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10 Best Movies Based On Comics
Friday, February 25 by Alan Rankin

The 10 best movies based on comics are a mixed bag at this point in history. At first, movie producers were only interested in telling superhero stories, which rarely received…

Michael Fassbender Confirms ‘Prometheus’ Is Sorta, Kinda ‘Alien’-y
Friday, February 25 by

In addition, Fassbender quietly confirms the kind of character he’s playing. Hint: It may not be human, you guys.

10 Best Scary Movies Based On True Stories
Friday, February 25 by Samantha Assad

The 10 best scary movies based on true stories pack a double punch—they're frightening and real. Unlike Jason and Michael Myers, these horror flicks are based on real events and…

10 Best Movies Based On Shakespeare
Friday, February 25 by Lori Boyd

The 10 best movies based on Shakespeare take his legendary works in new directions.  Each filmmaker had a unique vision about these movies based on Shakespeare. “Shakespeare in Love”. Although…

10 Best Horror Movies Based On True Events
Friday, February 25 by George Root

Some people may be surprised at the movies that are on the 10 best horror movies based on true events list. Truth can be stranger than fiction, and in the…

Jon Chu To Direct ‘GI Joe 2′, Will Justin Bieber Play Sgt. Slaughter?
Friday, February 25 by

Under the influence of intense Bieber Fever, Paramount decided to reward ‘Never Say Never’ director Chu by choosing him to helm ‘GI Joe 2′.

Top 10 Vietnam War Movies
Friday, February 25 by Shawn Lealos

The top 10 Vietnam War movies tell stories about the horrors of war and the difficulties soldiers face when trying to reintegrate themselves back into society. These movies are award…

‘Insidious’ Poster Features Mandatory Scary Child
Friday, February 25 by

Here’s the new poster and some stills from ‘Insideous’ by director James Wan (‘Saw’). That kid sure looks happy, huh?

10 Best Movies Based On Vietnam War
Friday, February 25 by Lori Boyd

These 10 best movies based on Vietnam War all have a different take on the Vietnam War. The best moves based on the Vietnam War show the human side of…

Will Viggo Mortensen Get A Zod-On In ‘Superman’ Reboot?
Friday, February 25 by

Viggo Mortensen (‘Lord of the Rings’) may play General Zod, the villanous scientist who kindly requests we kneel before him.

10 Best Vietnam Military Movies
Friday, February 25 by Katherine Johnson

These movies are 10 of the best Vietnam military movies ever made. Each film is set in a different year and region of the war, but each movie is a…

Links Away Photobomb Fridays: ‘The Sting’
Friday, February 25 by

Here are your weekend links.

The Oscars: Top Honor Or Circle Jerk?
Friday, February 25 by

This Sunday, millions will tune in to watch The Academy Awards, but does the little gold statue really represent greatness, or are the celebs just kissing ass? Fight!

10 Best Action War Movies
Friday, February 25 by Louis Yang

We all want to see action and bravery in cinema, so here's the 10 best action war movies to get started. These are the movies that catch the passion and…

Screen shot 2011-02-25 at 4.39.32 PM
Mayans Be Damned: Sony Unveils Summer 2012 Release Schedule
Friday, February 25 by

Sony has tightened up their summer 2012 tentpole release schedule (it’s never too early), and here’s what they’re working with…

10 Best Advertising Movies
Friday, February 25 by Jennifer Wright

Choosing the 10 best advertising movies was not an easy task. There are several more advertising movies out there than you would think there are. So, below is a compiled…

10 Famous Movies About Advertising
Friday, February 25 by Lee Grayson

These 10 famous movies about advertising expose the industry's advertising techniques. Advertising is as old as products, but the big boon for advertising came for the U.S. consumer during the…

Weinstein Washes Out ‘King’s’ Whore Mouth
Friday, February 25 by

‘The King’s Speech’ is expected to clean up this Sunday at the Oscars and in turn, Harvey Weinstein would like the film to clean up at the box office. Hence, a PG-13 version is indeed on the way.

Screen shot 2011-02-25 at 2.29.44 PM
Tarantino To (Finally) Release ‘Kill Bill’ Saga As One Film
Friday, February 25 by

Seven years after the fact, the two installments of Kill Bill are going to be married into one film.

10 Best Movies About Historical Events
Friday, February 25 by Glennice Fryson

Watch these 10 Best Movies About Historical Events to learn more about history while enjoying the way the story unfolds. Sometimes to appreciate where we have come from, we must know the…

Nicolas Cage Explains His Career, Likes His Beer Out Of A Human Skull
Friday, February 25 by

The press conference for his latest film, Drive Angry, revealed more than we could have imagined.

Antoine Dodson: Movie Star
Friday, February 25 by

Do you now see the Hellmouth you opened by green lighting Battleship, Hollywood? Now anything can be a movie. Including viral videos.

10 Best American History Movies
Friday, February 25 by Louis Yang

Few films can pull off entertaining and educational at the same time, but these ten best American history movies certainly did. These films will portray tales of America's past while…

Screen shot 2011-02-25 at 12.51.15 PM
Treat Williams Is Doing A Thing!
Friday, February 25 by

The poor man’s Tom Berenger is back in our lives. And our hearts.

10 Best Movies About History
Friday, February 25 by Russell Deza

Interested in the 10 best movies about history? Although the 10 movies about history may have some visual, factual or technical errors, these films are entertaining nonetheless. Any of these…

‘Coraline’ Director Thinks Stop-Motion Can Be Scary
Friday, February 25 by

Henry Selick is working on another horror-tinged stop-motion animation film that will try to terrify children into post-traumatic stress.

10 Best Black History Month Movies
Friday, February 25 by Dan MacIntosh

The 10 best Black History Month movies include films about history, as well as just plain historical movies. Yes, it is possible to be informed and entertained at the same…

Jimmi Simpson Creepily Cast In ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’
Friday, February 25 by

One of the weird McPoyle brothers from ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ is about to play a yet to be determined/released role in ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’.

Charlotte Ross
Friday, February 25 by

It’s hard to say exactly what role Charlotte Ross will play in Drive Angry 3D, but we do know she’ll tangle with Nic Cage in a cheap motel room at one point or another.

Joel McHale To Bring Sarcastic Tallness To ‘Ted’
Friday, February 25 by

Seth MacFarlane’s upcoming comedy Ted appears to be adding ringers to its cast by the day.

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