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Hula Hoop: The Movie? You Know, For Kids!
Monday, January 31 by

ICM has just signed Wham-O Toys as a client, with the intent to develop film projects out of kid favorites like the Hula Hoop, Slip-n-Slide, and Frisbee.

Pooh Prom
Monday, January 31 by

With any luck, he’ll put his hand in her honey pot.

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‘Lebowski 2′ Revelation Comes From World’s Worst Source: Tara Reid
Monday, January 31 by

There’s going to be The Big Lebowki 2! (says Tara Reid). It’s going to start filming this year! (says Tara Reid).

10 Best Stone Age Movies
Monday, January 31 by George Root

The list of 10 best stone age movies consists of comedies, action movies and thrillers. Cavemen and their existence has always fascinated movie makers and movie goers. If you have…

‘Spider-Man’ Swings Into Traffic While ‘Captain America’ Unleashes Blue Steel
Monday, January 31 by

The Spidey stunt goes wayyy better than his Broadway debut.

10 Best Drama Films
Monday, January 31 by Jacob Quinn

The 10 best drama films are all deeply emotional experiences. If you’re looking for a movie that tugs at the heartstrings and simultaneously makes you think, any movie on this…

10 Great Thriller Movies
Monday, January 31 by Loretta Arnold

The 10 great thriller movies listed below include psychological, crime, mystery, supernatural and horror genres.  From a killer shark attacking a summer resort, creatures invading a city or some guys…

‘Bridesmaids’ Poster: The Romcom Gods Are Smiling
Monday, January 31 by

A female driven romantic comedy produced by Judd Apatow? Is hell freezing over? Is it 2012 yet? No, it’s just time for ‘Bridesmaids’, a new film written by and starring SNL’s Kristin Wiig.

PG-13 ‘King’s Speech’ Might Remind You Of Daytime TV
Monday, January 31 by

“The King’s Speech” is probably going to be re-released with the Q*bert treatment.

10 Most Popular Movies 2008
Monday, January 31 by Rochelle Connery

Some of the 10 most popular movies 2008 were action packed remakes or sequels that were much better than their originals. Others were stunning in their own right and gained…

10 Best Crime Partners Movie
Monday, January 31 by George Root

A member of the list of the 10 best crime partners movie is always categorized under the action and adventure sections. Sometimes these movies go a little far in glamorizing…

katherine_heigl_emmys copy
Katherine Heigl To Serve As Sub-Halle Berry
Monday, January 31 by

Halle Berry is being replaced by America’s sweetheart Katherine Heigl (in a movie, not in life).

10 Best 80’s Television Shows
Monday, January 31 by Daniel Canfield

There were a lot of great TV shows in the 80's, so here's a list of the 10 best 80's television shows. New genres of television were introduced in the…

R.I.P. John Barry
Monday, January 31 by

The Bond universe has lost one of their most influential collaborators. Film composer John Barry passed away yesterday at the age of 77.

10 Best Doctor Movies
Monday, January 31 by Rene Wolf

The following top 10 doctor movies include a variety of doctor roles. Whether you want to watch a film about the kind of Dr. many patients have grown to resent…

10 Best American War Films
Monday, January 31 by Jackie Barlow

The 10 best American war films include those classics viewers love decades after their release. The best American war films include beloved actors who remained popular a long period of…

‘The King’s Speech’ Continues To Win All Of The Awards
Monday, January 31 by

Hollywood patted itself on the back this past weekend with both the 2011 Director’s Guild of America Awards and the Screen Actor’s Guild 2011 Awards. Also, Scott Bakula made pimping look easy.

Weekend Box Office Report: ‘The Rite’ Stuff
Monday, January 31 by

No one had very high expectations for the Anthony Hopkins horror movie The Rite.

Greatest Sports Pep Talk Ever
Monday, January 31 by

The finest sports figures from film and television offer up words of encouragement to get you back out on that field in fighting form.

10 Funny Movie Moments Of The 90’s
Monday, January 31 by Tony Dayton

The 80's may be have been known as the "decade of the comedy," but the next ten years had some funny movies as well, which is evidenced by the below…

Kurtzman And Orci Sending Children Into Battle
Monday, January 31 by

The writing duo responsible for writing pretty much everything have joined Gavin Hood’s adaptation of Ender’s Game.

10 Best Teen Age Movies
Monday, January 31 by Christen Henderson

Are you searching for the 10 best teenage movies? This article will provide you with the best teenage movies to remind you of those days when high school was the…

5 90’s Holocaust Movies
Monday, January 31 by Ed Mulero

The five 90's Holocaust movies retell the horrors of World War II when Nazis committed millions of Jewish lives to death because of their ethnicity. These Holocaust movies from the…

10 Best Thriller Movies 2010
Monday, January 31 by Deana Clark

Trying to come up with a list of the 10 best thriller movies of 2010 was a bit difficult. What makes a good thriller movie? A good thriller movie is…

Top 10 Crime Movies
Monday, January 31 by BWalter

The top ten crime movies of all time aren't easy to point out. There are so many cool crime movies that 100 different lists could be made, and they'd all…

10 Greatest Thriller Movies
Monday, January 31 by Loretta Arnold

The 10 greatest thriller movies of all time include action, psychological, supernatural and crime themes. Thrillers keep the hair standing up on the arm and the goose bumps coming as…

10 Classic War Films
Monday, January 31 by Alan Rankin

Choose any 10 classic war films, and you’ll find they all have one thing in common: humanity. The war itself may take place in modern times or among the great…

5 Best Old Soap Operas
Monday, January 31 by Michael J

These 5 best old soap operas had the staying power to keep going year after year. A few of these soaps are still on air today but most have been…

10 Romantic Sexy Movies
Monday, January 31 by Tom Gordon

It' date night and you need 10 romantic sexy movies to choose from for a rental that might put both of you in the mood. Well, depending on your taste,…

Javier Bardem Almost As Busy As James Franco
Monday, January 31 by

Prepare yourselves to see Javier Bardem with a really cool scar or a cat on his lap or something. The ‘Biutiful’ Oscar nominee has been offered a role opposite Daniel Craig in ‘Bond 23.’

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