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10 Best Teen Couples In Movies
Friday, April 1 by Jackie Barlow

Then 10 best teen couples in movies bring memories that go back many years. These films are still viewed to this day! Moviegoers remember these movies fondly because they were with them…

James Gunn Talks ‘Super’, Beating Someone With A Pipe Wrench
Friday, April 1 by

Expect plenty of violence in Gunn’s film.

The Expendables 2 Has A Release (Not From Death) Date
Friday, April 1 by

Let’s pray the cast lives long enough to see the movie.

‘Gangster Squad’ Writer Remaking ‘Logan’s Run’, Everything Else
Friday, April 1 by

Remaking classic films seems easy. Just take the original and add zombies. Or Rihanna.

Funny One Liners From Movies
Friday, April 1 by Sheldon Reid

These funny one liners from movies waste no time getting to the punch line. These quotes prove that jokes don’t have to be drawn out or elaborate. Sometimes it’s best…

10 Best Kung Fu Actors
Friday, April 1 by Glennice Fryson

Who are the 10 best Kung Fu actors of all time? They made us want to jump in there and do some Kung Fu kicking of our own. Often, we thought…

Science Fiction Movies 2009
Friday, April 1 by Hugo Somnus

These science fiction movies of 2009 have managed to take the genre to a whole new level. Although many movies were released in 2009, these science fiction films were among…

Funniest Movies Of 2010
Friday, April 1 by Jacob Quinn

The funniest movies of 2010 aren’t all purely comedy films. This was a year when genres where mixed very freely and films had a hard time to find categories. Some…

Tim Burton Lures Chloe Moretz To ‘Dark Shadows’
Friday, April 1 by

She’s being fitted for a corset as I type this.

10 Funny Italian Movies
Friday, April 1 by Annette Smith

If you’re in the mood for comedy, these 10 funny Italian movies will definitely tickle your funny bone. They combine comedy, romance, and drama in a unique way, for fun…

Classic Cowboy Movies For Men
Friday, April 1 by Karen Murdock

You may not have a ranch to defend or outlaws to fight, but you will still find plenty of inspiration from these classic cowboy movies for men. Whether you are…

Asian Mystery Movies
Friday, April 1 by Samantha Assad

Asian mystery movies will have you dying to know whodunit. Asian cinema offers a myriad of mystery flicks, from South Korea to Japan. If you're a fan of mystery movies…

10 Indian Thriller Movies
Friday, April 1 by William Gish

Though Bollywood has a reputation for outlandish epics stuffed with ridiculous musical numbers and throwaway plots, a number of Indian films and filmmakers over the years have challenged that stereotype…

Mel Gibson War Movies
Friday, April 1 by T.S. Monty

In the midst of a long and successful career—not to mention personal problems—there have been several Mel Gibson war movies. Spanning the course of human history and including battles all…

Hispanic War Movies
Thursday, March 31 by Annmicha Blugh

Hispanic war movies are derived from the regions turbulent political past. In light of its very unstable political history, wars and revolutions are common and as such portrayed in the…

10 Best Thriller Movies Of All Time
Thursday, March 31 by Shawn Lealos

The 10 best thriller movies of all time take the viewer and place him on the edge of the seat. These movies excite and thrill the viewer, keeping the heart…

Popular Korean Movies For Guys
Thursday, March 31 by Dr. Aleathea Wiggins

Boys' night in is a great time to sit back, relax and enjoy some popular Korean movies for guys. Enjoy the action-packed adventures displayed in these entertaining Korean movies. Don't…

10 Best Japanese Male Actors
Thursday, March 31 by Lauren Reinhard

Hollywood has much to brag about in terms of acting chops, but Japan can brag about their 10 best Japanese male actors. These men are the pride of Japan and…

Best Movie Directors Of The 90’s
Thursday, March 31 by Mallorie Greene

Some of the greatest movies were released during the '90s, but credit must be given to the best movies directors of the '90s who made those movies a success. These…

Ryan Reynolds Is The Fastest Snail In The World
Thursday, March 31 by

Next, see Ryan Reynolds as the world’s tallest dwarf.

Latin Movie Stars
Thursday, March 31 by Tom Gordon

Latin movie stars were few and far between for much of the '50s, '60s, '70s and 80s, but a new wave of Latin movie stars were appearing in high-profile movies…

Screen shot 2011-03-31 at 5.43.13 PM
‘Iron Man 3′ Has A Writer Now. May 3, 2013 Can’t Come Fast Enough.
Thursday, March 31 by

Sometimes, for really important movies, studios and producers hire “writers” for movies. This is one such instance.

Links Away: The Golden Age Of Broad-Smacking
Thursday, March 31 by

Men used to handle their girl problems… differently.

Best Film Directors Of All Time
Thursday, March 31 by Wendy Adams

Hollywood has produced the best film directors of all time who made American films famous throughout the world. Each director’s genius is found in the titles of their most memorable…

It’s ‘The Hangover Part II’ Trailer, Brah!
Thursday, March 31 by

Check out what craaaaaazy sheeeeet the Wolfpack gets into in Bangkok.

Mexican CW Actor Gets Star Billing In ‘Rock Of Ages’ Over Cruise, Baldwin, Brand
Thursday, March 31 by

I’m really looking forward to avoiding this movie like the plague.

Comedy Dramas To Watch On A Date
Thursday, March 31 by Dr. Aleathea Wiggins

Become familiar with the best comedy dramas to watch on a date then invite your special someone over for a quiet evening at your place. Have a great time watching…

Screen shot 2011-03-31 at 4.04.26 PM
Carell To Witness The End Of The World, Probably With Keira Knightley
Thursday, March 31 by

Steve Carell and Keira Knightley take a roadtrip together to find his high-school sweetheart, then get smashed by an asteroid. Seriously.

Screen shot 2011-03-31 at 3.29.33 PM
Your First Strange Look At Hansel, And, To A Lesser Extent, Gretel
Thursday, March 31 by

This film explores the leather fetishes of the brother-sister-team. It will be over six hours long…

Good Spanish Movies For Guys
Thursday, March 31 by Shawn Lealos

There are many good Spanish movies for guys. These are not just movies made in Spain, as there are many Spanish movies from other parts of the world including Mexico…

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