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Top 10 Chinese Movies
Sunday, February 6 by Audrey Johnson

The top 10 Chinese movies show the talent and culture of Chinese filmography. These movies are emotional, dramatic and beautiful. "Farewell My Concubine" The story of two men’s 50-year relationship,…

Super Bowl Movie Ad Bonanza: Robots And Superheroes
Sunday, February 6 by

Super Bowl ads, BYOG (Bring Your Own Guacamole)

Just Go With It
Sunday, February 6 by

Director: Dennis Dugan Cast: Adam Sandler, Jennifer Anniston, Nicole Kidman, Brooklyn Decker Synopsis: A man enlists the help of a woman and her kids to land the woman of his…

10 Great Film Noir Movies
Sunday, February 6 by Sheldon Reid

Mysterious characters and hidden motives run amok in these ten great film noir movies. While squinting at the silhouettes in the fog and cigarette smoke, keep an eye out for…

10 Best French Suspense Movies
Sunday, February 6 by sameerah blue

Stay on the edge of your seat with the 10 best French suspense movies. These French suspense movies use every trick in the book—and a few you’ve never seen before—to…

10 Best Movies Based On True Events
Sunday, February 6 by Mason Kaho

The list of the 10 best movies based on true events include some of the most intriguing and dramatic films ever made. Truth is often stranger than fiction, as the…

10 Best 80’s Kids’ Movies
Sunday, February 6 by Raina Lorring

It’s time for a family-friendly marathon with these 10 best 80’s kids’ movies. The 80’s had many kid hits and many of them are still popular today. Many of the…

10 Most Famous Movie Taglines
Sunday, February 6 by Marco Perez

A movie tagline survey was conducted by Tagline Guru ( and taken by 500 branding, marketing and advertising professionals to comprise a list that includes the ten most famous movie…

See New ‘Cowboys & Aliens’ Super Bowl Ad Without Having To Watch Super Bowl
Sunday, February 6 by

I just saved you, like, 7 hours.

War Films 2009
Sunday, February 6 by Andrea Miller

If you're a movie buff, you probably want to check out some of the war films that came out in 2009. Though most of these 2009 war movies are dramas,…

5 Best Short Horror Films
Sunday, February 6 by Angela Nelson

The 5 best horror films are movies that have either a lot of gore or suspense. Here is a list of the best horror movies that will have you yelling…

How To Get Police Car Lights On Operation Flashpoint
Sunday, February 6 by Esther Lowery

Learning how to get police car lights on "Operation Flashpoint" is quite easy. "Operation Flashpoint" is a hardcore tactical military video game for PC or gaming systems. This first person combat game has…

Lesbian Vampire Movies
Sunday, February 6 by Shawn Landis

If you are looking for something to do, you can watch 10 Lesbian vampire movies. Holiday television, in particular, is known for putting old low-rated television series on the air…

The Eagle
Sunday, February 6 by

Director: Kevin Macdonald Cast: Channing Tatum, Jamie Bell Synopsis: In Roman-ruled Britain, a young Roman soldier endeavors to honor his father’s memory by finding his los legion‘s golden emblem. Release…

How To Copy & Paste In OFP Map Editor
Sunday, February 6 by Esther Lowery

Learning how to copy & paste in OFP Map Editor will allow the player to have a good layout design. OFP also known as Operation Flashpoint is a video combat…

10 Best Movies Like ‘American History X’
Sunday, February 6 by Zach Feral

If you haven’t seen these, the 10 best movies like “American History X,” then the racist skinhead subgenre is apparently new to you. These films effectively explore the danger subculture…

10 Best British TV Actresses
Sunday, February 6 by D. Michaels

American audiences are pretty familiar with the actresses they like on TV due in part to all of the award shows that air each year, but many would be hard…

10 Best 80’s War Movies
Sunday, February 6 by Tom Gordon

The 10 best 80's war movies largely reflect a desire by filmmakers to come to terms with the Vietnam War a decade after it came to end, but there is…

10 Best Action Movies 2001
Sunday, February 6 by Clara Havens

What were the ten best action movies 2001? Check out these action-filled flicks for some great entertainment. "Spy Game." Robert Redford attempts to free his CIA colleague (Brad Pitt) who has…

10 Best 1980’s Movies
Sunday, February 6 by Jacob Quinn

The 10 best 1980’s movies are a really wonderful collection of films. The eighties were a great time for a particular style of cinema that was often glitzy and elegant…

5 Best Jet Li Action Movies
Sunday, February 6 by Jacob Quinn

The 5 best Jet Li action movies offer a nice mix of different entertainment experiences. Some of these movies are more epic in scope, while others are smaller and more…

10 Most Famous Movie Cars
Saturday, February 5 by Charlie Walker

Do you ever wonder which cars are the 10 most famous movie cars? Well, sit back, relax and take a cruise down cinematic memory lane as we take you on…

10 Best Independent Short Films
Saturday, February 5 by Amin El-Gazzar

The ten best independent short films cover every subject and every genre including short stories, documentaries, and animation. Since the beginning of filmmaking the industry has produced short films. Every…

10 Funniest Movies Of All Time
Saturday, February 5 by Jessica Fletcher

These 10 funniest movies of all time are all films you won't want to miss. They are incredibly enjoyable and feature excellent comedy lines. The acting, plot, and comedy is…

10 Best Psychology Movies
Saturday, February 5 by Charlie Higgins

Wondering what the 10 best psychology movies are? Movies about psychology-related topics began to appear with greater frequency by the late 1960s when the field became firmly ingrained in popular…

10 Funny Movie Character Names
Saturday, February 5 by Britt Baker

Funny movie character names help in part to make some films more hilarious or enjoyable. This list features some of the funniest movie character names of all time from cult…

10 Best Political Thrillers
Saturday, February 5 by Amanda Ferguson

The 10 best political thrillers combine action, intelligence, and a general know-how on subtle commentary. Typically, they take hold of an issue that took place years ago. Or, they use…

10 Funny Scenes From Movies 2008
Saturday, February 5 by George Root

These 10 funny scenes from movies in 2008 did not always come from comedies. Some directors use comedy to break up the tension in a serious movie for a while….

10 Classic Movie Trailers
Saturday, February 5 by George Root

These 10 classic movie trailers were teasers for some of the best movies ever made. In some cases, the trailer wound up being better than the movie. But regardless of…

Robin Definitely Going To Be In ‘Dark Knight Rises’, Unless This Rumor Turns Out To Be False
Saturday, February 5 by

Start hoarding your Robin t-shirts now.

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