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10 Best Sad Movie Endings
Saturday, January 22 by Sidney Johns

The 10 best sad movie endings typically bring tears to viewers’ eyes. Not all of these movies are chick flicks. Some of these movies are man-sized tearjerkers with endings that…

10 Best Actors 2008
Saturday, January 22 by Travis Petersen

The 10 best actors of 2008 gave wide-ranging, Academy Award nominated performances. From those who won Best Actor or Supporting Actor Oscars to those who were just nominated, the best…

10 Good Fantasy Movies
Saturday, January 22 by Jacob Quinn

Finding 10 good fantasy movies for this list was a challenging, mostly because there were so many interesting choices to wade through. It’s not unusual for Hollywood to throw in…

10 Best Filipino American Actors
Saturday, January 22 by Amanda Ferguson

The 10 best Filipino American actors range from all types of films and theater. Their deep culture have shown to be a major influence in their style and their talents….

10 Longest Running Sitcoms
Saturday, January 22 by T. Cousin

Every television viewer has probably watched at least one of the 10 longest running sitcoms. A sitcom is defined as a situation comedy that features recurring characters in a common environment, like…

’127 Hours’ Was Almost A Luke Perry Movie
Saturday, January 22 by

Danny Boyle’s 127 Hours earned a lot of critical acclaim for its realistic depiction of hiker Aron Ralston hacking off his own arm with a dull penknife, but it turns out it could have been even more painful to watch.

10 Best Films About Jesus
Saturday, January 22 by Karsun

Many people enjoy movies about Jesus and the life of Christ but can't find that many so now you can learn about 10 best films about Jesus. There are probably…

10 Best Sad Movie Moments
Saturday, January 22 by Christina Hall

These are the 10 best sad movie moments that will make even a grown man shed a not easily hidden tear. Cinema provides a much needed escape from the mind…

10 Classic Romance Movies
Saturday, January 22 by Nicki Porter

If you're looking for movie nights to stir up a little romance, these 10 classic romance movies are guaranteed to woo any woman's heart. It's pure science: no woman can…

Sundance Review: The Music Never Stopped
Saturday, January 22 by

Really a TV movie of the week, but it manages to work on levels above just an interesting disease.

5 Best Martial Arts Movies 2007
Saturday, January 22 by Victorino Sianghio Jr.

The 5 best martial arts movies of 2007 are all those films that made you want to do some chop-socky, kung-f fighting of your own! These are the films that…

10 Most Popular Spanish Movies
Saturday, January 22 by Shawn Lealos

The 10 most popular Spanish movies presents stories both in the Spanish Civil War as well as contemporary tales of loss and love. A number of big name directors made…

10 ‘Old School’ Movie Quotes
Saturday, January 22 by Kimberly Porter

There is a good chance in your lifetime that you have felt the need to throw out one of the following 10 "Old School" movie quotes. It's not your fault…

10 Best Italian Movies On DVD
Saturday, January 22 by Shawn Lealos

The best Italian movies on DVD presents some of the masters of cinema history. Names like Fellini, Antonioni and Leone got their starts and produced some of their greatest films…

10 Best Hollywood Movie Trailers 2010
Saturday, January 22 by Rochelle Connery

The 10 best Hollywood movie trailers 2010 sent all of us rushing to the theaters in a hurry. But only a few of the movies really lived up to the…

Sundance Review: Hobo With A Shotgun
Saturday, January 22 by

Exactly the kind of movie I want out of cinema. Take a high concept and just do the hell out of it.

10 Best Anime Shows
Saturday, January 22 by Mishka Bulldozer

If you love foreign animation, then you'll die for the 10 best anime shows ever. With the amount of anime shows out there, counting down the best anime shows ever…

5 Scariest Horror Movies 2009
Saturday, January 22 by Victorino Sianghio Jr.

The best 5 scariest horror movies 2009 were all those films that made you look over your shoulder, sleep with a night light on, and also cause you to pee…

10 Best Dance Scenes
Saturday, January 22 by M Tsol

Wondering what the 10 best dance scenes are? Decades of movies have incorporated dance into a story. Though the themes in the movies vary, the dance acts are all energetic,…

5 Best Japanese Horror Movies 2008
Saturday, January 22 by Mishka Bulldozer

If you love Asian cinema, then you really need to know about the 5 best Japanese horror movies 2008. This was one of the better years of Japanese horror movies,…

Top 10 Indian Movies
Saturday, January 22 by Sidney Johns

The top ten Indian movies traverse time and region. While Bollywood has become the mecca of movies in India in recent years, it wasn't always that way. The wholesome movies…

10 Best Soap Opera Actresses
Saturday, January 22 by Brandi Macon

These 10 best soap opera actresses are daytime's hottest vixens. They know how to cat fight, steal a man and look good doing it. You've probabl taken a peak while…

10 Best Sex Documentaries
Saturday, January 22 by Sidney Johns

The ten best sex documentaries cover a wide range of subjects. From looking at teen sex issues to men who choose to live with sex doll instead of real women,…

5 Best Vietnam War Movies
Saturday, January 22 by Walter Turner

The difficulty in selecting the 5 best Vietnam War movies lies in sorting out the changing views of the war. Early films were generally positive in their presentation on the…

10 Classic Sitcoms
Saturday, January 22 by Walter Turner

Selecting the 10 classic sitcoms brings back memories of hilarity and fun. The classic sitcoms aren't necessarily the best sitcoms ever made, but are, instead, the situation comedies that had…

10 Best Thrillers Of 2008
Saturday, January 22 by Natalie Kuchik

The ten best thrillers of 2008 have vastly different plot lines that will keep you in suspense. Some movies are remakes, while others are original stories. All of the movies…

10 Best Sitcom Theme Songs Ever
Saturday, January 22 by Greg Hawood

People generally remember sitcoms for the humorous antics of the characters in the show, but the ten best sitcom them songs ever are as well loved as the shows that…

10 Best Thriller Movies Of 2009
Saturday, January 22 by Natalie Kuchik

The ten best thriller movies of 2009 are films that will send chills down your spine. Some of the movies are remakes of old classics, while others bring new and…

10 Greatest War Movies
Saturday, January 22 by Stephen Pomposello

The ten greatest war movies ever made portray some of society's deadliest battles – from World War II the American Revolutionary War, the Iraq War, to even the Civil War….

10 Most Popular Comedy Movies 2010
Saturday, January 22 by Shawn Lealos

The most popular comedy movies 2010 include remakes and original ideas, making the 2010 a fun year at the movies. Older comic stars, such as Betty White and Sigourney Weaver,…

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