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10 Best Animated Movie Characters
Sunday, December 5 by Mason Kaho

The list of the 10 best animated movie characters include classics from decades past and current favorites, both hand-drawn characters and animated personalities. Adults and kids alike enjoy animated movies…

5 Best Old Horror Movie Posters
Sunday, December 5 by Julie Goodwill

From campy to creepy, the 5 best old horror movie posters highlight poster art that was an integral part of film promotion in the days before mass marketing.  From outrageous…

Top 10 Adventure Movies 2010
Sunday, December 5 by Jennifer Weller

There were many adventure films made in this year, but here is the list of the top 10 adventure movies of 2010. These adventure movies will take you on many journeys, battles…

Top 10 English Movies
Sunday, December 5 by Tom Gordon

The top 10 English movies ever made cover the gamut of film types, from adventures and crime thrillers to comedies, both romantic and silly. They include black-and-white classics and modern…

10 Best Action Movies
Sunday, December 5 by sameerah blue

Get ready for all the violence you can handle with the 10 best action movies. The ten best action movies are a perfect storm of mindless violence, explosions and comedy…

Top 10 Alien Movies
Sunday, December 5 by Andrew Jett

Every science fiction fan should see the top 10 alien movies. Featuring imaginative storylines loaded with special effects, these alien movies will stimulate your imagination and make you think twice…

10 Most Popular 2008 Movies
Sunday, December 5 by Julie Goodwill

The 10 most popular 2008 movies are comprised of some of the highest grossing movies to date.  2008 was a big year for the entertainment industry, as it marked the…

10 Best Small Town Movies
Sunday, December 5 by Herbert Kanter

This list of the 10 best small town movies will help remind moviegoers and aficionados of just how intimate and identifiable the small town film can be to viewers. Such…

10 Funny Movie Characters Of The 80′s
Sunday, December 5 by Tom Gordon

You can't assemble a list of 10 funny movie characters of the '80s without mentioning Bill Murray, who was to the '80s what Will Ferrell was to the 2000s. Check…

10 Best Murder Mystery Movies
Sunday, December 5 by Kathy Heydasch

Here's a list of the top 10 greatest murder mystery movies, and the most recent is from 2000! So Hollywood, where have all the great murder mystery movies gone? Bring back…

10 Hottest Movie Stars
Sunday, December 5 by Mason Kaho

The list of the 10 hottest movie stars include some of the most famous actresses in history. These gals scorched the screens, impressing audiences with their… assets, even if acting…

10 Best Action Movie Trailers
Saturday, December 4 by Audrey Johnson

The 10 best action movie trailers should be energetic, breathtaking and, of course, make viewers want to see the film. While many action movie trailers fulfill all three of these…

10 Best 2011 Movies
Saturday, December 4 by Karsun

If you can't wait until the new movies come out and want to know more about what to expect, you can learn about 10 best 2011 movies and get a…

10 Best Austrailian Actors
Saturday, December 4 by Bobby Ivie

In the catalogue of the 10 best Australian actors, there are some who were actually born in Australia and some who moved there early in life to be raised. For…

Top Horror Movies 2008
Saturday, December 4 by Ryanick Paige

These top horror movies of 2008 can scare the crap out of you. These movies will have your woman sitting closer to you than ever while hiding her face in…

10 Good Western Movies
Saturday, December 4 by ShawnD

Western movies have a reputation of being just about gunfights and outlaws, and while there are no shortage of movies like that, check out this list of 10 good western…

Top 10 Comedy Movies 2009
Saturday, December 4 by T. Cousin

The top 10 comedy movies 2009 are sure to satisfy even the toughest comedy critic. Comedy i taken from drama and can sometimes make you sad, but a traditional comedy film is meant to…

10 Good Movie Songs
Saturday, December 4 by Layla Sinclair

If you want to watch a film that will get you scrambling to download its soundtrack, you’ll want to review these 10 good movie songs. The following tunes have become…

Second Trailer For The To’ Up From Da Flo’ Up ‘Beastly’
Saturday, December 4 by

We’ve covered Beastly before, so I’ll be brief on the plot specifics. A handsome, 25-year old high school student is cursed to look like a Henna-tattooed penis and must break the spell by discovering inner beauty.

5 Best Horror Movies For 2009
Saturday, December 4 by Sheryl Berger

The 5 Best Horror Movies for 2009 all involve lot's of blood, gore and some supernatural occurrences which all tend to wreck havoc amon the town and it's inhabitants. These…

Mel Gibson’s All Up In Jodi Foster’s ‘The Beaver’ Trailer
Saturday, December 4 by

The film stars Mel Gibson as a depressed toy executive and family man who uses a beaver puppet to work through emotional pain. It also feels like a creepy apology card.

10 Good Girl Movies
Saturday, December 4 by Ziggy Coventry

It may seem counter intuitive, but ever guy should know of at least 10 good girl movies. The reason is two fold. First, watching a good girl movie, or chick…

10 Most Erotic Movie Scenes
Saturday, December 4 by Karsun

Want to knoe the 10 most erotic movie scenes? Some movies are very erotic or have erotic scenes that can be steamier than porn. Learn about the ten most erotic…

10 Best Alien Abduction Movies
Saturday, December 4 by Stephen Pomposello

The 10 best alie abduction movies contain elements that vary from comedic ("Killer Klowns from Outer Space") to truly dark and graphic ("Xtro"), but one thing which they all definitely…

10 Best Movies Of The Year 2010
Saturday, December 4 by Victorino Sianghio Jr.

The 10 best movies of the year 2010 consist of the movies you will be looking back on years from now with the same excitement as the first time you…

10 Classic 80′s Movies
Saturday, December 4 by George Root

The 10 classic '80s movies bring back a flood of memories for people that lived in that era. The important thing for people born after the 1980s to remember is…

10 Best Movies About Aliens
Saturday, December 4 by Amin El-Gazzar

Here are the 10 best movies about aliens. Hollywood never fails to give us a glimpse into the world of science fiction, where anything is possible. These imaginative people love…

10 Best English Romantic Movies
Saturday, December 4 by Audrey Johnson

Despite what many think, a list of the 10 best English Romantic movies is not rife with overly emotional films. British romantic movies, in fact, tend to have more of…

10 Classic Comedy Movies
Saturday, December 4 by George Root

The 10 classic comedy movies are films that anyone who likes to laugh should see. Comedies have always been popular with moviegoers and a really good comedy usually becomes a…

10 Best TV On DVD Releases
Saturday, December 4 by Audrey Johnson

The 10 best TV on DVD releases includes well-known shows as well as those that were little-watched while on the air. Regardless of whether you’ve seen the shows, below is…