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10 Best Asian Martial Arts Movies
Sunday, January 23 by Jacob Quinn

Some of the 10 best Asian martial arts movies are strict action tales, while other movies mix in a bit of humor, drama or fantasy. All of these movies include…

5 Best Korean Comedy Movies
Sunday, January 23 by T. Cousin

If you want a change of pace, you may want to check out the 5 best Korean comedy movies. Comedy in taken from life's drama, as you will see from these Korean movies. Here…

10 Best British Movie Stars
Sunday, January 23 by Amin El-Gazzar

When thinking about movie stars, most people think about Hollywood rather than London, but when you look over the list of the 10 best British movie stars, you will recognize…

lizzie trying to smile but cant get it out
Elizabeth Olsen Gets ‘Red Light’
Sunday, January 23 by

You know her as the secret Olsen twin, but now she’s making a name for herself after Sundance.

NBC Soap Operas
Sunday, January 23 by Glennice Fryson

For soap opera fans and all interested parties, below is a list of NBC soap operas airing from the NBC days of radio until the inception of television. Originally, soap…

10 Best Hollywood Directors
Sunday, January 23 by Megan Bushree

The following list contains the 10 best Hollywood directors. These directors have unique visions for the future of film and have displayed those visions on multiple occasions. Storytelling has become…

5 Best Anime Sword Fights In Movies
Sunday, January 23 by Spyder Collins

Trimming down to the 5 best anime sword fights in movies was somewhat of a chore. Though anime is mostly episode-based, there are many movies that show off the swordplay…

10 Greatest Movie Love Scenes
Sunday, January 23 by Greg Hawood

The 10 greatest movie love scenes are well known to anyone who has a heart and a working TV. Some love scenes are very physical while others are emotional. Some…

10 Best American Sitcoms Of The 80’s
Sunday, January 23 by Mason Kaho

The list of the ten best American sitcoms of the 80's includes some classics that can still make you laugh in syndication today. It was an era when ethnic diversity…

10 Best Reality TV Moments 2010
Sunday, January 23 by Raina Lorring

Now you'll know which videos to search for online with these 10 best reality TV moments of 2010. If you missed any of these moments, you missed some reality TV…

Working On Kevin Smith’s ‘Red State’ Made Almost The Whole Cast Want To ‘Hit Somebody’
Sunday, January 23 by

Kevin Smith is already drumming up publicity for his next movie.

10 Best Drama Movies That Came Out In 2005
Sunday, January 23 by Walter Turner

Included among the 10 best drama movies that came out in 2005 are biographical films, novel adaptations, and dramatizations of real events. The list does not include dramatic movies from…

10 Best Korean Movie Star
Sunday, January 23 by Tabitha Dye

Korean movies have come into the limelight recently and knowing who the 10 best Korean movie stars are can be a benefit. Korean movies are so well developed and engaging that…

5 Best 80’s Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies
Sunday, January 23 by Houlihan Macaco

It is difficult to pick out the 5 best '80s Arnold Schwarzenegger movies simply because they're all good. It does not seem to matter which character the governator plays. His…

5 Best Johnny Depp Movies
Sunday, January 23 by Victorino Sianghio Jr.

The 5 best Johnny Depp movies are those films where you were entertained and remembered to take Depp for what he is: an entertainer and nothing more. They are the…

10 Best Cartoon Movies
Sunday, January 23 by David Boston

The top 10 best cartoon movies is an important list in the movie industry. With the advent of new technology, the film industry has gained a lot of power to…

10 Best Best Actress Oscar Winners
Sunday, January 23 by Frances Smith

Learn about 10 best best actress Oscar winners for a rundown of the cream of the acting crop. The Oscar for best actress is presented each year at the Oscars,…

Sundance Review: ‘The Greatest Movie Ever Sold’
Sunday, January 23 by

Explains how product placement works, by trying to make an all product placement movie. I’m still left with a few questions, but the film ultimately succeeds.

5 Common War Movie Themes
Sunday, January 23 by Mason Kaho

These 5 common war movie themes include a range of sentiments from heroism to brutality. Few things stir philosophers, poets, artists and average people like war, which is considered both…

Sundance Review: Like Crazy
Sunday, January 23 by

This relationship study is raw, honest and brutal, yet beautiful.

5 Best BBC Documentaries
Sunday, January 23 by Frances Smith

Learn about the 5 best BBC documentaries to watch compelling television. The British Broadcasting Corporation, also known as the BBC, is the largest broadcasting organization in the world. They provide…

10 Best Old TV Sitcoms
Sunday, January 23 by Greg Hawood

There have been countless great TV shows down the decades, but none are so loved as the 10 best old sitcoms. Everybody likes the weird and wonderful characters that appear…

10 Best New Filmmakers 2010
Sunday, January 23 by Irving Oala

It's hard to say exactly who the 10 best new filmmakers of 2010 are, as many of the great directors of 2010 have been directing for years and are now…

10 Inspirational Disney Movie Quotes
Sunday, January 23 by Irving Oala

Here are 10 inspirational movie quotes from Disney films which appeal to all age groups. What has made Disney films so successful in the past is that they appeal to…

5 Best Topless Movie Scenes 2010
Sunday, January 23 by Gibson Destro

Let's face it, sometimes you just want to see a celebrity naked, and after an entire year of blockbuster films and television shows it's now possible to figure out what…

5 Best American Soap Operas
Sunday, January 23 by Brandi Macon

These best American soap operas have intrigued television viewers for decades. The first American soap, "Guiding Light," hit the waves in the '30s. When television was invented, daytime was forever…

10 Most Popular Movies Of 2008
Sunday, January 23 by Karsun

Every year there are lists of the most popular movies so if you want to learn about 10 most popular movies of 2008, here's the list for you. The following…

10 Classic British Movies
Sunday, January 23 by Amin El-Gazzar

It's difficult to choose the best classic British movies simply because there are so many movies to choose from. This is a category dominated by film legends like David Lean…

5 Best Martial Arts Movies 2008
Sunday, January 23 by Amin El-Gazzar

In naming the 5 best martial arts movies, more than fight scenes need to be considered. Dozens of martial arts movies are made every year with Hong Kong leading the…

10 Best Movies About Gangs
Sunday, January 23 by Tom Gordon

The 10 best movies about gangs covers gangs with great dance moves and gangs with guns across more than 50 years of moviemaking. While gangs tend to occupy a place…

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