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10 Best Really Bad Movies
Monday, March 7 by Russell Deza

Do you want to know what the 10 best really bad movies are? The 10 best really bad movies are such stinkers that it is perplexing that they managed to…

10 Bad Physics In Movies
Monday, March 7 by Flora Richards-Gustafson

The 10 bad physics in movies is perfect for the moviegoer who likes to watch the impossible come to life on the silver screen. Flashing bullets, flying objects, laser beams,…

Bad Stuff In Disney Movies
Monday, March 7 by Victorino Sianghio Jr.

The best bad stuff in Disney movies is really…really…naughty! It is basically bad stuff soooo lurid that it will make your face beet red and cause you to have a…

Shane Black Talks His Plans To Make ‘Iron Man 3′ Less Stupid
Monday, March 7 by

We’re all excited to see that Shane Black is directing the sequel. Especially now that we know what he’s going to do with the sequel.

Bad Science In Movies
Monday, March 7 by Victorino Sianghio Jr.

Bad science in movies will make you vomit in disgust at either the sheer stupidity or total disregard to facts moviemakers include in their films. Hollywood is a notorious offender…

10 Best Bad Sci Fi Movies
Monday, March 7 by Ed Mulero

The 10 best bad sci fi movies are the worst of the worst when it comes to the strange and fantastic worlds and technology. These bad sci fi films begs…

Bad Movies List
Monday, March 7 by Michael J

We have all read lists about what movies are supposed to be the best, but what about a bad movie list. Not just movies that bored us to tears or…

10 Best Movies From The 90’s
Monday, March 7 by Rochelle Connery

There’s one underlying theme in all of the 10 best movies from the '90s. It’s a great storyline – which is missing in many of today’s popular movies, like “Twilight.”…

10 Best Bad Girl Movies
Monday, March 7 by Anarch

Fans of dangerous women will want to check out this list of the ten best bad girl movies. What makes a bad girl movie the best? How about sexy women…

10 Best Movies Of The 90’s
Monday, March 7 by George Root

The 10 best movies of the 90's are some of the most iconic films ever made. The early 90's still had that experimental feeling to it brought over from the…

10 Best Best 90’s Movies
Sunday, March 6 by Amanda Ferguson

The 10 best 90's movies vary from comedies to epic dramas. Movies in the 90's were developing their own style. They serve as the foundation for movies we know and…

Top 10 Movies Of The 90s
Sunday, March 6 by Lara Stewart

If you are ready for a trip down memory lane, a screening of the top 10 movies of the 90s may be just the thing. This was a great decade…

10 Best Vietnamese Drama Movies
Sunday, March 6 by Audrey Johnson

The ten best Vietnamese drama movies demonstrate the strength, creativity and sometimes sheer luck that are required to build a happy, stable life. Whether they trace the effects of the…

10 Best American Child Actors
Sunday, March 6 by Walter Turner

The difficulty in selecting who should be considered among the 10 best American child actors lies in determining who should be considered a child actor. Technically, teenage actors are child…

10 Best Chinese Drama Movie
Sunday, March 6 by Erin Kilgour

Whether you’re a fan of eastern movies or not, you will surely love the 10 best Chinese drama movies. From family and politics to Chinese history, these movies certainly have…

10 Best Young Hollywood Actors
Sunday, March 6 by Christen Henderson

Want to know who the 10 best young Hollywood actors are in today's world? Well, great! This article will provide you with a list of the most exclusive and upcoming…

10 Highest Paid Hollywood Actors
Sunday, March 6 by Christen Henderson

Want to know who the 10 highest paid Hollywood actors are? Well, great! This article will provide you with a list of the top paid actors in Hollywood via many…

10 Best War Films On DVD
Sunday, March 6 by Honora James

The 10 best war films on DVD are cinematic historical records, where writers, directors, and actors take the viewing audience into the war theater.  The only truer wartime source depicting…

Top 10 Hollywood Actors
Sunday, March 6 by Sheldon Reid

Whenever their faces appear onscreen, almost every movie fan recognizes these top ten Hollywood actors. These men demonstrate acting versatility and breathe life into every role they take on. Johnny…

10 Best Camp Movies
Sunday, March 6 by Ed Mulero

The ten best camp movies take the old trip to the country and turns things upside down and inside out in every scene. These camp movies are the best way…

10 Best Action Movie Soundtracks
Sunday, March 6 by Lee Grayson

The ten best action movie soundtracks include some classic films. The soundtrack is key to creating the atmosphere for the character, helps to move the plot along and alerts the…

James Franco Drops Out Of ‘While We’re Young’, Hell Freezes Over
Sunday, March 6 by

BREAKING: Upcoming movie will not feature James Franco.

Top 10 Teen Actors
Sunday, March 6 by Irving Oala

The top 10 teen actors consist of actors who are new to the scene as well as some young actors you have watched grow up on the silver screen. Many…

Be Prepared To Get Uncomfortably Close With Jar Jar Binks
Sunday, March 6 by

The technical team behind ‘The Phantom Menace’ in 3D shares Lucas’s orders.

10 Best Gay Movie Actors
Sunday, March 6 by Thomas West

Although they have often gone unrecognized or underappreciated in mainstream Hollywood, the 10 best gay movie actors have made substantial contributions to Hollywood. These very talented men, some of whom…

10 Best Young Gay Actors
Sunday, March 6 by Lara Stewart

Even a decade ago, there were not many openly gay actors for us to make a list of the 10 best young gay actors. However, times have changed and now…

Robert Zemeckis Insists You’ll Like His Mo-Cap Movies One Day
Sunday, March 6 by

It’s only been 10 years. I mean, come on, guys.

10 Best Imax 3D Movies
Sunday, March 6 by Irving Oala

The best IMAX 3D movies are what's supposed to change cinema forever these days, but so far the response has been slightly muted considering how many bad movies have been…

10 Worst Witch Movies
Sunday, March 6 by Ergopotamo

These 10 worst witch movies encompass the possible failures that could happen with horror flicks including poor cinematography, substandard acting and overly complicated plots. However, there’s always a selling point…

5 Best Egypt Documentaries
Sunday, March 6 by Sidney Johns

The 5 best Egypt documentaries cover subjects from the Great Pyramids to the modern life of the native people. An ancient civilization still lives and thrives in the country of…