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10 Best Horror Movie Trailers
Monday, January 31 by Karsun

If you love horror movies then you may want to learn about 10 best horror movie trailers. Sometimes a horror movie trailer can be quite different from the actual movie…

10 Best Psycho Thrillers
Monday, January 31 by Alan Rankin

The 10 best psycho thrillers all share one quality: an unforgettable central character. It may be true that every movie needs a good guy we can identify with, but for…

10 Best Long Sex Scenes
Monday, January 31 by Jennifer Potts

The 10 best long sex scenes is a hard list to put together. Hollywood is filled with beautiful people that have made hundreds of long sex scenes for our viewing…

10 Best Movies About Therapists And Patients
Monday, January 31 by tiffanie ice

The best movies about therapists and patients, whether they are solely or loosely based on the relationship, are of different genres. Whether you are looking for a comedy, horror or psychological…

10 Funny Comedy Movies
Monday, January 31 by Rochelle Connery

If you feel like watching a funny movie tonight, check out these 10 funny comedy movies that feature rollicking hilarity and more embarrassing moments than you can count. Just don't…

10 Most Popular Horror Movies
Monday, January 31 by C.T. Wright

Naming a list of the 10 most popular horror movies sounds like a game you’d play to pass the time at a friend’s party. Almost everyone loves horror films and…

10 Most Popular Movie Characters
Sunday, January 30 by C.T. Wright

Movies are a favorite past time and everyone has their own list of the ten most popular movie characters. Fortunately, there is no short supply to choose from and the…

dead and loving it
‘Scary Movie 5′ To Be The Fifth ‘Scary Movie’ Yet!
Sunday, January 30 by

Attention people who like hearing “I’m Your Boogie Man” in trailers: Scary Movie 5 is officially happening.

Sundance Review: Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same
Sunday, January 30 by

For a Sundance midnight movie, Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same is just adorable.

Henry Cavill To Play Superman
Sunday, January 30 by

They’ve finally announced who’s going to play Clark Kent!

Sunday, January 30 by

Director: Alister Grierson Cast: Richard Roxburgh, Alice Parkinson, Rhys Wakefield Synopsis: An underwater cave diving team experiences a life-threatening crisis during an expedition to the unexplored and least accessible cave…

The Roommate
Sunday, January 30 by

Director: Christian E. Christiansen Cast: Minka Kelly, Leighton Meester, Cam Gigandet, Alyson Michalka Synopsis: College student Sara finds her safety jeopardized after she’s assigned to a dorm room with a…

5 Best Vampire Movies Trailers
Sunday, January 30 by Liana Thomas

Here are the 5 best vampire movies trailers. Each of these movies were faithfully represented by trailers that were just as compellingly entertaining as the actual movies. Many trailers tend…

10 Best Campy Movies
Sunday, January 30 by Romilly West

If you're in the mood for some over-the-top hilarity, you'll want to check out the 10 best campy movies.  Each offers nose-wrinkling fun, tongue-in-cheek observations about life, and memorable one-liners….

10 Best 90s Cartoons
Sunday, January 30 by Andrew Jett

The 10 best 90s cartoons appeal to a wide range of demographics. Even if you weren’t a child of the 90s, you’ll still be able to relate to these timeless…

10 Best Martial Arts Movie Stars
Sunday, January 30 by Chuck G.

You might think that the 10 best martial arts movie stars are all men, think again for there are hot women wh drive action in their movies with their own…

10 Best Period Drama Movies
Sunday, January 30 by Layla Sinclair

For movies that take place in the past, look to these 10 best period drama movies to watch events unfold in another era. The films below take place from the…

10 Best Supernatural Thrillers
Sunday, January 30 by Karsun

If you love supernatural thrillers, then you'll want to learn about 10 best supernatural thrillers just in case you may have missed one. These supernatural thrillers stand the test of…

10 Best TV Sitcoms Of The 90’s
Sunday, January 30 by Andrew Jett

You won’t be able to keep yourself from laughing as you watch the 10 best TV sitcoms of the 90’s. With hilarious dialogue delivered by some of the brightest comedic…

10 Cult Classic Films
Sunday, January 30 by Carla Slavey

Here are 10 cult classic films every movie fanatic should see. The problem with choosing a list of cult classics is that, by definition, a cult movie has a tight…

5 Best Black Comedians On Comedy Central
Sunday, January 30 by David Gaines

Who are the 5 best black comedians on Comedy Central? Avid stand-up comedian fans can name the all-time black comedians off the top of their heads. Richard Pryor, Bill Cosby,…

Top 10 Rated R Movies Of 2008
Sunday, January 30 by Layla Sinclair

If you’re seeking a recently released and mature film, you’ll want to watch these top 10 rated R movies of 2008. The films on this list include comedies, dramas, and…

10 Best Falling In Love Movies
Sunday, January 30 by Mike Potts

The 10 best falling in love movies can be enjoyed by both women and men alike. If you would like to snuggle up with your lady and have a romantic…

10 Romantic Indian Movies
Saturday, January 29 by Audrey Johnson

These 10 romantic Indian movies will make any viewer’s heart melt. These movies are sensitive and, sometimes, quite fun. “Kich Kuch Hota Hai.” After Anjali Sharma learns that her best…

10 Best Female Directors
Saturday, January 29 by Karen Murdock

You regularly rattle off the names of obscure male directors, but when it comes to the 10 best female directors, you slink off in shame. Fill that film-knowledge gender gap,…

10 Best World War II Films
Saturday, January 29 by Mike Potts

The 10 best World War II films do their best to capture the importance and emotional impact of the war. When you watch these World War II films, you get…

10 Best Betrayal Movies
Saturday, January 29 by Shawn Lealos

The best betrayal movies take many forms, whether it be betrayal from a friend, lover or partner. When a mystery ends with the twist that a loved one betrayed the…

10 Greatest War Films
Saturday, January 29 by Mike Potts

These greatest war films ever made will probably not surprise you. These classic tales of the emotional impact and true horrors of war are bound to touch the hearts and…

10 Best Movies That Rock
Saturday, January 29 by Romilly West

If you're in the mood for films about music that have great soundtracks, check out the 10 best movies that rock. Some of the movies on this list are based…

5 Best Movie Death Scenes 2010
Saturday, January 29 by Sheldon Reid

The 5 best movie death scenes 2010 include heroes and villains alike. You may have expected some of these deaths, while you others may have caught you off guard. Either…