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10 Good Historical Movies For Guys
Friday, February 25 by Shawn Lealos

Good historical movies for guys include movies that present action and adventure during specific points in world history. Whether the movie follows historical facts and figures or uses historical instances…

idris elba
‘Prometheus’ Adds Three More Bodies To The Menu
Friday, February 25 by

Actors are apparently lined up around the block to get chewed up by the aliens in Ridley Scott’s ‘Prometheus’.

10 Historical Drama Movies
Friday, February 25 by Shawn Lealos

The 10 best historical drama movies take important events in world history and create entertaining and educational looks at the colorful, and often controversial, aspects of our past. The movies…

10 Great Historic Movies For Guys
Friday, February 25 by William Ramirez

The testosterone pumping through our veins makes the chick flicks and romantic comedies almost unbearable, so why not embrace your manly side and watch 10 of the great historic movies for…

Review: Hall Pass
Friday, February 25 by

It’s not golden era Farrellys like Kingpin but it’s good.

5 Best Historical Movies 2008
Friday, February 25 by Ziggy Coventry

It may seem strange; but it is quite easy to make a list of the 5 best historical movies 2008. During this year, many memorable performances graced the big screen,…

NASCAR ‘Transformer’ Might Be A Redneck
Friday, February 25 by

Michael Bay promised that Transformers 3 won’t feature any of the hokeyness of its predecessor. J/K, you guys!

10 Historical Hollywood Movies
Friday, February 25 by William Gish

These 10 historical Hollywood movies explore the history of America’s mythic film industry. The movies on this list dare peek behind the proverbial curtain of glamor and opulence and explore…

10 Best European History Movies
Friday, February 25 by Amanda Ferguson

The 10 best European history movies are entertaining and educational. European history is rich and full of stories. Each country has a great amount of history, and the films that…

10 Best African American History Movies
Friday, February 25 by Shawn Lealos

The 10 best African American history movies takes slices out of the storied history of the people, from the slave days prior to the Civil War to the fight for…

10 Longest Movies In History
Friday, February 25 by William Gish

Sit back, grab some popcorn, pop a cold one and get ready for one to six days' worth of entertainment with the 10 longest movies in history. Silent vignettes, Mongolian oil…

10 Best Chinese History Movies
Friday, February 25 by sameerah blue

Be thoroughly entertained and learn a little something about Chinese history with the 10 best Chinese history movies. The ten best Chinese history movies run back and forth between the…

10 Best Greek History Movies
Friday, February 25 by Walter Turner

The list of 10 bes Greek history movies reflects the rich complexity of Greek culture. Many of the best Greek history movies focus on the pivotal military battles and campaigns…

10 Best Canadian History Movies
Thursday, February 24 by Ergopotamo

These ten best Canadian history movies share the rich past of Canada. The stories span the whole country from the prairies to the coast and to the arctic wilderness. Watch…

10 Best History-Based Movies
Thursday, February 24 by Raina Lorring

Travel back in time with the 10 best history-based movies. Movies that are history-based can be educational as well as entertaining. The history-based movie genre has been widely popular since…

‘Rango’ Somehow Manages To Be Controversial
Thursday, February 24 by

A cartoon western about talking animals has pissed off a major group. No, it’s not the National Bunched Panties Association.

10 Best Historical War Movies
Thursday, February 24 by William Gish

The 10 best historical war movies are dramatic and suspenseful for any cinema lover. On this list, find some cinematic greats but be wary of spoilers. “Grand Illusion” The rare film…

10 Best War Crimes Movies
Thursday, February 24 by T. Cousin

You should be sure to check out all of the 10 best war crime movies you may have missed. War crimes are serious violations of the laws that apply to armed conflict. This…

Gyllenhaal and Maguire Battling For ‘Bourne Legacy’ Lead
Thursday, February 24 by

Who will become the next one-man ultimate killing machine?

10 Best Crime Partners In Movies
Thursday, February 24 by Shawn Lealos

The 10 best crime partners in movies make most crime thrillers exciting adventures, whether you are cheering for the bad guys or hoping they get caught. These criminals are killers…

The Aliens In ‘Prometheus’ Are ‘Alien’ Aliens, But Not Exactly?
Thursday, February 24 by

The rumor is that the film features the ‘Alien’ aliens, but in a different form. Maybe they’re all Cloverfields now?

10 Best American Crime Movie
Thursday, February 24 by Stephen Lloyd

The 10 best American crime movies paint unique portraits of the world on the other side of the law. "Pulp Fiction." This is Quentin Tarantino's best film, a pioneer of…

‘Toy Story’ Goes Hawaiian In New Shorts That Hopefully Won’t Make Us Cry
Thursday, February 24 by

Hopefully these “Hawaiian Vacation” shorts won’t end in Mr. Potato Head getting buried at sea or something.

10 Best Crime Spree Movies
Thursday, February 24 by Walter Turner

The list of 10 best crime spree movies includes a number of films with shocking levels of violence. The violence in these films, as well as the perceived glorification of…

Links Away: The Oscar Winning Boston Movie
Thursday, February 24 by

Having noticed a certain pattern in the production of Boston-centered movies, the guys over Improv Asylum took it upon themselves to lampoon the hell out of this ongoing trend.

Screen shot 2011-02-24 at 5.19.40 PM
Kat Dennings To Scribble On Herself For A Good Cause
Thursday, February 24 by

It’s nice to see she’ll be doing the American public a service after attacking its collective taste with Thor.

5 Best John Wayne Crime Drama Movies
Thursday, February 24 by Raina Lorring

Check out the best John Wayne crime drama movies. John Wayne is one of the best actors in movie history. He appeared in nearly 250 movies before his death in…

Screen shot 2011-02-24 at 4.33.25 PM
Ewan McGregor Is Going To Help A Boy Kill A Giant
Thursday, February 24 by

It would appear that Jack the Giant Killer is becoming something of a Goliath itself.

10 Classic Crime Movies
Thursday, February 24 by Shawn Lealos

The best classic crime movies present masterful criminals and the law enforcement officials who fight to bring them down. These are Oscar-winning movies with some of the best actors of…

Screen shot 2011-02-24 at 4.07.52 PM
Sorry Vampires, All Teen Movies Are Now Dystopian
Thursday, February 24 by

Lauren Oliver said to the world, “They want dystopian? I’ll give ‘em dystopian!”

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