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10 Best Dramatic Romantic Movies
Saturday, February 5 by Ginny Putscher

Although it is not a difficult task to compile a list of the 10 best dramatic romantic movies, a problem occurs because there are so many great movies of this…

10 Best Drama Series Of All Time
Saturday, February 5 by Travis Petersen

The 10 best drama series of all time changed the landscape of modern television, putting it in competition with the best of film in terms of visual storytelling. The 10…

10 Best Movie Vampires Of All Time
Saturday, February 5 by Natalie Kuchik

The 10 best movie vampires of all time are either good or evil. Some drink human blood and take innocent lives, while others feed off animals and protect the human…

Cobie Smulders 1st Choice To Play Nick Fury’s Secretary
Saturday, February 5 by

Here’s hoping Cobie Smulders looks good in an eyepatch.

Female ‘Superman’ Villain Revealed To Be The One Female ‘Superman’ Villain
Saturday, February 5 by

Oh right, it’s Ursa.

10 Best Bollywood Movies
Saturday, February 5 by Erin Kilgour

The Hindi version of Hollywood has produced tons of films, and presented in this list is the 10 best Bollywood movies. After over a century since the first movie was…

10 Sad Movie Scenes 2010
Saturday, February 5 by Frances Smith

Learn about 10 sad movie scenes of 2010. These movies of 2010 all showed emotions that included sadness as well as other emotions that go along with being sad. When…

10 Best Car Sex Scenes
Saturday, February 5 by Tony Dayton

When composing a list of the 10 best car sex scenes, there are many factors to consider. Number one, is the female hot? A hot female goes a long way…

10 Best Sexy Anime Movies
Saturday, February 5 by sameerah blue

Let your anime geek and love for naked ladies combine with the 10 best sexy anime movies. Just like a lot of other anime movies out there, the ten best…

10 Best True Crime Movies Of The 90’s
Saturday, February 5 by Charlie Walker

The 1990s were a decade consumed with documentaries about serial killers and movies ripped from newspaper headlines, as our list of the 10 best true crime movies of the '90s…

10 Best Famous Players Movies
Friday, February 4 by Nina St. John

The 10 best Famous Players movies make up a time period between 1912 and 1921. The Famous Players movie company was established by Adolph Zukor, Edwin Porter and Daniel Frohman….

The Queen Liked ‘King’s Speech’, Totally Hated ‘Tron’
Friday, February 4 by

Royal movie critic Queen Elizabeth II saw Academy Award nominated movie The King’s Speech and gave it four and a half corgis. That’s right, she sacrifices dogs whenever she sees a movie.

10 Most Famous 80’s Movies
Friday, February 4 by Wendy Adams

The 10 most famous 80’s movies are a combination of silly comedy, high tech science fiction, nostalgia, fantasy, and non fiction. Each of the most famous movies of the 80’s…

5 Movies About King Arthur
Friday, February 4 by Lara Stewart

If you are looking for a theme for your next movie night, how about these five movies about King Arthur? Arthurian legend is a subject that filmmakers return to again…

CBS Buys Sitcom From Professional Adam Sandler Friend Rob Schneider
Friday, February 4 by

Deuce Bigalow is ready to get back into TV. I wonder how he got the confidence, with no one around to tell him that *he* can do it.

10 Best Movie Doctors
Friday, February 4 by Travis Petersen

The 10 best movie doctors range from serious life-savers to kings of big-screen comedy, creepy men who take advantage of their position to those who give up everything to help…

New ‘Paul’ Clips: Kristen Wiig’s A Lot Funnier After Smoking Alien Weed
Friday, February 4 by

Comic-Con, secret government alien (?) weed, girl-on-robot sex: these are the topics that all movies should be discuss.

10 Great Movie Ideas
Friday, February 4 by William Gish

These 10 great movie ideas don’t always result in great movies, but there’s no disputing the brilliance of the conceits. In an artistic tradition that prides itself on sticking to…

Links Away Photobomb Fridays: ‘Paycheck’
Friday, February 4 by

Here are your weekend links.

10 Classic Cult Movies
Friday, February 4 by Travis Petersen

A cult film is one that may never have achieved mainstream success, but for some reason has gained a loyal following and stood the test of time; these classic cult…

Better NFL Player Cameo: Marino Or Favre?
Friday, February 4 by

Dan Marino appeared in Ace Ventura and Brett Favre appeared in There’s Something About Mary, but which player did the most with the little on-screen time given to them? Fight!

10 Best Movie Kisses Of All Time
Friday, February 4 by Megan Bushree

There is nothing like the passion of an onscreen kiss, so here are the 10 best movie kisses of all time. Whether it be the character's intentions or the actor's…

Screen shot 2011-02-04 at 4.16.51 PM
James ‘Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop’ Franco In Talks For ‘Oz’
Friday, February 4 by

I apologize if this post feels rushed, but I’m trying to get through it before the next Franco story breaks.

Screen shot 2011-02-04 at 3.40.17 PM
Bruckheimer Takes Finely Groomed Facial Hair To Space
Friday, February 4 by

Spaihts and Bruckheimer are “in like” with each other, and news of their second project together should take things to the next level.

Channing Tatum Promises ’21 Jump Street’ Will Be The Most Insane Ride You Ever Go On
Friday, February 4 by

Good thing he didn’t completely oversell it.

10 Greatest Action Movies Of All Time
Friday, February 4 by Layla Sinclair

The 10 greatest action movies of all time are films that every man should see at least once. These movies feature iconic action heroes like Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and…

Camilla Belle Gets ‘Freaky Deaky’ With William H. Macy
Friday, February 4 by

The actress may or may not play William H. Macy’s ex-girlfriend, which could only happen in a movie.

‘Con-Air’ Rap Puts The Rabbit Back In Its Container
Friday, February 4 by

Only time will tell whether or not we’ll get a sequel to Con-Air. While we wait, we have this awesome Con-Air rap tribute to tide us over.

Couple Of Bros Broin’ Around On ‘Contraband’ Set
Friday, February 4 by

Don’t worry about these spy photos from the set of Contraband giving away any major details. Unless you consider a couple of bros hanging in a truck a major detail.

10 Mature Hot Movies
Friday, February 4 by Jennifer Potts

Ten mature hot movies to snuggle up with late at night don’t necessarily have to be hardcore porn flicks that you’re embarrassed to have in your house. Hollywood is filled…

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