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10 Best Sad Love Movies
Monday, January 24 by Megan Bushree

The following list includes the 10 best sad love movies. There is nothing quite like a good romantic film to escape from reality and immerse yourself into a tale of…

Two Irish Families Beat Each Other Senseless In New HBO Project
Monday, January 24 by

It sounds like the unholy child of ‘Step By Step’ and ‘Fight Club.’

10 Best French Comedy Movies
Monday, January 24 by Zach Feral

Looking for the 10 best French comedy movies of all time? Despite the fact that comedy isn’t a genre that the French typically excel at, there have been quite a…

10 Best Spanish Movies With English Subtitles
Monday, January 24 by Zach Feral

If you’re looking for the 10 best Spanish movies with English subtitles, you’ve come to the right place. These films will help you practice your Spanish while keeping you entertained….

10 Best Japanese Monster Movies
Monday, January 24 by Alan Rankin

Japan’s “kaiju eiga,” or monster movies, have fans around the world, and each fan will give you a different list of the 10 best Japanese monster movies. The movies on…

5 Best World War Movies
Monday, January 24 by Houlihan Macaco

The best world war movies deliver much more than senseless killing. Great dialogues, characters and plots all contribute to a great war movie. Below are the 5 best world war…

Yet Another Linda Lovelace Biopic To Provide Yet Another Role For James Franco?
Monday, January 24 by

James Franco is in talks to play opposite Kate Hudson in the ‘Deep Throat’ star’s biopic, because he needs more roles to cement his status as Hollywood’s leading manwhore.

10 Great Movies Of 2008
Monday, January 24 by Jennifer Wright

Sometimes it’s hard to remember just what the greatest movies of a certain year are, so here are 10 great movies of 2008. “The Dark Knight.” “The Dark Knight” starring…

5 Best Old War Movies
Monday, January 24 by Mason Kaho

The 5 best old war movies include classic films with classic actor and shaped the views of war—sometimes romanticizing it while at others speaking against it—for several generations. Old war…

Stallone’s ‘Expendables’ Truck Sells For $134K, Able To Blow Up Lightning McQueen
Monday, January 24 by

Also up for auction were cars driven by Evel Knievel, Alice Cooper and Elvis. The theme of the auction must have been “Big In The 70s.”

10 Best Sex Scenes In Movies
Monday, January 24 by Travis Petersen

The 10 best sex scenes in movies often overshadow the films they inhabit. Since a good sex scene in a movie is so rare with how puritanical filmmaking has become,…

Top 10 Japanese Movies Ever
Monday, January 24 by Alan Rankin

Japanese filmmakers have had a lasting influence on world culture, as demonstrated by the top 10 Japanese movies ever made. The imagery, characters and stories of Japanese cinema have inspired…

‘Piranhaconda’ Proves Team ‘Sharktopus’ Is Not Out Of Ideas
Monday, January 24 by

Prolific producer Roger Corman, who will have completed a film by the time you finish reading this sentence, is creating another movie monster for you to kind of like ironically.

10 Best Reality TV Stars Ever
Monday, January 24 by J.Swindell

Choosing the 10 Best Reality TV stars is not easy as there are many to choose from.  Reality TV stars are unlike most celebrities who are admired for their skills…

10 Best Old British Movies
Monday, January 24 by Amanda Ferguson

The 10 best old British movies range from comedies to drama and they all have collaborative efforts from directors, actors, and cinematographers that weld together for exceptional film in the…

There Be Trailer For ‘There Be Dragons’
Monday, January 24 by

This is a serious war drama by a two-time Oscar nominated director, not a movie about pirates fighting dragons, much to my disappointment.

10 Most Popular French Movies Ever
Monday, January 24 by Amanda Ferguson

The 10 most popular French movies ever are vast and expansive. They typically consist of art house films that changed the way cinema was approached. French movies are known for…

10 Best Drama Movies That Came Out In 2006
Monday, January 24 by Walter Turner

The 10 best drama movies that came out in 2006 include a significant number of films that depict real events or that are fictionalized versions of actual events. Stories based…

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“Help Me, Jenny Craig. You’re My Only Hope.”
Monday, January 24 by

Princess Leia is now the spokesperson, along with Valerie Bertinelli, for Jenny Craig.

5 Best Japanese War Movies
Monday, January 24 by Clara Havens

The following list will clue you in to the 5 best Japanese war movies ever made. Actually, four of the films were made in Hollywood and the last one, in France. All five of…

Why Kevin Smith’s Indie 2.0 Is Complete B.S.
Monday, January 24 by

I certainly hope that he’s successful in his endeavor. But the idea that what Smith is trying to do is somehow applicable to small, independent filmmakers is complete nonsense.

Screen shot 2011-01-24 at 4.16.21 PM
‘Sucker Punch’ Clearly In The Poster-Making Business
Monday, January 24 by

Sucker Punch still opens on March 25th, and as long as they keep rolling out these images, I’ll keep reminding you of that fact.

10 Best Death Scenes Ever
Monday, January 24 by William Gish

Filled with tragedy, violence, humor, and power, the 10 best death scenes ever vindicate heroes, martyr villains, and allow the audience to live vicariously through the deeds of others. These…

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‘New Year’s Eve’ Cast Adds Seth Meyers And Bon Jovi For The Sake Of Art
Monday, January 24 by

Bon Jovi and Seth Meyers, the two most lauded actors of our generation, are set to join the cast of Garry Marshall’s New Year’s Eve.

10 Best Comedy TV Shows
Monday, January 24 by Melissa James

By matter of personal opinion, nailing down the 10 best comedy TV shows would not only be difficult, but highly debatable. This list will hopefully fit your brand of comedy…

5 Female Martial Arts Movies
Monday, January 24 by BWalter

Here are the coolest 5 female martial arts movies. What's better than a martial arts flick? How about a martial arts flick that's centered around a beautiful woman, or women…

10 Classic Movie Musicals
Monday, January 24 by Houlihan Macaco

These 10 classic movie musicals are the best and usually the silliest. Sometimes they are not so silly, but move you in a powerful way. Whether you're in a silly…

‘The Social Network’ Is Lies, All Lies.
Monday, January 24 by

While speaking at something geeky recently, Sean Parker revealed that ‘The Social Network’ isn’t very factual. We kinda figured that out when they cast Timberlake to play him.

10 Best Serial Killer Movies Of The 90’s
Monday, January 24 by Rochelle Connery

If you’re looking for the 10 best serial killer movies of the 90’s to watch while you’re all alone on a cold night, freak yourself out with these thrillers. Their…

Raimi Producer Discusses Possible Half-Assed ‘Evil Dead’ Reboot
Monday, January 24 by

A longtime producer of Sam Raimi films has stirred the pot among Evil Dead fanboys by saying that Raimi is considering overseeing a remake of the original by a young director.

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