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10 Best Horror Movies From The 80′s
Sunday, February 27 by Yvonne Glasgow

The 10 best horror movies from the 80's instill fear in the hearts of the people that watch them to this day. Sure, they do not have all of the…

10 Best 80′s Teen Movies
Sunday, February 27 by Wendy Adams

The 80’s was a special time of innocents and big hair that was captured in the 10 best 80’s teen movies. Music and dancing was King in many of the…

2011 Oscars Live Blog
Sunday, February 27 by

As is tradition (so what if it’s only the second year?), we’ll be live blogging the crap out of the 2011 Academy Awards.

10 Best 80′s Movie Stars
Sunday, February 27 by Wendy Adams

The 10 best 80’s movie stars are chosen from a long list of stars from the 80’s. What makes an actor a star are the memorable performances and in the…

10 Best 80′s Comedy Movies
Sunday, February 27 by Wendy Adams

Some of the most memorable comedy is available with the 10 best 80’s comedy movies. Great comedy stars like John Belusi, Dan Aykroyd, Kevin Kline, and Rodney Dangerfield, have given…

10 Best Teen Couple Movies
Sunday, February 27 by Clara Havens

Wondering what are the 10 best teen couple movies? Here is a list of teen couple movies that are must-see flicks. These movies span several decades and range from the…

10 Best Movies For Couples
Sunday, February 27 by Ryan Capizano

Selecting a movie for date-night can be a daunting task, which is why having a list of the 10 best movies for couples is a must. You don't want to…

10 Best Couples In Movies
Sunday, February 27 by Michael J

We all have our favorite actors and actresses, but what about the 10 best couples in movies? The best couples in movies are the ones you don't forget. They have…

Cure Your Oscar Fever With A Healthy Dose Of Razzies
Sunday, February 27 by

M. Night Shyamalan is on his way to making Razzie history.

10 Best 90′s Action Movies
Sunday, February 27 by Tom Gordon

The 10 best 90's action movies are all pretty high-octane stories with plenty of gunfire, explosions, car chases, plane crashes and crazy stunts to go around. All the great 90s…

10 Most Notable Film Characters
Sunday, February 27 by Mason Kaho

The list 10 most notable film characters include some of the most compelling and memorable personalities in movie history. A great character can transcend a movie, making us laugh, cry…

10 Great Movie Sex Scenes
Sunday, February 27 by Tony Dayton

For those who like R-rated movies with T&A, below are a list of films that feature 10 great movie sex scenes. Some scenes feature the more traditional boy/girl sex scenes,…

10 Famous Movie Character Couples
Sunday, February 27 by Tom Gordon

To name 10 famous movie character couples means reaching into the best of romantic comedies and tear-jerking dramas to find those worthy of inclusion on this list. Some may be…

10 Greatest Movie Couples
Sunday, February 27 by Victorino Sianghio Jr.

The 10 greatest movie couples are all those movie couples that you wish you and your lover could emulate. They are super-human demi-gods whose existence is merely to remind you…

Top 10 Movies Of The 90′s
Sunday, February 27 by Jacob Quinn

The top 10 movies of the 90’s are all exciting films representing a particularly interesting time for the world of cinema. It was a period when filmmakers were pushing boundaries…

10 Classic 90′s Movies
Sunday, February 27 by Joshua Wade

Featuring top-notch performances from talented actors like Robert De Niro, Billy Bob Thornton and Uma Thurman, these ten classic '90s movies have defined the careers of writer-directors like Cameron Crowe…

10 Best 90′s Horror Movies
Sunday, February 27 by Shawna Williams

These ten best 90's horror movies have withstood the test of time. Good horror movies will always be appreciated, no matter how long it's been since they've been released. "Tremors."…

10 Highest Rated Movies Of The 1990′s
Sunday, February 27 by Mason Kaho

The list of the 10 highest rated movies of the 1990's includes some of the best films ever made. The 90’s saw an explosion in high-quality animated films, some well-executed…

10 Best Adventure Movies Of The Decade
Sunday, February 27 by Raina Lorring

Go on a quest without leaving your couch with these 10 best adventure movies of the decade. Some of the best adventure movies of all time were released in the…

10 Most Popular Movies In The 90′s
Sunday, February 27 by Mason Kaho

The list of the 10 most popular movies in the 90's includes some of the most beloved films ever made. This list has everything from animated movies to a horror…

Spirit Award Winners Last Oscars Indicator That Isn’t The Oscars
Sunday, February 27 by

More awards, more gift baskets, more crying losers.

10 Best English Movies Of 1993
Saturday, February 26 by Dan MacIntosh

The 10 best English films of 1993 include a few gems, as well as some movies that may be new to you. Some are period pieces, of course. But there…

10 Great Adventure Movies From The 90′s
Saturday, February 26 by Sheldon Reid

The 10 great adventures movies of the 90's took viewers on journeys across land, space, and time. In some cases, the protagonists even left the planet behind as they traveled…

Top 10 Adventure Movies Of The 2000′s
Saturday, February 26 by Sheldon Reid

The top ten adventure movies of the 2000’s are journeys across various landscapes. Whether they are swimming towards Australia or simply walking into Mordor, the protagonists face dangerous obstacles during…

10 Highest Rated Christmas Movies
Saturday, February 26 by Dan MacIntosh

The 10 highest rated Christmas movies of all time includes both funny films and heartwarming movies. Hollywood seems to throw a lot of Christmas movies at the tree, just to…

10 Highest Rated Movies 2010
Saturday, February 26 by Dan MacIntosh

The 10 highest rated movies 2010 is a list that includes something for nearly everyone. Whether you like animated movies, like "Tangled", or creepy and scary ones, such as "Shutter…

10 Classic Indian Movies
Saturday, February 26 by Daniel Khalil

It's not too hard to find 10 classic Indian movies. Bollywood, a film industry based in Mumbai, India, is the greatest center for classic Indian movies in the world. The…

10 Best Chick Flicks 2010
Saturday, February 26 by Joshua Wade

Featuring some of the most prominent actors of the past decade including Ben Stiller, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Robert Pattinson, the 10 best chick flicks of 2010 consist of powerful romantic…

10 Ultimate Chick Flicks
Saturday, February 26 by Lori Boyd

These 10 ultimate chick flicks are perfect for a girl’s night. Most guys don’t appreciate so these ultimate chick flicks but for women they’re the ones we watch over and…

10 Best Chick Flick Quotes
Saturday, February 26 by Nina St. John

The 10 best chick flick quotes go from the raunchy, to the ironic, to the downright profound. The best chick flick quotes are delivered, though, with an understated flare that…