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10 Best Urban Drama Movies
Sunday, March 13 by Shawn Lealos

The best urban drama movies shows the difficulties on living on the street in a way that both effects and entertains the audience. These movies normally fall into the problems…

10 Best Religion Documentaries
Sunday, March 13 by James Jordan

Nothing gets people's emotions going like religion, and here is a list of 10 best religion documentaries. There are many famous ones, but for our purposes, we sought ones you…

10 Best Female Martial Arts Movies
Saturday, March 12 by Alan Rankin

The list of the 10 best female martial arts movies would have been dominated by Hong Kong films and obscure kung-fu movies during most of the 20th century. Only in…

10 Best Movie Quotes About Family
Saturday, March 12 by Jackie Barlow

Enjoy these ten best movie quotes about family.  The quotes will bring back memories of seeing the particular films. A family is always a good source of interesting and funny quotes and…

10 Most Famous Teen Actors
Saturday, March 12 by Mason Kaho

The list of the 10 most famous teen actors includes some of the most exciting performers on the silver screen today and classic actors who made their mark in years…

10 Best American Drama Movies
Saturday, March 12 by Lee Grayson

The 10 best American drama movies include some gems made over the course of several decades. American dramas influence world cinema and a list of the ten best includes some films…

10 Best Family Adventure Movies
Saturday, March 12 by Lee Grayson

The 10 best family adventure movies offer decades of entertainment for both young and old alike. The key to good family entertainment is a film that keeps the family's attention with…

10 Best French Animation Movies
Saturday, March 12 by Annette Smith

The 10 best French animation movies are listed below by order of release date. Featuring vivid color and amazing voice talents, these notable French animations are some of the most popular films…

Top 10 Worst Movie Scenes
Saturday, March 12 by D. Michaels

 Naming the top 10 worst movie scenes can be a harder task for some once you think about it. For every hit that Hollywood produces, there are usually about  movies…

10 Best French Teen Movies
Saturday, March 12 by Annette Smith

Searching for the 10 best French teen movies? Something appropriate for a classroom of teenagers? Look no further! For the high school French student or teacher, these ten movies are just…

Marisa Tomei And Sarah Jessica Parker Might Be ‘Married And Cheating’
Saturday, March 12 by

But who would ever cheat on these tw– on Marisa Tomei?

10 Best Movies In French
Saturday, March 12 by Annette Smith

When it comes to naming the 10 best movies in French, every fan has an opinion. However, the following ten films currently rank among the most popular French movies. Running the…

10 Best Movies About U.S. Presidents
Saturday, March 12 by Karen Murdock

Whether or not these 10 best movies about U.S. presidents stick to biographical facts, they all explore the human side of the presidency. Although Hollywood movies about U.S. presidents cannot…

10 Great French Movies
Saturday, March 12 by Karen Murdock

If you haven’t seen these 10 great French movies, you are missing out on some of the finest films ever made. Each of these great French movies represents a major…

‘Avatar’ Voice Actors
Saturday, March 12 by Olivia Joseph

Do you want to learn about 'Avatar' voice actors? The voice actors in "Avatar" are a mix of new and established actors. Their diverse backgrounds and talents came together to…

Top 10 Thriller Movies
Saturday, March 12 by Lara Stewart

Made Manual's list of the top 10 thriller movies is just the thing for some spine-tingling fun. Thrillers give audiences a danger-free chance to enjoy a little mystery, suspense and…

10 Best Irish Born Actors
Saturday, March 12 by Brenda Daverin

Ireland has contributed a lot to creative works over the centuries, so a list of the 10 best Irish born actors is not hard to do, except where it has…

10 Best Romance DVD Movies
Saturday, March 12 by Walter Turner

The 10 best romance DVD movies are films that appeal to both men and women. Their availability on DVD ensures that you won't have to wait for one of the…

Bidding War Over Idea You Could Have Come Up With Is Over
Saturday, March 12 by

Unfortunately, ‘Agent Ox’ is not about a secret agent who is also an ox.

10 Best Spanish Horror Movies
Saturday, March 12 by Andrea Miller

Do you want to check out the 10 best Spanish horror movies? The genre has had a huge resurgence in Spain throughout the past decade. Read on for the list…

10 Best Old Black Actors
Saturday, March 12 by Mallorie Greene

The 10 best old black actors enthralled us all with their immeasurable talent in movies for decades. Their faces not only memorable but their role in Hollywood has made a…

10 Best Korean Fighting Movies
Saturday, March 12 by sameerah blue

Delight in the sight of evil gangsters and a bounty of kick ass with the ten best Korea fighting movies. The ten best Korean fighting movies show us how amazing…

10 Best Film Wars
Saturday, March 12 by Andrea Miller

Do you want to check out the 10 best war films? These acclaimed movies are the perfect combinations of action, adventure, and history. Read on for the list of the 10…

5 Best Lucky Luciano Movies
Saturday, March 12 by Wendy Adams

The 5 best Lucky Luciano movies include fact-based documentary style films and Hollywood style movies about this real life gangster. Charles Luciano earned the nickname Lucky after being forced into…

10 Holocaust Documentaries
Saturday, March 12 by Sidney Johns

These 10 Holocaust documentaries all address a time in history that some wish never occurred. The Holocaust was time when the Nazi party, headed in Germany by Adolf Hitler, removed…

10 Best Crime Movies 2007
Saturday, March 12 by Tom Gordon

Compiling a list like the 10 best crime movies of 2007 can be a tricky endeavor as some years don't produce great films of any genre. But 2007 happened to…

5 Best Gay Black Actors
Saturday, March 12 by Sidney Johns

The 5 best gay black actors have made their mark on society, regardless living alternative lifestyles. Some of these actors hid their sexual preferences while others made a career out…

10 Most Famous Movie Dance Scenes
Saturday, March 12 by Alan Rankin

The 10 most famous movie dance scenes have been imitated and parodied so many times, they’ve become part of our culture. Audiences around the world recognize the classic choreography and…

10 Best Male Porn Actors
Saturday, March 12 by George Root

The 10 best male porn actors made their way into the porn business back when it was still new. The way porn was made in the 1970s and 1980s is…

SXSW: ‘Insidious’ Preview
Saturday, March 12 by

SXSW offered a first look at the premiere of the new James Wan/Leigh Whannell film.

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