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10 Great Race Movies
Saturday, March 5 by A. Hermitt

These 10 great race movies are part of a fun genre that involve lots of action, and often very silly plots.  Watching a great race movie is a great way…

10 Great Teen Movies
Saturday, March 5 by Houlihan Macaco

If you're looking for 10 great teen movies, here are a few entertaining flicks. You may want some horror movies, comedies or something just outright ridiculous. You'll get it all…

10 Great Movie Monologues
Saturday, March 5 by Tom Gordon

Some of the most memorable scenes in movie history include these 10 great movie monologues. Some of cinema's greatest actors are among those who delivered these great speeches. If you're…

10 Great Sports Movies
Saturday, March 5 by T. Cousin

For film lovers who have that team spirit, the top 10 great sports movies are a must-see. Sports films feature great baseball, basketball, soccer, and football highlights and some have become…

10 Great Movie Moments
Saturday, March 5 by Rochelle Connery

If you’re feeling down because of the winter gloom, these 10 great movie moments are sure to put a little humor in your day. Whether they make you laugh or…

‘Rock of Ages’ Adds Rock And Age To Its Cast
Saturday, March 5 by

This will truly be a ‘Rock of Ages’ now.

10 Great Romance Movies
Saturday, March 5 by Wendy Adams

These 10 great romance movies are also the best in vintage film. Classic romance movies offer incredible levels of passion and romance without sex scenes or nudity and showcase amazing…

10 Great Movie Songs
Saturday, March 5 by Houlihan Macaco

These 10 great movie songs are sure to uplift and inspire. Otherwise, they'll at least get stuck in your head for days on end. You'll find yourself humming or tapping…

10 Great Football Movies
Saturday, March 5 by Spyder Collins

These 10 great football movies are a rocking good time. Some of the football movies have messages, some are light hearted, some are funny and others are just pure sports…

10 Great Fantasy Movies
Saturday, March 5 by Alan Rankin

Fantasy films are often grouped together with science fiction, but these 10 great fantasy movies lack the blasters and spaceships of “Star Trek” and “Star Wars.” You could argue that…

10 Great Lesbian Movies
Saturday, March 5 by Deana Clark

The list of the 10 great lesbian movies was a lot of fun to come up with. Lesbian movies are really not what some people perceive them to be.  They…

10 Great Old Movies
Saturday, March 5 by Wendy Adams

Each old movie has something unique to offer as you will see by watching these 10 great old movies. Vintage films are living history with the costumes, cars, language, values,…

10 Great Drama Movies
Saturday, March 5 by Travis Petersen

Creating a list of the greatest drama movies is impossible; therefore, this is merely a list of 10 great drama movies for those intrepid film-watchers to enjoy. These great drama…

10 Great Songs From Movies
Saturday, March 5 by Romilly West

Film buffs who love music will want to peruse these ten great songs from movies. Nothing enhances a film quite like its soundtrack. Songs, in particular, set the mood for…

10 Great Zombie Movies
Saturday, March 5 by Olivia Joseph

A list of 10 great zombie movies had to be thought out over long nights, scribbled notepads and pots of coffee. Actually, it was as easy as asking our in…

10 Great Movies Of 2007
Saturday, March 5 by Walter Turner

The list of 10 great movies of 2007 includes many films that were panned by critics. While critics should have a say in which movies qualify as “great,” the primary…

10 Great Stoner Movies
Saturday, March 5 by Houlihan Macaco

Looking for 10 great stoner movies? There are so many great stoner movies. Some are hilarious. Others are downright trippy. Whatever you're looking for, these great stoner movies will satiate…

10 Great Japanese Movies
Saturday, March 5 by Spyder Collins

Do you want to watch some Japanese movies, if so then try these 10 great Japanese movies on for size. The Japanese have invaded but this time in a welcomed…

10 Best Climbing Movies
Saturday, March 5 by Tom Gordon

Some of the most tense scenes in films can be found among this list of the 10 best climbing movies ever. The threat of characters falling to their deaths on…

10 Best Rock Climbing Movies
Saturday, March 5 by Audrey Johnson

The 10 best rock climbing movies show the skill and danger of the sport. These movies follow rock climbers as they do what they love, but also face the danger…

10 Best Mountain Movies
Friday, March 4 by Annette Smith

From classic espionage to modern cliffhangers, here are 10 best mountain movies to enjoy. If you like movies about mountain climbing, consider renting one of these. All of these movies…

10 Best Mountaineering Movies
Friday, March 4 by Rochelle Connery

A majority of the 10 best mountaineering movies take place in the United States and feature American actors who prove they can at least look like a real mountain climber,…

Universal Buys ‘Dirty Grandpa’, Which Is Not A Porno
Friday, March 4 by

The title sounds like one of those softcore 80s comedies you’d see while browsing at Blockbuster.

10 Best Boot Camp Movies
Friday, March 4 by William Gish

The 10 best boot camp movies examine the initiation rites of the military and, in some cases, other similar organizations of conscription and assimilation. These films combine the time-honored tradition…

10 Great Animated Movies
Friday, March 4 by Raina Lorring

Get in touch with your inner child with this list of 10 great animated movies. Animated movies aren’t just for kids. A couple of the animated movies on this list…

‘GI Joe 2′ Has A Release Date, Unfortunately
Friday, March 4 by

‘GI Joe 2′ and ‘Hugo Cabret’ get release dates from Paramount. The first one they can keep for themselves, thank you.

Warning: ‘Bridget Jones 3′ Is Now In Progress
Friday, March 4 by

“Oh my god, there’s gonna be another ‘Bridget Jones’ book and movie,” shrieks your girlfriend.

10 Great 2008 Movies
Friday, March 4 by Shawn Lealos

The 10 great 2008 movies had many films deserving of the title. The abundance of quality movies convince the Academy Awards to expand the number of nominees to ten films…

New ‘Blade Runner’ Producer Wants Christopher Nolan, Because Of Course He Does
Friday, March 4 by

‘The Dark Knight’ is Alcon Entertainment’s template for ‘Blade Runner’. Now, if they could only get that ‘Dark Knight’ guy…

10 Great Movie Theme Songs
Friday, March 4 by A. Hermitt

In choosing criteria to pick the 10 great movie theme songs, it was decided that the movie must be immediately recognizable from hearing just a few seconds of the song,…

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