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American Independent Films
Monday, April 4 by Joshua Wade

These American independent films showcase impeccable writing, iconic cinematography and early performances by award winning actors like Robert De Niro, Jeff Bridges and Anna Paquin. Featuring debuts from acclaimed filmmakers…

10 Best Jewish Hollywood Actors
Sunday, April 3 by Brenda Daverin

Listing the 10 best Jewish Hollywood actors is no easy feat. So many talented actors have been sons of Jewish mothers (and fathers) over the decades that the list could…

10 Best 80’s Movie Quotes
Sunday, April 3 by Anarch

If you're stuck in the 80's, then you're sure to enjoy this list of the 10 best 80's movie quotes. What's your favorite 80's film? Chances are that you'll find…

Funny Kids’ Movies
Sunday, April 3 by Nicole Zoltack

There are so many funny kids movies out there that it can be hard to find the hidden gems. From classics like Home Alone and Homeward Bound, to newer favorites…

Tony Hillerman Movies
Sunday, April 3 by Samantha Assad

Tony Hillerman movies are suspenseful mysteries with cleverly woven Native American themes. Tony Hillerman, who won numerous awards for his Navajo Nation Police detective novels, saw his works translated into…

Alien Invasion Movies About The Future
Sunday, April 3 by Raina Lorring

Prepare for science fiction marathon with these alien invasion movies about the future. Movie about alien invasions and futuristic settings are popular elements of science fiction movies. These movies also…

Constitution Movies
Sunday, April 3 by Amanda Ferguson

Constitution movies can serve as educational entertainment. The U.S. Constitution was a major piece in American history and, for many, serves as a symbol for the law, the justice, and…

Funniest Movie Scenes Of All Time
Sunday, April 3 by Audrey Johnson

Are you curious about exactly what moments were the funniest movie scenes of all time? While there are many scenes which make audiences laugh, there are very few that can…

10 Best Sad Drama Movies
Sunday, April 3 by Ginny Putscher

The next time you are in the mood to watch a sad movie, choose from the list below that contains 10 best sad drama movies. Each of the movies includes…

Cowboy Movie Stars
Sunday, April 3 by Frances Smith

Learn about cowboy movie stars to find out inside information on these actors. Cowboy movies, also known as westerns, have been popular as long as movies have been around. Cowboy…

Tragic Heroes In Movies
Sunday, April 3 by BWalter

Ah yes, tragic heroes in movies. What makes a character a tragic hero? Tragic heroes are those guys or girls that display endearing qualities that are easy for the audience…

Awesome Action Heroes
Sunday, April 3 by Travis Petersen

Some Hollywood actors are stars, others are leading men, and fewer still are awesome action heroes. The ranks of awesome action heroes are few, guys whose films are blockbusters where…

Famous Independent Films
Sunday, April 3 by Joshua Wade

Notable for the impeccable directing, exceptional performances and memorable writing, these famous independent films showcase early hits that launched the careers of filmmakers like Atom Egoyan, Joel and Ethan Coen,…

Harlequin Romance Movies
Sunday, April 3 by Angela Thompson

Many people are familiar with the popular Harlequin romance novels, but fewer are aware that a number of Harlequin romance movies were released over the years as well. In fact,…

Law School Movies For Guys
Sunday, April 3 by Thomas King

If you are a guy in law school, a list of law school movies for guys is pretty valuable. After a long day of classes, clinics, and reading obscure cases,…

Cuban Revolution Films
Sunday, April 3 by Houlihan Macaco

There are many Cuban Revolution films which will foster a better understanding of one of the most significant events in twentieth century history. Cuban Revolution films feature different takes on…

WonderCon: ‘Cowboys And Aliens’, ‘Immortals’, And ‘Dylan Dog’ Footage Breakdown
Sunday, April 3 by

Favreau finally showed an alien! If you like ‘300’ you’ll probably like ‘Immortals’.

WonderCon: Jon Favreau Explains Old Tricks That Make ‘Cowboys And Aliens’ Seem New
Sunday, April 3 by

The old school approach is always more legit.

WonderCon: Henry Cavill Talks ‘Immortals’ And ‘Superman’
Sunday, April 3 by

It’s hard as hell training to be a warrior and superhero.

Best Director Oscar Nominees 2010
Sunday, April 3 by Irwin M. Fletcher

When it came to excitement, the Best Director Oscar Nominees 2010 brought all that they had. Each brought a movie to the table that had audiences captivated. There were five…

Ryan Reynolds Hasn’t Been Asked To Be In The ‘Justice League’
Sunday, April 3 by

Maybe one of the alien Green Lanterns got asked instead.

Latin American Movie Sex Scenes
Sunday, April 3 by Amanda Ferguson

Latin American movie sex scenes are all about passion, sometimes obsession, and always complicated. Sex scenes in these films run parallel with the story being told. They often times portray…

10 Best Coming Of Age Movie Quotes
Sunday, April 3 by Sheldon Reid

The ten best coming of age movie quotes offer wit and wisdom on the growing into a mature individual. Anyone can learn from these lines because, after all, the growing…

Top 10 Funniest Movies Of All Time
Sunday, April 3 by Andrew Jett

Don’t underestimate the top 10 funniest movies of all time. Making a truly funny movie isn’t as easy as it looks. It requires a well-written script coupled with exceptional delivery….

Best Young Film Directors
Sunday, April 3 by T.S. Monty

The best young film directors of today are poised to be the movie masters of tomorrow. As Hollywood passes the torch to this younger generation, these young filmmakers pay homage…

Good Romantic Comedy Movies For Guys
Sunday, April 3 by Travis Petersen

While rom-coms are generally geared towards the fairer sex, there are good romantic comedy movies for guys to enjoy as well. Good romantic comedy movies for guys tend to focus…

Top 10 Movie Directors
Sunday, April 3 by Andrew Jett

Putting a movie together takes a lot of talent, and the top 10 movie directors are no slouches when it comes to skill. Directing requires a creative eye, and also…

Top 10 Romantic Comedies Of All Time
Sunday, April 3 by Andrew Jett

Blending genuine love stories with knee-slapping hilarity, the top 10 romantic comedies are genre-crossing successes. The best romantic comedies feature realistic characters experiencing the trials and triumphs of falling in…

Most Famous Cowboy Movies
Sunday, April 3 by Shawn Lealos

The most famous cowboy movies feature stories of the wild west with all the styling of a classic western film. These movies include classics with John Wayne and more recent…

Funniest Movies Of 2009
Sunday, April 3 by Rochelle Connery

Looking for the funniest movies of 2009 to get out of your action flick rut? Robert Downey, Jr. makes the comedy list again with his deadpan humor, and a few…

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