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5 Best Ghost Movies 2008
Monday, November 29 by Karsun

If you're a ghost movie aficionado, you may want to know about them by decade so this list will help you learn about 5 best ghost movies 2008. This list…

‘The Hobbit’s’ Multi-Racial Cast Will Be Shot In 3D
Monday, November 29 by

Some doings transpiring on The Hobbit. First, they’ll shoot that sucker in 3D. Second, black actors shall be allowed to pass.

10 Best Secret Agent Movies
Monday, November 29 by Sidney Johns

The 10 best secret agent movies range from comedy to tragedy, from thriller to love stories. They all have one thing in common, a secret agent that turns into a…

20th Century Fox Cracks Down On ‘Deadpool’ Script Leak
Monday, November 29 by

20th Century Fox has decided to lawyer up against a webmaster who posted the leaked Deadpool script on her online screenplay database. The studio has filed a $15 million suit against Patricia McIlvane on the grounds of copyright infringement. Isn’t reading Deadpool punishment enough?

10 Most Romantic Movies
Monday, November 29 by Andrea Miller

If you have a hot date coming up, check out these 10 most romantic movies. Not only are these great films, they are guaranteed to get your woman in the…

Top 10 Comedy Movies
Monday, November 29 by Jacob Quinn

Some of the top ten comedy movies are purely for laughs, while others mix in a little drama or social commentary. All of them are highly enjoyable experiences and they…

Top 10 Ghost Movies
Monday, November 29 by Karsun

If you love a scary movie that has ghosts in it then you'll want to learn about top 10 ghost movies. Sure, there are plenty of scary movies out there…

10 Best Action Movie Stars
Monday, November 29 by Thomas King

The 10 best action movie stars pack the theaters and make the money. Action movies are known for their risky stunts, massive explosions, high-energy pace, and iconic stars. In particular,…

‘Aliens’ and ‘Hard Target’ Get Tronitized
Monday, November 29 by

AICN hosted a contest where fans could enter their videos of other movies getting the Tron treatment for a chance to win a seat at the upcoming Butt-Numb-A-Thon. Tronitized Aliens, the champion, certainly earned its title.

10 Most Successful Movies Of All Time
Monday, November 29 by Charlene Masona

In the film industry generally a movies success is measured by its gross revenue so here is a list of the 10 most successful movies of all time based on…

James Franco & Anne Hathaway To Host/Banter On 83rd Oscars
Monday, November 29 by

Actors James Franco and Anne Hathaway have been set to host/read Bruce Vilanch jokes on the 83rd Annual Academy Awards.

Mandy Moore
Monday, November 29 by

Admittedly, you won’t be seeing a whole lot of Mandy Moore in Disney’s latest fairy tale tryst, Tangled. What you’ll see is a computer-generated hyper-rendering of something that vaguely resembles the general shape of a human being with enormous eyes and Mandy Moore’s voice.

10 Best Movies About Secrets
Monday, November 29 by Sidney Johns

The 10 best movies about secrets are those whose plots leave us guessing to the very end. When a secret is kept hidden throughout an entire movie, the audience is…

‘The Empire Strikes Back’ Director Irvin Kershner Has Died
Monday, November 29 by

Irving Kershner, best known for directing The Empire Strikes Back, the second best Star Wars film (The Clone Wars is obviously the best), has died.

10 Worst Movies 2008
Monday, November 29 by Raina Lorring

Learn what movies to avoid with this list of the 10 worst movies of 2008. Movies can be a wonderful source of entertainment but they can also just be plain…

10 Best Films About Love
Monday, November 29 by David Gaines

Anniversaries prompt couples to search out the 10 best films about love. Cinematography evolved over the last century with an emphasis on eliciting emotional responses from the audience. In fact,…

Ian McKellen’s Website Hints at Role in ‘The Hobbit’
Monday, November 29 by

Despite the fact that production for Peter Jackson’s two-part prequel, The Hobbit, is now under way, there has been no confirmation that the actor will reprise his iconic role. However, a recently updated page on McKellen’s official website seems to indicate that he will be appearing in the film.

Stephen Dorff Wants Jack Nicholson For His Very Funny Comedy Idea
Monday, November 29 by

Stephen Dorff is saying things. Now that he’s poised for a comeback thanks to his starring turn in Sofia Coppola’s Somewhere, he’s looking toward the future by not appearing in crappy movies anymore.

10 Best Movies In 2011
Monday, November 29 by Spyder Collins

It is difficult to name the ten best movies in 2011 mainly because it hasn’t happened yet. So, without box office sales to quote or interviews from groupies, this article…

10 Best Sex Scenes With Lesbian
Monday, November 29 by Yvonne Glasgow

The 10 best sex scenes with lesbians come from some movies you may have already seen and just forgot about, some movies you really should see and some movies that…

10 Best English Movies 2009
Monday, November 29 by Jessica Mousseau

You may be wondering if the 10 best English movies 2009 is referring to the language that the movie was made in or where it was made. This list addresses…

10 Best New Movies On DVD 2008
Monday, November 29 by Thomas King

With most films coming in at between 90 and 120 minutes, nobody wants to sit through a bad film. Fortunately, we have movie critics to help us avoid this very…

10 Most Famous American Actors
Sunday, November 28 by Victorino Sianghio Jr.

The 10 best most famous American actors is a veritable pantheon of demi-gods who grace ordinary Americans with their movie-screen presence. These American actors are not merely mortal human beings…

5 Best Japanese Ghost Movies
Sunday, November 28 by Victorino Sianghio Jr.

The 5 best Japanese ghost movies are the movies that will give you a shock and a scare so bad that you may lose control of your bladder…and other, basic…

10 Best Secret Admirer Movies
Sunday, November 28 by Sidney Johns

The 10 best secret admirer movies don't all focus on the hidden feelings of the characters. The feature is often a twist, or a secondary piece of the action. Keep…

R.I.P. Leslie Nielsen
Sunday, November 28 by

Beloved comic actor Leslie Nielsen has passed away at the age of 84. He is best known for his roles in hysterical spoof films as well as Scary Movie 4.

10 Good Movies 2009
Sunday, November 28 by Jessica Mousseau

2009 was a good year in film so here's a list of 10 good movies 2009. The good movies 2009 list has something for all ages. "Avatar" This was a blockbuster…

10 Good French Movies
Sunday, November 28 by Jessica Mousseau

If you have ever watched a foreign film, especially a French one, you may wonder if there are 10 good French movies that actually have a plot that can be…

10 Best Movie Characters Costumes
Sunday, November 28 by Layla Sinclair

If you have a costume party coming up and want to pay homage to an iconic film, you’ll want to consider wearing these ten best movie character costumes. From pirates…

10 Best Explicit Sex Scenes
Sunday, November 28 by Travis Petersen

The ten best explicit sex scenes are not only steamy, they are artfully done and fit in with the movie as a whole. These ten best explicit sex scenes are…

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