, and there is…

10 Movies With The Most Sex
Saturday, November 20 by Mishka Bulldozer

Finding the 10 movies with the most sex in them is actually a bit harder than you’d think. Considering that sex has been a central part of film ever since…

10 Most Memorable Movie Scenes
Saturday, November 20 by Mason Kaho

The 10 most memorable movie scenes include images and clips from some of the most believed flicks of all time. Great actors delivering great performances and great emotions and dialogue…

10 Best Sex Scenes In English Movies
Saturday, November 20 by Zach Feral

If you are looking for the 10 best sex scenes in English movies, then you’ve come to the right place. Anyone who still holds on to that tired old stereotype…

10 Best Movie Sex Scenes
Saturday, November 20 by Greg Hawood

Movies are full of sex, so finding the 10 best movie sex scenes requires hours of painstaking research. There are many elements that make sex scenes great: hot women, boobs,…

First Peek at Karl Urban as Judge ‘Dredd’
Saturday, November 20 by

Dredd’s suit is definitely more leathery than Sly’s in the 1995 Judge Dredd. Also, what do you guys think of Urban, mainly around the mouth area? Is he rocking the right amount of stumble?

10 Best XXX DVD Rentals
Saturday, November 20 by David Gaines

Pornography enthusiasts look beyond the images to find the artistic merit behind the 10 best XXX DVD rentals of all time. Pornography infiltrated the homes of every American once the…

10 Best April 2009 DVD Releases
Saturday, November 20 by T. Cousin

DVDs are released weekly for home entertainment and the 10 best DVD April 2009 releases were some of the year's most memorable films. Many April 2009 releases were nominated for prestigious…

10 Best Indie Movies Of All Time
Saturday, November 20 by Jason Cuthbert

When considering which films make up the 10 best Indie movies of all time, we aren't talking about the Indiana Jones series here. Indie movies are Independent films produced mostly…

10 Best Authentic Movie Costumes
Saturday, November 20 by Greg Hawood

The wardrobe manager plays an important role in every movie but the 10 best authentic movie costumes were put together by people who went to extra mile to make the…

10 Best Movie Villains
Saturday, November 20 by Jacob Quinn

Some of the 10 best movie villains are despicable, while others may even be likeable in a strange way. The best movie villains are often the characters that we actually…

10 Most Shocking Movies
Saturday, November 20 by Bo Vandy

When looking for the 10 most shocking movies of all time there are several factors to take into consideration. Certainly gore can shock an audience and that is why it…

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